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Archives: Cian’s Quest Chapters

Chapter 1: Protection
New Characters: Ciprian Tremas, Cian, Carianna Mareleth
NPCs: Ranth, Dernek

Holy Knight Ciprian Tremas is in Lesmoa to visit his family when he is forced to capture a young thief, Cian. Instead of punishing Cian, however, Ciprian considers giving the young man a second chance by making him a squire. While returning to Roid, mercenaries hunting Cian attack Ciprian. Priestess of Rada, Carianna, and her holy knight companion, Dernek, step in to resolve the conflict.

Chapter 2: Return to Roid
Characters: Ciprian, Cian, Carianna
NPCs: Ranth, Dernek, Cidoc, Darielle, Maernius, Demarius

Upon their return to Roid, Ranth and the mercenaries that hunted Cian are thrown in the dungeon. Carianna treats Ciprian and Cian to a visit and meal at the Rada temple.

Chapter 3: Disturbance in the Night
New Characters: Kylia Shadowstorm
Characters: Ciprian
NPCs: Bralin

Ciprian is woken in the middle of the night by a conflict outside his apartments. He finds a half-dark elf apothecary, Kylia, being attacked by thugs and defends her.

Chapter 4: Morning in Roid
Characters: Kylia, Carianna, Ciprian, Cian

Ciprian meets with Kylia in the morning to check on her.

Chapter 5: The Road to Knighthood
Characters: Cian, Ciprian
NPCs: Emir, Meggan, Knight’s Marshal

Ciprian takes Cian to be registered as a squire.

Chapter 6: The Slaver Jeriah
Characters: Ciprian, Cian, Kylia, Carianna
NPCs: Jeriah

After Cian is registered as a squire, Ciprian returns to find Kylia. She tells him of a slaver she supplies who was seeking Cian. Carianna is gathered, and they capture and interrogate this slaver.

Chapter 7: Encounter at the West Gate
New Characters: Epros Telason
Characters: Kylia, Ciprian, Carianna, Cian

While leaving Roid, the party encounters an arrogant wizardess who insists that they escort her. However, her actions spur Ciprian to leave her behind.

Chapter 8: Attack on the Road
New Characters: Amalthea, Xian
Characters: ciprian, Cian, Carianna, Kylia

While riding out of the city, the group is beset by bandits hired by Emir to capture Cian. An elf, Amalthea, arrives to help, and one of the hired men, Xian, has a change of heart.

Chapter 9: Camp
New Characters: Silemria
Characters: Ciprian, Cian, Carianna, Kylia, Xian

After a long day, the party finally comes to rest at a campsite being used by the mercenary Silemria.

Chapter 10: Wakey, Wakey; Broth and More Broth...
Characters: Silemria, Ciprian, Cian, Carianna, Kylia, Xian

The group wakes in the morning; Kylia and Xian have a heated argument over their troubled pasts; Cian and Ciprian train.

Chapter 11: Khina: The Guilded Throne
Characters: Ciprian, Cian, Carianna, Xian, Kylia
NPCs: Kyra, Bri'ak, Lendo

Ciprian takes his companions to an expensive inn in an attempt to avoid Emir’s spies.

Cian's Quest Storyline


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Cian, Emir, Kyra, Bri'ak, and Lendo are © singularityman.
Carianna and Dernek are © Alera Tai'var.
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Epros and Silemria are © Little Knight.
Amalthea is © Aeonireshiva (Forumer).
Xian is © Mana Link.