Flaus’s Gallery

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Valis
Class: Cleric - Warrior Priestess of Falis


    Abandoned on the doorstep of the Falis church as a baby, Flaus was brought up in the monastery and raised to become a priestess. Though she showed little ability for magic, she took an interest in combat and became a skilled fighter at a young age. After the release of the demons from the Labyrinth, Flaus began slaying demons in nearby villages throughout Valis, which led to her meeting Beld and Wort, whom she agreed to hire as mercenaries.

    Their travels would bring them together with Holy Knight Fahn, King Fleve, priestess Neese, and the nameless sorceress (Karla). Together, they rallied the Hundred Knights and fought the demons across Lodoss and into the deepest Labyrinth. When it came time to face the Demon God, seven went in, and only six emerged. Flaus had sacrificed herself in battle so that Falis could descend into her and destroy the Demon God. While the Six Heroes became renowned throughout Lodoss, Flaus was sainted.

    She had a dream of uniting Lodoss in peace, and she fell in love with the untamed red-headed mercenary Beld. Flaus hoped to see Beld achieve that dream of unity and be by his side, but that would not be. Though she died, both Beld and Fahn kept her dream alive, though both their attempts to unite Lodoss failed, and it led to their deaths on the battlefield.

“I am the servant who holds the sword of the Supreme God, Falis. I am Flaus, leader of the Warrior Priests! In the name of divinity, I have come to annihilate all evil knowledge and power!”
“I’m proud of this blood.”
“As I fought demons as my enemy, I started to wonder how they were different from us. We don’t know their origins, we don’t know where they’re born. In the great war of the gods, they sided with darkness. They are physically very different. They are vile creatures with strange blood flowing in their veins, but are humans and demons that different? Blinded by greed, humans have attacked the dwarves for their treasures. We have antagonized the elves in our desire to monopolize the blessings of the golden trees. But they aren’t much different than humans blinded by greed and ambition.”

Appearances in the Series

    Flaus was the main character of the Lady of Pharis manga, and in the Legends of Lodoss novel series.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG


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