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Gender: Male
Race: Grassrunner
Age: 30
Birth Year: NRC 500
Homeland: Alecrast
Class: Bard


    Many young grassrunners leave home to make a quest to Lodoss. Most go to prove themselves as warriors, Maar came to prove himself as a bard and learn new tales. Of course, to pay his way, he also took up thievery and seemed to develop a case of kleptomania. He played in Raiden for awhile, until meeting with Shiris, Orson, and Cecil. He joined them in their quest to stop Ashram from finding the Scepter of Domination in hopes of finding stories.

    Maar was captured along with Shiris, Orson, and Cecil by Ashram and his men. While they searched for the dragon Abram, they were kept locked in the hold of the ship. Once the dragon was defeated and they set sail back to the mainland, Maar decided he had enough of being locked up and when a pirate brought them their meal, he began to sing a song to put everyone to sleep, including his allies, then made his escape. In the process, he stopped to steal the Soul Crystal Ball from Groder, hoping that it would fetch him a good price on the Black Market. With his loot, Maar jumped ship and swam to shore.

    When he washed up on shore, he was found by Kashue, Deedlit, and Parn, and from him, they learned of their allies’ predicament. Maar also learned more about the mission Orson and company was on. After spending a bit of time with these heroes, Maar realized that his bardic talents could be put to better use than his thieving talents and he decided to follow Deedlit and Parn to record the tales of their adventures. He turned the Soul Crystal Ball over to Kashue, who kept it in Flaim’s treasury until it was stolen by dark elves in NRC 525 for the Resurrection of Kardis.

    After the battle at Fire Dragon Mountain, Maar followed Deedlit and Parn to Kanon where he recorded their deeds with Prince Reona and the Kanon Free Army. As the war drew to a close, Maar accompanied Parn and Deedlit while they faced Ashram again. When Ashram announced his plans to lead the people of Marmo to a new land, Maar was swept away by the possibilities of new stories and decided to follow Ashram to sea.

Appearances in the Series

    Maar first appeared in the Fire Dragon Mountain story arc of the novels and Chronicles of the Heroic anime. He also made appearances in the Deedlit’s Tale and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight manga.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG

    Maar left for Crystania with Ashram.

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