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Record of Lodoss War Novel Series

Ryo Mizuno, so far, has written four series of novels for Lodoss which the anime and manga have been based on. However, none of these have been published in English yet. We know of no sites that offer translations of the novels. I can provide little information for synopsis for all the novels. If you come across any English translations, please send us a link! We will eagerly welcome anyone fluent in Japanese who has the novels, and is willing to post translations.

Cover art for many of these novels was originally done by Yutaka Izabuchi, though Masato Natsumoto and a few other artists have also made contributions for cover art. Izabuchi has also produced artbooks filled with art inspired by Lodoss.

Record of Lodoss War

This series covers thirty years of Lodoss history, following mainly Parn and Deedlit beginning from the War of Heroes until the War of the Destroyer's Resurrection. It covers seven novels, plus two extra side-stories. This series was the basis for the Grey Witch and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight mangas, and the Record of Lodoss War and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight anime.

The Grey Witch
The Demon of Flame
The Dragon of Fire Moutain I
The Dragon of Fire Mountain II
The Holy War of Kings
The Holy Knight of Lodoss I
The Holy Knight of Lodoss II

Side Stories

Deedlit's Tale
The Black Knight

Legend of Lodoss

This series goes back to the time of the War of the Demon God and follows the original six heroes, Beld, Fahn, Wort, Neese, Fleve and the Nameless Sorceress. The series is five novels long with two extras. This series was the base for the Lady of Pharis Manga.

Prince of the Fallen Kingdom
The Knight of the Sky
The Glorious Champion
The Legendary Hero
The Saint of the Highest God
Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon
The Redeemer of Eternity

The New Record of Lodoss War

A new series, released in 1999 to 2001 that follows Spark as the Duke of the New Marmo republic. The series is four books long, though more may be released.

Prelude-The Descendant of the Flame
The Evil Creature of the Dark Forest
The Resurrected Evil Empire
The Evil Black Dragon

Legend of Crystania

This series takes place 300 years after Ashram led his people from Marmo to the land of Crystania. The series is supposedly four books long and the base for the Legend of Crystania manga and anime. I have no cover images available for this series.

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