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Rune Soldier (Archive Repost - MSN)

Post by Luria »

Hey I was wondering if anyone has heard of Rune Soldier. It is a manga and anime written by Ryo Mizuno. I haven't seen the show but I got the first manga volume. It has a lot of references to Lodoss War stuff but I can't tell so far if it is in the same universe or if Ryo Mizuno thought it would be okay to share the names. There is a war god called Mylee (easily could be Myrii). One of the main characters is a priestess of Mylee, but they havent' done much yet so I can't tell if they have the same powers. It's set on a continent called Alecrast but there is no mention of Lodoss being to the south of it. There's some other small references and the style is very Lodoss-like. The characters have similar style armor and such. So far though, I haven't seen any references to characters or events so I can't tell. If anybody's seen the whole thing and can shed some light on it I'd like to know. Anyways, it is a pretty funny story though it's not very interesting so far. But Lodoss isn't its best until you get deep into it either, so I think I will give the series a chance.
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Re: Rune Soldier (Archive Repost - MSN)

Post by dngtexn »

Rune Soldier Characters:

Melissa: Priestess of Mylee, god of war. She is abel to turn the undead and cast several spells, but most are diety provided. her most famous quote: "This is against my will!"

Merrel: Thief, and the hardest workign of the group. She actualyl has somewhere near 20 jobs that she holds down. Her most prized possession? A Jar.. filled with coin. She is actualyl able to step into the jar up to her neck and take a bath in her money.

Jeannie (sp?): Fighter/warrior. She is teh brute force and beleives that she is better than any man out htere, and she proves it on several ocassions. her favorite past time? beatign up on Louie in the guise of teachign him how to use his sword.

Louie... the rune soldier: Magician... though he makes a better brawler and is the only male in the group. On his first adventure with teh girls he got hit in the head by some monsters and he got mad. Then wieldign his staff like a club he beat the hello outta the monsters... and in the process broke his staff... After breaking his staff he was then not abel to cast any magic.

Now what are all of these peopel doign together? Mostly making Louie life miserable. You see Melissa is a priestess and all priestess look forward to serving a valiant champion. The God Mylee spoke to melissa while in the central chamber of the temple and said the next person she meets will be her valiant champion.

That next person happend to be louie... however he kind of fell in on her. He went to the temple to talk to her.. but her frieds woudl not let him in so he snuck in. Unfortunatley he snuck into the girls changing room and then all of the priestess started tryign to kill him. Runnign for his life he was chased up on top of the temple and was surrounded by a lot of pissed of priestesses and Melissa's friends. The things went bad when he tried to cast a spell and ended up blowign the roof off the temple. He then fell in... and when he looked up there was Melissa. And she is not bound by her god to serve her valiant champion... Louie. Though her valiant champion loves to get into barroom brawls, drink excessively and cause all sorts of other problems.

Lodoss itself is never mentioned but there are elves. I have all of the DVD's of the series and I loved it. it is very funny and the things Louie gets into is amazing. Most woudl tend to go mad if they were somehow turned into a woman. Louie however, she he realizes he had been turned into a she heads straight... to the girls baths.
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Re: Rune Soldier (Archive Repost - MSN)

Post by Z »

I've heard of it, but I haven't looked up much on it. It's definately set in Forcelia though.

Z wrote:As a note for the current, I have seen it, and I even own it now, and the first volume of the manga. :P
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Re: Rune Soldier (Archive Repost - MSN)

Post by Ayen »

Never heard of it until right now in this thread. o.o
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