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Forum ID High Priestess Leylia

Gender: Female
Age: 44
Birth Year: NRC 486
Race: Human
Homeland: Alania
Class: Cleric - Priestess of Marfa


    Leylia’s true heritage was shrouded in mystery until the death of her mother Neese. Neese, who was one of the Six Heroes and a priestess of Marfa, found Leylia as a baby. Leylia was the re-incarnation of the priestess of Kardis, Naneel and could be used as the doorway for Kardis’ resurrection. Neese believed that by raising Leylia as a priestess of Marfa, would protect her from such a fate.

    So Leylia was raised as Neese’s own blood daughter. It wasn’t hard to mistake them for actually being related, Leylia and Neese both had dark hair and were very similar in appearance. Leylia proved to be a skilled priestess. When she was seventeen, a dwarf from the nearby Steel Kingdom was brought for healing with injuries from a mining accident. Ghim was his name, and Leylia tended to him, becoming his close friend. After Ghim recovered and returned home, Karla came for Leylia.

    Karla knew who slept inside Leylia, and also knew that making her a priestess of Kardis’ opposite goddess would make no difference if someone wanted to resurrect the Goddess of Destruction. Karla took matters into her own hands, and placed her circlet on Leylia’s head.

    Leylia’s disappearance remained a mystery for the next seven years. Finally, Ghim was the one to set out and do something about it. For seven years, Karla lived using Leylia’s body, which she intended to keep until Leylia grew to old to be of use. She started the War of Heroes, pitting the two most powerful men in Lodoss, Beld and Fahn, against each other. After both kings were killed and the War ended, six new heroes found Karla and fought her for Leylia. Parn, Deedlit, Slayn, Etoh, Ghim and Woodchuck. Ghim sacrificed himself to save her, he knocked the circlet of her head and freed her from Karla.

    After being freed, Leylia prayed over Ghim’s grave, kept the comb he made for her and left with Slayn to Tarba. During her possession, Leylia had learned many things about Karla and knew more about the Grey Witch than anyone alive. She kept the sorceress’s memories from her life as a noble of Kastuul, up until Leylia’s freedom.

    Along the journey back to Alania, Leylia and Slayn fell in love. By time they reached Tarba, they were engaged. They were married in a small, private ceremony at the Temple and Leylia conceived a child not long after. Leylia and Slayn then settled down in Zaxon to raise their daughter, Neese, named for her grandmother and nicknamed "Little" Neese.

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Appearances in the Series

    Leylia appeared in the Grey Witch story arc, mostly under the control of Karla, and then with small appearances throughout the rest of the series, including the Demon of Flame and Deedlit’s Tale manga, and the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight anime.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG

    Leylia is currently the high priestess of the Marfa Temple at Tarba. Below is an addendum to her history for our continuity.

    Leylia and Slayn currently live between Tarba, Zaxon and Alan. Between Leylia’s priestly duties and Slayn’s new career as a teacher, they hardly find time to be together, but their love for each other hasn’t faded in the least since they first met. They are anticipating their first grandchild from Neese and Spark.

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