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Krhea Fal
Pronunciation: KREY-ah FAHL

Forum ID Mana Link
Plot Bastion's Demons
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Age 16
Birth Year NRC 514
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Alania/Flaim

Physical Description

    Krhea stands on the short side of five and a half feet tall, with a petite hourglass build. Her silver hair is long and straight, hanging down to her ankles. Her skin is smooth and unmarred by both scars and blemishes. Krhea’s facial frame is more oval than round, with a small tapered chin. Her green eyes stand out from her otherwise colorless appearance and are framed with long silvery lashes. She has a small mouth, with very pale pink lips.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Silver (Blonde)
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Green
Build Hourglass Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Krhea is dressed in a near formless black gown from head to toe, with a pair of straw sandals tied to her feet. The outfit consists of three parts, regardless of how simple it looks to others. The first layer is the skirt, worn over the undergarments and under the second layer of the gown. The Second layer is a long sleeveless dress worn over the shorter skirt and under the outer layer. The final layer is a long sleeved habit-like dress that gives little to no definition of her figure or form and is worn over the other two layers.

Weapon Description


Class Shaman
Occupation Artist (Painter)/Wandering Student
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, hairbrush, large purse full of coins, tarot deck, paint brushes, jars of herbs and plants, water canteen, canvas sack
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 6
EN 8
AG 12
IN 18
LU 10
PB 18


    Krhea’s shamanist abilities are overdeveloped for her age, since their awakening ten years prior. Her familiarity with spirits grew with the absence of society as she lived in the Storm and Fire desert amongst the Fire Tribe. She has access to spells of binding, far-sight, cleansing, and messaging, other than the few battle ready spells she possesses. Her familiarity with Salamander is the greatest, but limits her ability to control Flau and Undine. She has very little control over Sylph, but has some understanding and use of both dark and light spirits.


    Krhea’s personality is severely lacking, as far as personal interaction goes. She has very poor interactivity skills, especially around men. She seems most comfortable around women, especially older women. She distrusts everyone at a glance, not wanting to become the lamb led to slaughter, no matter how innocent the person acts. The smell of metal and leather irritates her and makes her communication skills lessen, as well as the leash on her temper. She acts how the spirits dictate, no matter what they tell her to do.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “I’ve never had a clear concept of good and evil. I’ve always lived the way the spirits ask me to.”


    Krhea Fal was born in Hanam, Alania to a farmer’s daughter and a wanderer from Flaim. Her parents never married, nor did her mother bother talking about her father and their whirlwind of romance for the few months he stayed and helped out. She was a sickly child for the first three years of her life, remaining mostly in bed with fevers and chills. Due to her early childhood sickness she was never fully able to recover, and as such walked around like a ghost with little to no constitution and very little color to her. When the village of Hanam refused to pay taxes to Duke Rastor in her fifth year, she was lost amongst the confusion that followed with the razing of the village and the death of her mother and grandparents. Krhea was left wandering in the woods around the remains of Hanam with no one to care for her.

    As the week neared its end after the event, her father returned to the village to see the woman he bedded almost six years before, knowing that she was pregnant at the time of his departure. As he searched around the ruins of Hanam he found the malnourished Krhea. At that time Krhea could hardly speak and was barely able to stay awake for extended periods of time. It didn’t take her father long to realize that she was his child, and that it would be best for her if she left Alania for the warmer weather of the Flaim desert.

    Krhea, and her father, Khjatda left behind Alania and made their way into the Storm and Fire Desert. Khjatda, part of a nomadic offshoot clan of the Fire Tribe, inducted his young frail daughter into the tribe, and due to her delicate constitution and almost unearthly beauty had her apprentice to the clan’s shaman, Uektda. Krhea seemed to have the unnatural ability of a spirit messenger, and was welcomed rather readily by Uektda as an apprentice. Krhea’s aunt, Tenalera taught her art and dancing as well as basic domestics. However, the young spirit messenger was treated more like a jewel of the clan rather than as a normal girl, and as such they kept her away from any threat to her maidenhood.

    Shortly before her fifteenth year, Krhea received a rather strong message from the spirits to leave her clan and travel. Wanting to discuss this with the elders of the clan, they refused her request to discuss it. Again she received the message, louder and clearer, compelling her to follow their guidance and travel. Again she approached the elders and told them of her message, and again they denied her. Without telling a soul, she slipped away that night with only a few of her belongings and traveled the Road of Thirst to Haven. For the next few months she dotted along with caravans heading from Haven to Blade, and found herself in Raiden. In such an unfamiliar setting she heard the message from the spirits that she was spared from the death that took her father’s clan, mere weeks after she left. Since then she decided to follow the spirits will, and for better or worse, heed to every single word.

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