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Pronunciation: FLŌR-ah

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Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
Liberation of Ales
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Flora’s Gallery
Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Flora is the most beautiful of her family. She’s five-foot three inches tall, slim like her mother, and doesn’t really have any curves. She has light tan skin, light lavender eyes, and lavender hair. Her hair falls to her knees and sometimes, she wears it in one or two light purple bows that bring it up to her thighs. Flora’s brows are thin and her lashes are short and black.

Height 5’3” Hair Color Lavender
Weight 105lbs Eye Color Lavender
Build Slim Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Flora wears a long blue dress, with matching blue shoes, and a cap. Her dress is a dark blue cotton dress with a white silk underskirt that falls to her knees. The dress has white bell sleeves and is tight from her waist up, but is loose at her waist down. Flora’s cap is dark blue and is fixed behind her bangs. Her shoes are dark blue with snow white trim and are ankle high.

Weapon Description

    Flora’s bow is one of the most helpful weapons that she trains with. The bow is made of oak, and is one and a half feet long with blue and white trimming around the hard wood. Her quiver is made of oak with blue and white trimming designs around it and feathered arrows.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer, Wanderer
Weapons Bow, Quiver of Arrows
Armor None
Equipment Backpack; bedroll, clothing, hairbrush, necklace, flute, a week of biscuit rations, waterskin, coin purse, 50 feet of rope
Horse Keyo
ST 9
EN 10
AG 12
IN 10
LU 9
PB 13


    Flora is not very strong, but her endurance is better. Her best skill is her agility and athletics. She uses her agility, athletics, and strength to avoid attacks inbetween firing her bow.


    Flora is kind and loving, and is also hardworking. Working day and night, she is grateful for what her grandmother and the villagers taught her. She loves helping people and most of the time, she tries to finish what she starts. She is a really caring person, but is shy on the outside. She is afraid of doing something wrong and not making the right friends. Still, having the love her family and the villagers gave her, she tries to turn it into encouragement.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “There is a time and place for everything under the sun.”
            “Friend or foe, shouldn't we still help them?”
            “Can a lovely melody be a lovely soul?”
            “Some paths are meant to be taken with friends, while some are meant to be taken by yourself.”
            “Please Falis, if you can hear me, bless us as we go through this hard time.”


    Flora was born in an Alecrastian village. Her mother was an adventurer and her father was an explorer, and they were in love with each other since they were children. They traveled all across Alecrast and Lodoss, but eventually settled down in their homeland to raise their newborn daughter, Flora. At the age of two, Flora’s parents left on a adventure and were never heard of or seen again.

    After her parents left, Flora was left with her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her how to do daily chores around their village and how to play her father’s flute. She loved helping her grandmother and the village people. As she grew near the age of nine, she spend most of her time playing with the village children and watching the village women practice their archery skills. At the age of ten, she received a gift that her parents left her. It was a blue and white cross necklace. She treasured her parents’ gift with all her heart. Later, she learned more about her family and a little about the wars that happened when she was a little girl. When she turned eleven, her grandmother and a few other village women taught her how to use different swords, bows and arrows.

    Flora’s childhood was really fun, but at the same time, it was hard. When she reached her teens, she started praying to Falis a lot and helping more. She became more athletic while using her bow and how to survive on her own. Sometimes, after her daily work was done, she would go out and practice using her bow and arrows. At the age fourteen, her grandmother gave her a new bow. When she reached the age of sixteen, she was an even greater archer and flutist. She loved praying to Falis about her family and friends, and she loved playing her flute.

    When Flora was seventeen, her grandmother withered and soon died. Sad and lonely, at the age of eighteen, she decided to go on a adventure, and few months later she left her homeland to go out and wander the world.

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