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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Kanon
Class: Royalty


    Reona was the third born son of the King of Kanon, but he grew up to possess superior skills as a swordsman and better tactical mind than his elder brothers, the eldest of which who was destined for the throne. As a youth, Reona ran away from home and became a thief, and because of this, he survived the massacre of his family when the Marmo invaded. However, throughout the Kanon people, rumors of the missing third prince were abound, giving the Kanonites hope that a king would return to him. Due to Kashue’s formidable skill as a swordsman, he was considered by some to potentially be Reona, but he of course, was not.

    Five years after the invasion of Kanon, Parn found Reona, shortly after the events at Fire Dragon Mountain. Parn was dealing with the shame of being unable to hold his own against Ashram, and Reona offered to teach him a few tricks. From Reona, Parn learned a fighting style that incorporated feint attacks to open up weaknesses in his opponent’s defenses, and he developed a signature move that involved charging his opponent while thrusting, and within two to three steps, he could win the fight.

    Parn also encouraged Reona to return to his people, and with the support of Parn, Reona returned to Kanon and they gathered a guerilla army that became the Kanon Free Army and fought against the Marmo to regain their independence. For the next ten years, Parn and Reona focused their efforts on freeing Kanon, their army ever growing, until finally, in NRC 525, Ashram gave the order to retreat and set out to sea with the Marmo people.

    Reona finally returned to Shinning Hill where he took his father’s throne and became King of Kanon. After he took the throne, he asked for Parn to arrange a sparring match between him and Kashue, saying that with Ashram gone, there was no one else was good competition.

Appearances in the Series

    Reona appeared in the later half of the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight anime, with a brief appearance in the manga. His story and the importance of this character is far more apparent in the novels though. Reona also had a small appearance in the Deedlit’s Tale manga.

Status in Eiyuu Kishi Den RPG

    Reona is serving as the King of Kanon, and it is mentioned by several characters in the RPG that he has offered positions in nobility and knighthood for some of the people who fought in the Kanon Free Army, as the resources of the nation of Kanon have been so severely depleted. Reona has made an appearance in the Trials of the Half-Elven plot.

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