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Gender: Male
Age: 40
Birth Year: NRC 490
Race: Human
Class: Mage


    Aldonova was born into a noble family of the Wind tribe. He grew into a large and powerful young man. As a boy, he got into a wrestling match with an older boy and due to his strength, he accidentally broke his opponent’s neck. This fight haunted young Aldonova, and he came to fear his strength and size. This lead to his disappointed father sending him away to study magic under Slayn. Luckily, he showed an aptitude for magic.

    Aldonova was thirty-one when introduced into the story. He had come with Slayn to Flaim, where Slayn served as Kashue’s personal court sage. The Soul Crystal Ball was stolen from Akroyd Castle’s treasury, which led to Spark’s expedition. Slayn asked Aldo to accompany Spark, but unknown to Aldonova, Slayn’s daughter Neese followed the party, seeking to face her destiny as Kardis’ Doorway.

    The first conflict they met in their travels shook Aldo’s resolve, but when the Myrii priest Greivas cast a courage spell on him, Aldonova found the confidence he needed to fulfill his role. Long after the spell’s effects wore off, Aldo’s new found courage remained.

    When Neese joined the group, Aldo did all he could to convince her to go home, but she refused. Slayn knew that she would follow them, which was one of the reasons he sent Aldo to follow them. He knew that Aldo would do anything to protect Neese. Aldo indeed did all he could, but Wagnard succeeded in kidnapping Neese.

    After Neese was kidnapped, Aldo and his allies traveled to Marmo and fought valiantly to free her. When they returned home, all six heroes were honored by Flaim. When Spark was named duke of Marmo, Aldonova became his court mage.

“Lady Neese!”

Appearances in the Series

    Aldonova appeared in the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight anime and manga, as well as the story arc in the novels. He also appears in the new Lodoss novel series as Spark’s court mage.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG

    In our continuity, Aldonova is serving as Spark’s court mage in Persei.

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