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Desmond “Rory” D’Angelline
Pronunciation: dez-MUND ROR-ee D’AN-jel-LEEN

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Plot Adventures in Lodoss
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Age 33
Birth Year NRC 497
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Desmond D’Angelline has the average build of a noble, though it is certain that he stands out, even for their standards. Desmond’s hair is long for a man and is kept immaculately combed long and flowing. Natural waves always seem perfectly intact. Though his body is perfectly normal, his clothes have a slimming effect around his waist, feminizing his appearance slightly. Everything about him is carefully crafted, including his perfect shave, sculpted eye brows, and ever-so-slightly rosed cheeks. Nothing is ever out of place on him, never a detail undone. Desmond’s high cheek bones enhance his rich appearance. Put together with his charm and his dashing charisma, D’Angelline is a master at appearances and charismatic shows.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Black
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Green
Build Slim Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Desmond would never let defensive equipment touch him. He wears only the finest of clothes, though they are exaggerated. Desmond prefers his clothes to be made of silk. Vivid colors to boot. Often, Desmond wears, for his first layer, silk tunics tailored close to his body with black trousers that hang onto his hips. Over that goes his coat which is sewn to curve at the hips. The black waistcoat is complete with coat tails that fall down to just above his knees and is buckled across his breast with large buttons complete with crest designs. To add more extravagance, the coat is embroidered across its entirety with classic vine designs in extremely dark blue velvet. Clipped to his shoulders is the final piece of his ensemble: a cowl of black velvet with a red silk interior, attached by gemmed latches. D’Angelline tops this with a large feathered cap and cane. Several rings grace each finger, all gold and silver.

    Desmond also has a theatrical masquerade mask that he carries and sometimes wears. It is plain looking by the standards of a noble’s party, but it is black around the outside and blood red around the eyes and nose.

Weapon Description


Class Mage
Occupation Actor, Mage
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (5), Sages’ Guild (4)
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Grooming implements, various rings, clips, cuff links, ect. of a faux gemmed nature. Spell casting pouch containing various ingredients for natural spell casting
Horse No
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane (Illusion)
ST 8
EN 8
AG 10
IN 18
LU 13
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    As a natural spell caster, Desmond’s techniques tend to be rather unique to him. Most of his magic is centered around forms of illusion and trickery, though that does not mean he is incapable of other types of spells. Cantrips, small elemental spells, and the like are certainly options. More complex spells outside of illusion take more focus and possibly an exchange with nature. These more complex spells require rituals to perform properly and cannot be done on a whim.

    In terms of illusions, however, Rory is incredibly skilled. He can conjure picture perfect illusions spontaneously without chanting if he employs any of his talismans. Correspondingly, he can create fluid, realistic motion and matching sound using the same skills. Combining them together, the only way to identify his illusions as fake is to attempt touching them. Desmond can also maintain several illusions at once before becoming overwhelmed with focus. Desmond’s talent with creating realistic illusions has gotten to the point where he can cloak things like the passage of light to appear as though shadow and light was actually interacting with his illusions.


    Desmond is a trickster by nature who takes pleasure in the confusion of those around him. He flaunts in the face of social conformity and expresses himself as a satire of those around him. Thus, everything from his inflection to his disposition is a mockery. He loves to expose any crack in the veneer of another, though often through subtlety of their own discomfort. Flamboyancy is an insult often weighed against him, though far worse is capable to come from his lips, both about himself and everyone else. Desmond’s feminine nature makes him a target for attack, but his talents always seem to save him from such things.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “Dreams are cheap, love, and are easily made. Power? As much sparkle as it is strength. But money? Money is forever.”, “Perception is power, my boy. And, if that’s true, then I’ve already won.”


    Desmond D’Angelline grew up in Alania the child of a knight. And from the beginning, something was just not right. Desmond’s father was ecstatic to have an heir to follow his footsteps, to become a knight. By all rights, they had the right marriage. But from his earliest days, young Desmond had little interest in swords, dirt, horses, or anything that required significant physical activity. He could neither catch a ball nor win a fight with the neighbor boys. In fact, the only thing Desmond seemed to do well was thread his mother’s needle (which he never failed at).

    His father prepared a rigorous training program for him in response. And while Desmond did learn a thing or two about matching capes with gloves, he never managed the whole fighting part. By the age of ten, he had two siblings, both of which he could always soothe and taught most things. By twelve, he already knew what he wanted.

    On his thirteenth birthday, he disappeared and never came back. Desmond joined a traveling circus as an actor. It was there that he began to be taught a form of magic passed down by gypsies, woodsmen, and mystics. The basics of nature reverence, deal brokering, rituals, and manipulation became the tasks of his mind, all of which he took up with great zeal. The most passionate thing he began to learn, however, was illusion.

    Among them, an old man traveled, once an actor himself, who had studied and practiced illusion for fifty years. He had never married, never had children, never had anyone to pass down his art. And he had recognized something in the young boy, a certain perchance for love and art that most boys never held. So Desmond became his apprentice.

    The years past and Desmond acted, but later took his own solo act as a magician. Though magic was not much of a show in terms of conjuring fire, it was in terms of transforming old men into lusty goddesses and other such comic cantrips. By the time Desmond was eighteen, he was a comic success, using his illusion to accent his sharp tongue and his talent for comedy at the expense of his front row. He raked in the money.

    In just a few years, Desmond’s teacher died. The troupe leader gave the budding illusionist the few items still owned by his master: a cape, a cane, and a mask, all tools of the trade. Now, Desmond had everything he needed to become a true master of illusion himself.

    By twenty, he had parted ways with the troupe and had settled back in Alania packing side-street theaters. But even then, his tricks did not satisfy himself. So he invested his money into the only thing that never ran out of style: knowledge.

    He had no clue what he had gotten himself into. Lower class actors do not join the Sages’ Guild and just take over. Nor do they join the Mages’ Guild to study anything other than arcane magic. But he flew in the face of both guilds, purchasing his way into the upper echelons, each time wearing clothes of a more outrageous, theatrical, and finer nature. At twenty five, neither guild could ignore him.

    Thirty came and Desmond became the single expert of illusionism and natural magic lore in Alan. He held votes in both guilds, enough that he mattered as a swing voter in all matters political. And what was worse, he was making more money than most of the mages or sages through a combination of consulting, performance, and the wise purchase of a building he had converted into a high class theater in the richer part of the city.

    Despite his success, Desmond was known for appearing in seedy areas for whatever tickled his fancy. Rumors were abound that he was everything from a sexual pervert to a werewolf, but nothing was ever proven and he was never accused in public. Even then, Desmond let everything slide off of his back as he sought his next game to play…

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