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Geo El Orin
Pronunciation: GEE-oh ehl oh-REEN

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Plot Liberation of Ales
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Geo’s Gallery
Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Durhalem Village, Isle off Alecrast

Physical Description

    Geo stands at an average human height of five-foot, six inches tall, with a wiry frame that makes him look weaker than he truly is. His green hair is a mess that should, if brushed and washed normally would be straight and shoulder length. Due to its rather unkempt manner however, his hair stands up in the front, and in the back it’s held down by a long dark-blue bandanna. He has a boyish face for his age, with a small, slightly upturned nose and a thin-lipped wide mouth.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Green
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Red
Build Wiry Skin Color Tanned Peach

Clothing and Armor

    Geo’s fashion-sense is seriously stunted, to say the least. For a shirt he wears an purple maroon ethnic rug wrapped around his torso and cinched off at the waist with a sand-colored tie belt. His pants are loose and purposely tattered, cuts starting at the knee and measure half-way down his shin before being cut horizontally at boot height. Under his makeshift clothing, he wears a piece-mail suit of armor, most of it hidden by the clothing, but some, like the plated leather sleeve-gauntlet, and the leggings, are out in the open for show. Over his right eye he wears a black eye-patch to purposely give himself a blind spot.

    His piece mail armor consists of a steel breastplate with thick leather straps, a steel-plated and leather sleeve-gauntlet, a right-handed black leather swordsman’s glove with a steal backing and knuckle guard, and steel shin and foot guards with limited leather padding. This suit of armor, most of which he scrounged together himself, was found while he was in service to Mora.

Weapon Description

    Geo’s sword, made by his cousin’s family, the Al Darin smiths, is a three-and-a-half-hand shortsword, having a particularly long hilt wrapped in dyed shark-skin. The blade, a simple, yet elegant three foot long single-fuller blade, is made from lodestone, dual edged and engraved with the signature of the Al Darin family in the blade’s fuller. He was able to obtain the sword originally meant for him by slaying the one who took it, the pirate captain who took him and his people from Durhalem.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Swordsman/Brawler
Guild Membership Shadow Guild (2), Mercenaries' Guild (2)
Weapons Long-Hilted (3 1/2 handed) Short Sword
Armor Piece-Mail Armor; steel breastplate, left steel pauldron, left leather sleeve and gauntlet, fitted steel plates for upper arm, forearm and back of hand, right handed swordsman's glove, with plate backing and knuckle guards, steel shin and feet guards
Equipment Clothing, eyepatch
Horse No
ST 12
EN 9
AG 20
IN 7
LU 14
PB 10


    Geo is a full-fledged swordsman, relying on his natural born agility rather than brute strength, as many swordsmen before him have. His unnerving speed and lack of displayed emotion make his chaotic and erratic movements seem almost inhuman. His favored tactic is to run into the fray of battle and strike from the countless blind spots he sees in his enemies defenses. His fists and feet are his secondary weapons, but act almost as if they were his primary. His utilization of precise and swift kicks and punches to vital areas leave his enemies exhausted and crippled at death’s door. To overcome his natural-born muteness, he learned to speak with his hands and to read and write. His abilities are for the battlefield however, and he lacks the proper attitude towards learning things that either don’t let him communicate or fight.


    Geo’s eyes betray his lack of emotional response, despite what his face and body speaks. His personality can be summed up with four words: passive, methodical, honorable, and chaotic. Despite being mistreated by others in the past, he seems to trust people. He has learned to make educated judgments about people based on their appearance, first-impression on him, and their speech. If any of his instincts tell him otherwise, his normally docile attitude will flip and he’ll become hostile to the person offending him. Derogative terms, as well as the concept of slavery irritate him to no end.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Geo was born in the late spring in the village of Durhalem, on an islet off the southern most shores of Alecrast, to Jer Adul El Orin, the village guardian and Katarin Al Darin, the daughter of a long line of smiths. When Geo was old enough to walk on his own, Jer Adul and Katarin left Durhalem on a quest taking them to the far north of Alecrast. Despite being born a mute, the fellow villagers of Durhalem treated Geo with utmost respect, but disciplined him none-the-less if he ever got into trouble. After a decade of tutelage under the interim guardian of the village, Geo was sent on a quest outside Durhalem’s borders to live a week in the monster infested wood as his rite of passage into adulthood.

