Dragon's Roost Inn: Naclia and Eli (Archive Repost)

Aiden, Naclia, and Eliamn leave their home, the Mirror Forest, to explore Lodoss. They are soon involved in a plot to kidnap the Golden Dragon Mycen's egg.
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Re: Dragon's Roost Inn: Naclia and Eli (Archive Repost)

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Eliamn finally pulled back and gave a meek nod. "...thank you." she snuffled and brushed away her tears. "I suppose I'm just weary from the road. I'm just going to lie down, okay?"

OOC : Okay, now that Eliamn's had her obligatory weepy scene to show off how traumatized she was (thanks for putting up with it), I suggest we move on to the next morning so the two other guys can join in and so that we start doing stuff as a group. END OOC
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Re: Dragon's Roost Inn: Naclia and Eli (Archive Repost)

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OOC: Yep, we've got another character who'll join us soon, so we should wrap things up. Aiden and Talen, hurry and wrap things up!

IC: Naclia nodded and moved back to her bed, "Sleep well then," she said, then prepared for bed and settled in.
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