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Kastuulian Jokes

Post by Mana Link »

Warning: content may contain crude humor and swearing. But you know you like it. :P

A couple of School pranks in Kastuul:

Angry Student to other student:
"You polymorphed the toilet seat into a tentacle monster you asshole!"

Nervous chubby student:
"I've never been chased by my pudding before. I'm not sure I want a repeat performance however."

What's red, green and black...?

Student A to Student B:
"What's green, red and black and has huge bat wings?"
Student B:
"I dunno, what?"
Student A:
"I dunno either, but it's standing behind you."
"Shut up."
Student B, alarmed:
"Professor? What happened?"
Monster who is actually the Professor:
"My wife found out about my mistress, who also found out about my wife. Needless to say, this is the outcome."
Studen A, sarcastically:
"So, is there a lesson to be learned there prof?"
Professor, sighing:
"Yeah. Marry a barbarian woman."

More to come at a later date. Don't be afraid to make some of your own and add these to this thread ;)
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Post by Bundesphar »

Senior: Check it, my new Ball Lightning spell! Ain't it cool?

Junior: Neat! :D

Senior: Wanna play with it?

Junior: Wha? Can I? :o

Senior: Sure! Catch!

Junior: Wow, thanYAAAAAAAAAA! :shock:

Senior: The new guys always fall for that... :twisted:
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