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"Lodoss has seen no war for five years, which has left some people with hope, and others bracing themselves for a new storm. Kanon is nearly restored to it's former glory, as is Alania and the parts of Valis affected by the wars with the Marmo. Marmo has been claimed as a Duchy of Flaim and no longer does a cloud of oppressive evil shroud the island. Sunlight has warmed it's soil for the first time since Kardis' corrupt soul fell on it all those millennia ago. Marfa's soul has brought new life to Marmo and now it's soils are rich for tilling. Some dark elves are forsaking their evil roots and coming into the light, though some evil does still linger on the island. Monsters threaten new settlers and Flaim Knights, mercenaries and anyone willing are working on wiping out these monsters. The Forest of Darkness is still a treacherous place, however.

Three years ago, the Academy of Sages was reopened. Sorcerers Slayn, Cecil and Aldonova have all found places there. The doors are open to new students and instructors.

Now, it is a new spring in Lodoss." - Our Prologue

These are all the story lines that were run during the Age of Valor period. Most were never completed and fell victim to stagnancy and an untimely cancellation.


A New Balance
Search for Azala
The Golden Egg
Cian's Quest
Trials of the Half-Elven
Search for the Stormlord
Hunt for Kiran
Building an Empire at Sea
Lost Humanity
Vampire Hunt
The New Marmo Republic
Liberation of Ales
Search for Nat
Quest for Neria
Bastion's Demons