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Storyline: Bastion's Demons

Mage Bastion Ulbrecht unleashed a demon upon Lodoss and now he must hunt it down and send it back to where it belongs.

This plot was ended and restarted after the departure of the player of a pivotal character.

Bastion's Demons Board


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive. Struck-through names are characters that entered the plot, though their entrance was considered to have never happened.

Alleria | Bastion | Brest | Cissiria | Daulag | Edric | Granite | Krhea | Jenesis | Rory


Staff: Z (Granite Stoneheart), Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Rory), Bundesphar (Bastion), falconheart (Brest), Granite Stoneheart, Jenova (Jenesis)
Former Players: Centauress Cissiria, CrimsonJustice (Daulag), Dead Midas (Edric), Mana Link (Krhea) xeonith (Alleria)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account


Chapter List

Chapter 1: Meeting in Raiden

Old Chapters
The following chapters are the first attempt at this storyline, which was canceled and restarted.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Raiden
Chapter 2: The Copper Bucket Inn
Chapter 3: Infiltrating the Slave Market


    Young Bastion Ulbrecht is on a mission to track down the demon he and his brother summoned, which brings him to the city of Raiden where he is hoping to purchase scrolls of magical knowledge. While he waits for a contact of this trader, he dozes off and a pickpocket attempts to steal from his bag. Luckily though, a passing dwarven woman sees the attempted theft and stops the boy. Granite, the dwarf, is looking for adventuring companions, and speaks with Bastion, hoping to travel with him. However, Bastion’s contact emerges.

    Granite, a native Raidenite, is none to trusting of the sly looking man, Halker, and when Bastion agrees to go with him, and Granite is told outright that she isn’t welcome by Halker, she desperately searches for someone to help her track Bastion discreetly to make certain he is safe. To her luck, Jenesis, a passing priestess of Marfa, asks if she needs help and Granite puts her to use. Using Jenesis as a beacon, Granite lets her tail Bastion and Halker while she follows Jenesis at a greater distance. Sure enough, her distrust pays off when they find Bastion at a secluded warehouse where he is tricked by traders that turn out to be slavers and knocked unconscious.

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