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Pronunciation: MOOR-ah

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Plot Liberation of Ales
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Age 43
Birth Year NRC 487
Gender Female
Race Centaur
Homeland Mossian Forests

Physical Description

    Mora is an example of rare and wondrous beauty amongst centaurs. Her elven half bares the supple and toned pale flesh of an warrioress, setting off a contrast in color alone when compared to her ebony equine lower half. Her wavy raven black hair coils and curls down her back like a wild mane, her bangs are long, but can be braided back so as not to detract from her field of sight. Mora’s lower half is built like a warhorse, additionally powerful muscle structure, yet still rather elegant in looks. Her tail is thick like her hair, and her lower legs with long silky hair feathers near the cannon on the lower legs. Standing eight-foot, four inches from bottom of hoof to top of head, she like many other centaurs, cuts a very intimidating figure amongst most men.

    Upon Mora’s flesh are tattooed the tribal markings telling her age, gender, and a rank in natural hues of black and dark greens. On the left side of her body, spanning the pauldron area, is Mora’s herd identification marking her as a hunter and defender of her herd as well as the daughter of the seer. On the right arm, starting at her fingertips and sweeping up her arm and fading out into her bicep is the form of licking flames and starlight. The brunt of that particular tattoo stops just short the elbow then trails off along the bicep like her hand was plunged into the star itself, and the flame and light bursts start off intense and centered on the hand and, as the tattoo progresses, the light and fire flicker and fade into smaller star busts.

    A classic beauty, Mora’s face is chiseled like the finest alabaster into symmetrical high cheek bones; full lips often thinned in deep silent thought, and an intense piercing gaze forged from the sharpest steel of experience in those brown to light blue orbs, Mora casts an unforgiving evil eye upon both friend and alike. Her damaged eye has gone milky-blue, becoming the evil eye which helps stare down others. Despite all her beauty, her militaristic training shows in the way she moves and conducts herself.

Height (Feet) 8’4” Hair Color Raven
Height (Hands) 16hh Tail Color Raven
Weight 1900lbs Eye Color Brown
Humanoid Build Athletic Skin Color Pale
Equine Build Warhorse Coat Color Black

Clothing and Armor

    Mora’s armor is bronzed plate mail on her upper body from her days in the Valis army; a breastplate, pauldrons, and vanbraces. Leather padding protects her from the metal, and a skirt of chainmail hangs over her equine breast. Underneath her armor she wears a simple long strip of cloth wound around her body to keep the leather from rubbing and things from bouncing about. On each of her arms and legs she wears leather shin guards. For times when she transforms into an elf, she carries a pair breeches and boots.

Weapon Description

    Centaurian made, Mora’s glaive combines the traditional glaive with the rider’s pick and light warhammer, with the traditional blade on one end, and the pick/warhammer combination decorating the other half of the steel shafted weapon. While more comfortable with melee combat over range, Mora also has a few ranged weapons at her disposal: two dwarven steel throwing axes with worn oak hafts, and an elven yew longbow with a full quiver of eighty arrows. Of the arrows, twenty of them share a unique triangular star-shaped arrowhead; made to create gaping wounds that have proven difficult for even the most skill healers to mend, another thirty of them are normal flat-head arrowheads, and the final thirty of them have sawed-tooth edges that specialize in deep and aggravated tear wounds.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Former shaman solider and wartime military consultant; Mercenary (bodyguard)
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5), Warriors’ Guild (3)
Weapons Modified solid steel centaurian glaive, throwing axes, elven longbow, 80 wooden shaft arrows (20 steel triangular star shaped arrowheads, 30 steel flat-head arrowheads, and 30 steel saw-tooth edged arrowheads).
Armor Plate mail with barding included; breastplate, pauldrons, vanbrace, chainmail skirt for equine chest. Leather shin guards for all four legs
Equipment Basic traveling gear; saddlebags, backpack, fletching kit, whetstone, pants and boots, rope, large blanket, and a week's worth of rations
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 14/21*
EN 15
AG 10
IN 10
LU 10
PB 13


    Mora’s main bulk of ability lies in her natural centaurian agility, endurance and strength. These traits allowed her easy access into the Valisian military, and were built upon as the foundation for the warrior she is today. She is a comfortable fighter on the battle field, using her weight and strength to crush the life out of her enemies. Her most preferred weapon is her glaive, a massive, unwieldy modified pole-arm that she can wield with no trouble thanks to her years of constant training.

    Mora’s centaurian skills of astrology, astronomy, animal empathy, shamanism, and herbalism came to her as natural as walking with four legs. Her quadruped status allows her beyond swift speed for running as well as an enhancement to her natural endurance. Mora’s elven side lends her the powerful vision, however, her right eye was damaged in battle leaving her half-blind. Her left eye is undamaged, but being left with the use of only one has ruined her depth perception.

    To avoid the many threats faced by centaurs from humans unfamiliar with them, Mora can cast one spell of sorcery to transform herself into an elf. This is her inheritance from her tribe, a secret handed down for generations since the time of Kastuul. Its use has been perfected so that it can be cast daily, with no need to regenerate mana. The spell is active as long as she is conscious after casting it, or until she choses to end it.

    * 14 for her humanoid body, 21 for her equine body.


