Record of Lodoss War Fansite.

Adventures in Lodoss

Adventures in Lodoss is a board for role-playing that is more laid-back and open than our plots were. It is player run, with limited moderation from the staff. Players get to decide who they want to RP with, what their plot will be, and which characters they want to play. Only if there is a severe violation of the boardís rules of decency, or a conflict between players that canít be resolved, will the staff step in.

Adventures in Lodoss

Usage of the Adventures in Lodoss Boards

There are three forums under Adventures in Lodoss; first, the OOC board where you are encouraged to discuss your threads, look for fellow players to RP with you, and ask any questions relevant to the boards. The second board is the character profile board where you need to post a profile for any and all characters you will be using for the RPs. The third board is the actual RP board.

Out-of-Character Discussion

Please make use of this board to organize your role-playing. If you want to start a thread of your own, post a topic describing what you have planned, or that youíre simply seeking a specific RP partner or character to RP with. If youíre already running a thread, please have an OOC thread for it here to discuss plot direction, seek new characters to join, and other topics. Leaves of absence may also be posted on this board now, so if youíre going to be away for awhile, post here to let your fellow players know.

Character Profiles

This board is much more laid-back than the original Eiyuu Kishi Den which is about high-quality role-play. Instead, here will be focused on letting players let loose and fulfill their fantasies. Character profiles are streamlined, and will not be put up on the website. This forum is self-contained, thus role-playing threads will not be archived as I do for the major plots, and characters will not get a page on the site, nor an album in the gallery.

Characters will also not be moderated. You can post your profile and get straight to playing. If there is a glaring issue with your character, the moderators will step up when necessary.

If you want to play one of your existing EKD characters here, you still need to post a profile, but all you have to do is copy and paste from your site character profile. You may play a canon character, and I wonít ask that you post a profile, unless you want to, or have some non-canon alteration for the character. If you play a canon character, you need to post with your main account, you cannot use the NPC canon accounts.

Character Creation Rules

  1. Start a single topic for each character profile.
  2. Characters must have flaws and weakness, no one wants to play with god-modding Mary-Sues that steal everyone else's glory.
  3. Please try to stay true to the Lodoss world. More deviation will be accepted on this board than in the plots, but be mindful that other people have come here to RP in Lodoss. For the enjoyment of others, I recommend that you abide by some of the character creation rules from our main RPG.

Adventures in Lodoss RPG

This board is a little different than the others. Instead of following a plot laid out by the moderators, the games on this board will be open-ended. Players make their own stories here. You can follow or lead here, and jump in with any character you have made, regardless of if they are involved in any active plots.

To start on this board, either post your own thread, or join in an open thread. If you start your own thread and no one joins, merge into or start over in an existing thread. I suggest that you post a topic on the Out-of-Character to get more players.

Special Rules
  1. Mark your thread title with [Open] for an RPG that is open for any other members to join in, and [Private] for an RP between yourself and a preselected group of players. If you finish a storyline, alter the title to [Complete] and it will be locked.
  2. Stick to one thread for the entirety of your RP.
  3. Characters need to have a profile posted on the Character Profile board.
  4. You can play any of your existing characters from the plots, regardless of their status before the plot closed. However, you need to make a simplified profile for this board (all you need to do is copy and paste sections from the main profile though).
  5. You can play canon characters, but you cannot use the canon accounts. The rule about not making an account using a canon character's name still applies.
  6. If you start a thread but no one responds within a few weeks, try recruiting more actively, or seek another open thread to join.
  7. Respect your fellow players. Do not control, injure, or otherwise use their character without their permission. Do not let your character outshine all other characters by making them inconceivably better than all other characters. Do not assume any attacks against another character land, and if your character is attacked, try to be mature about it. If it makes sense that your character could be hurt by an attack, then take the blow.
  8. Obscenity; in the form of vulgar language and sex, are dependent on the rules pre-defined by your fellow players. Sex will be allowed on this board in private threads, so long as the thread is not just about sex, and the sex is not exceptionally gratuitous. There must be at least one or two pages of character interaction before you get to the sex! Keep it tasteful too! Generally, I allow vulgar language if it makes sense for the scenario, but if you would prefer to not have it in your thread, state so before hand.