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Storyline: Liberation of Ales

The village of Ales on the outskirts of Kanon and Valis has been taken over by a cult of Baylos. As the village has no nation to protect them, they are counting on mercenaries to save them.

Liberation of Ales


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive.

Cebina | Flora | Geo | Lianora | Meridian | Mora | Niklas | Sohe | Veriss


Staff: Z, Mana Link, Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Veriss), Ayen (Sohe), Fallenhalfelf (Mora), Fantasy (Flora), Kidcat (Cebina), Little Knight (Niklas), Mana Link (Geo) Meridian, Priestess Lianora

* This character was taken over by the current player.
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Chapter List

Prologue: Rest in Lesmoa
chapter 1: What is Myrii's Design?
Chapter 2: Plans for Revenge
Chapter 3: Shinning Hill's Mercenaries' Guild
Chapter 4: A New Job?
Chapter 5: Meeting at the Mercenaries' Guild


    Niklas has found the Stormlord, the sword his mother had commissioned years ago, and now he and Lianora must decide were to go from here. Lianora suggests that he joins the Mercenaries’ Guild, and so they set out to get Niklas registered.

    Meanwhile, in Lesmoa, Meridian, a young half-elf with a troubled past crosses paths with Cebina, a dark elf with an equally troubled past. Cebina allows him to room with her at an inn when an unexpected romance blossoms from their mutual desires for revenge. Meridian promised to help her gt her revenge on those who abused her as a prostitute, while she promises to help him kill his abusive deviant father. The two set out for Ales, Meridian’s home town, to find his father.

    In Shinning Hill, Niklas registers at the Mercenaries’ Guild where he meets an interesting number of mercenaries include the masculine female berserker Veriss, the mute swordsman Geo and his centaur companion Mora. Geo challenges Niklas to a duel, which proved to be quite a good test of each other’s skills. Niklas was eventually defeated by Geo, if only for the mute mercenary’s greater worldly experience.

    A merchant and scared looking village girl arrive at the guild shortly afterwards, looking to hire mercenaries. The merchant, Dartin Etage, has discovered that the village of Ales, which lays outside of Kanon and Valisian borders, has been taken over by Baylos priests. He takes it upon himself to hire mercenaries to dispatch the cult. While he speaks to the guildmaster, another person seeking to join the guild enters. After helping the half-dark elf Olula make her case to the king of Kanon, Flora and her companions went their separate ways, and on the advice of one of her companions, Flora decided to apply to join the Mercenaries’ Guild to make some money. She is tested and accepted, and not long afterwards, Etage’s mission is posted.

    That evening, the mercenaries interested in the Ales job arrive to get a mission briefing, then prepare to set out the next day.

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