    Very proud, sometimes to a fault. An experienced warrior and military protégé she is wise beyond her years. She is cynical, and does not often speak, but when she does her voice carries a powerful resonance. She possesses a soft spot for the good of the people. Mora has gone almost completely blind in one eye. She jealously guards this shameful secret, becoming hyper-spatial and angry when approached on her right side, often swinging her body defensively left and snapping at the unwitting offender.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Mora was born to Orome and Morwan of the Mossian Forest tribe of centaurs shortly after the Spring Equinox of NRC 487. She was the first born, and anxiously awaited by both parents, but a difficult birth. Her mother, Morwan, was a seer and soothsayer and had glimpses of her child’s life before its birth. Morwan predicted Mora would lose her vision (or at least part of her sight); both physically and her way from the herd and forest.

    Ever the precocious child Mora’s mind preoccupied with more adult matters than the business of play and being a child; however, she did manage to have her fun and fill of trouble with friends. At an early age, she requested to be schooled and trained in matters important to centaur society: combat, strategy, astrology, and with her mother- shamanism. When she was ready, she began to accompany and join the hunting parties that guarded the borders of their forest. She would intermingle with the forest elves, learning what she could and picking up more about the world outside the Mossian forests. While she wasn’t a troublemaker, but more a miniature adult. who seemed almost drawn into misadventures by her peers. Spartan from the beginning, the child was use to thinking of others before herself; evolving into a clever strategist and a strong driving force when it came to rallying the youth into action.

    When she was twelve, she received her second piercings and at the age of seventeen her tattoos in the centaurian age ceremonies, signifying her respectful adult status and rank within herd society. She was permitted to lead hunters on hunts to destroy troublesome monsters and steer unwary travelers out of their lands. They also acted as herd representatives in the matters concerning the local elves.

    Mora was never satisfied and always a little more of an outcast, but she was rather haunted by news of the growing threat Marmo and the human world posed. She wanted to take a more proactive role in quelling the damage by representing her people within the human world. The only way she could see that happening was by entering and assimilating herself into a human army—and, in the process, learning all she could of them to assist her herd to judge whether or not the Mossian centaurs would like to open more contact with the human world. This was her decision, and though her father forbade his only child from leaving the forest, Mora shrugged off his wishes and her mother’s warnings of losing her sight. Had she stayed, the prediction of losing her sight would have been null and void, however, she would have never achieved her blinding greatness and her flame and light would shine, but instead of flicker and fade in the forest shade.

    Humans, however, are often not readily able to accept such an odd creature as a centaur. To counter this, Mora and her people have a trick up their sleeves. Centuries ago, during the time of Kastuul, a human sorcerer had gotten lost in their lands. Stories tell that when he met the centaurs, he wished to learn more about them. In return, he gave them an opportunity to travel to the outside world while attracting as little attention as possible; he wrote them a transformation spell that would allow them to appear human (or elven, to be exact). This spell was handed down through the generations of Mora’s tribe, and taught to her as well. When she chose to leave home, it provided her a great service.

    In a world of civil strife and disorder, Valis was the sparkling beckon of hope, order, and military strength. Mora wanted to partake and enhance that strength. Under the guise of her transformation spell, the elven Mora enlisted in the Valisian army. They wouldn’t have accepted her as a centaur, but eventually she would have to drop the spell. When the time came, she hoped she would have made a strong enough impression on her comrades that they would know her as a person, not a creature. Indeed, although awkward, her revelation was accepted; Mora was allowed to continue serving Valis.

    The centaur fought as a foot soldier through the beginning of the War of Heroes. When the ferocious centaur charged enemy armies, the land violently shook like thunder—thus earning her the name “Thunder-Horse”—crashing down over like a dark wave of hooves. For the next fifteen years, she continued to serve the Valis army, fighting in skirmishes as Valis tried to gain ground lost to the Marmo and rising through the ranks.

    It was near the end of the Marmo occupation that Mora lost her vision. During the final battle, a soldier attempted to impale her on his spear, but instead hit her breastplate. A shard splintered off her armor and lodged itself deep into her eye; her mother’s premonition was fulfilled, as her vision in her right eye was lost. This injury compounded the prideful slight done to her by not heeding her advisement to chase forces of Marmo down, rather than allowing a retreat and end the war between the kingdoms once and for all. Because of her pride, Mora harbored the wound as a terrible and shameful secret, and rather than it being discovered and her perceived as weak or useless, then being honorably discharged from service, Mora promptly and immediately resigned herself from her high position within Valis military infrastructure.

    With her injury and pride damaged, Mora felt shamed and unable to return her herd, so she continued on to Raiden, where she would influence the community becoming a local force for communal change and serving as an unofficial law enforcement by starting her own mercenary company; the Blackhorse Corps. Mora lived closer to the road, outside of Raiden, so she could monitor the comings and goings, as well as know when her informants, mercenaries, and potential clients. Hence, as an unofficial guardian of Raiden, when Mora overheard a disturbance; some strangers making a ruckus, over numbering and attacking a young man, she put her foot down—or, more precisely, two of them—crushing and dispatching the would-be assassins.

    The young man said nothing, but he began to follow her around until he finally wrote her a note to introduce himself, explain that he was mute, and asked to join her company. She was initially reluctant to accept Geo until his persistence and skill impressed her that she employed him and eventually he earned the right to be her right hand man. Unfortunately for her company, Mora found herself in a turf war with the Raiden Rangers, a much older company with the same intentions as her. Their numbers far outmatched hers, and she refused an outright confrontation, until she was ready. In the meantime, she and Geo set out across Lodoss to gain numbers for the Blackhorse Corps.

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