Groder’s Gallery

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage


    Groder was a protégé of Wagnard, and had been sent to join Ashram as a spy for Wagnard. Wagnard knew that he needed the Soul Crystal Ball for his future plans to resurrect Kardis, and he knew that it was guarded by Abram. When Ashram went to investigate the treasure Abram guarded, Groder spoke to the dragon to ask about his treasure. Abram told him what he wanted to know, then demanded that the leave. Groder, however, told Ashram that Abram intended to kill them for interrupting his hibernation, thus prompting Ashram to slay Abram. After the dragon was dead, Groder looted his treasure and Ashram allowed him to keep the Crystal Ball for whatever reasons he wanted it. Not long after slaying the dragon, however, a grassrunner they had taken prisoner escaped from the ship’s hold, and stole the Crystal Ball.

    After this, Groder feared Wagnard’s wrath, but at the same time, a sense of loyalty to Ashram was growing in him. When they went to Fire Dragon Mountain to help Ashram retrieve the Scepter of Domination, the Ashram and his company were defeated sorely. After the Scepter was knocked from Ashram’s hand into the lava pits of mountain, Ashram threw himself in after it in an attempt to kill himself, but Groder teleported him to safety.

    For losing the Crystal Ball, and rescuing Ashram, Groder was punished by Wagnard upon his return to Marmo. A geas was placed on him—in fact, the same geas that Wagnard suffered through from his own former master—so that he could no longer use magic without suffering extreme pain. However, Groder’s allegiances switched to Ashram entirely. Though no longer useful as a mage, Ashram found his insight as a scholar incredibly useful.

    While Ashram suffered through his failure at Fire Dragon Mountain, Groder remained his faithful servant, and did his best to bolster his lord’s mood. It was during this time that Pirotess came for vengeance for the death of her brother, Astar, and Groder was the one who convinced her that Astar died fighting for who he believed in; Ashram. It was his testimony that swayed Pirotess’s opinion, and eventually led her to fall in love with him.

    Five years later, when Ashram reappeared in Marmo politics, Groder was at his side, along with Pirotess. When Ashram led the people of Marmo to a new world, Groder followed.

Appearances in the Series

    Groder appeared in the Fire Dragon story arc of the novels and CotHK anime, as well as The Black Knight novel, and the War of the Destroyer's Resurrection story arc of the CotHK anime and novels.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG

    In Crystania.

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