    The task itself wasn’t impossible, and it taught many of the other children how best to survive of a bad situation. Geo was no exception to this. With a dagger to defend himself and a knowledge of what plants were edible, where some fresh water was and where most of the non-migratory settlements of monsters were, Geo was able to spend most of the week out in the woods without suffering any harm or injury. The night before he was allowed back inside he was forced to confront a trio of goblin scouts. Utilizing his agility and previous training he was able to dispatch them without suffering any serious injury, save for a few scrapes and a broken left arm. Even with the broken arm, he stayed out of the village ’til morning light where he was welcomed back as a man.

    Despite his uncanny fighting ability and aptitude for battle, at twelve he was still too young to be taken seriously as the Guardian of Durhalem, so they reserved to give him the title in two years when he’d be a little more experienced. For those two years he studied hard as a swordsman and learned a little of how to read and write, to allow him to communicate more than with the sign language he used already. At the age of fourteen, Geo El Orin, son of Jer Adul, was proclaimed Guardian of Durhalem and betrothed to the village’s eldest daughter, Mielluire Atapos, who was four years his senior. As it was custom, his cousins, the Al Darin family of smiths, were to forge him a sword, and when it was to be finished, the marriage of Mielluire and Geo would take place at the village’s holy site, a large stone altar that the village was built around.

    It took a half a year to complete, Geo’s sword, dubbed Al Arin, forged from lodestone and blessed upon the village’s altar to their long forgotten deity. On the day of the wedding, while the guard was down, pirates raided the village. In the struggle Mielluire was killed and Geo and a few other villagers were captured to be sold as slaves in Alecrast. Mourning the loss of life of the people he knew and loved, as well as the loss of freedom for him and the handful of villagers that survived the raid, Geo was ill prepared for what happened next. One of the pirates came below deck to fool around with one of the women they had captured. While the pirate was in the midst of violating the young woman, Geo broke free of his bondage and killed the pirate man, however he was unable to save the young woman, as she chose to end her life by biting her own tongue off than to live with the shame of being violated. Not wishing for any more of his village people to suffer the same fate of being violated, Geo freed his fellows and lead them in a revolt against the pirates that captured them. Although the revolt itself wasn’t successful, many of the pirate crew was injured and the captain knew best where to send the young man, Geo, who caused the ruckus.

    Geo was sold last out of all the slaves, and not through the market as the others were. The pirate captain wanted to see the young boy suffer for hurting his men and daring to lead a revolt on his ship so he sold Geo to the coliseum to be a gladiator slave. In his gladiatorial debut he fought against an ogre, armed with a fishing spear and a flimsy wooden shield. The pirate captain who wished to see Geo in a great deal of pain arranged the fight. Despite the obvious strength difference between Geo and the ogre, Geo’s speed and agility, as well as the extended reach of the fishing spear and the ogre’s natural clumsiness made the battle rather one sided in Geo’s favor. With the simple bout over and Geo the victor, the pirate captain arranged a second bout to follow immediately after. The second bout was against a gladiola taken from the Azarns. While she had more experience and strength than him, as well as she could almost match him for speed, Geo’s determination to succeed drove him to kill her with his bare hands.

    The pirate captain was furious, but was running low on funds to continue to set him up against what seemed like impossible odds for a child to overcome; however, The pirate captain’s financial burden was alleviated by a rich noblewoman who had a taste for younger men. Having seen young Geo fight two fights with fierce determination and remarkable grace, she knew that she had to have him. Geo was glad to leave the blood and sand of the coliseum but wasn’t fully ready for what was in store for him at the noble woman’s villa. She had bought him for the sole purpose of serving as a sex slave, and at the first inappropriate touch in private, Geo flipped out and broke her neck. Fueled by fear for the consequences of his action he ran out into the streets to get as far away from the scene of the crime.

    To escape persecution Geo sneaked aboard a ship destined to anchor in Raiden, Lodoss. With all the cursed luck he happened to stow away on the same ship that brought him from his home to begin with. His cursed luck allowed him to regain something lost at the raid, the sword forged for him by his cousins, the Al Darin smith family. Since the marriage was never completed, the sword had no sheath, which was to be a gift from wife to husband, to complete the sword and complete the marriage. Realizing at last where he was, Geo concocted a plan to dispatch of the very raiders that killed his betrothed and enslaved his island people. Over the course of the months at sea, Geo kept stealing food and water from the hold and throwing what he didn’t eat into the waters behind them, with food and water supplies dwindling on the ship, many of the pirates were at each other’s throats, thinking that one another were stealing rations without the captain’s permission. Soon the ship was in bad shape, the pirates all distrusting one another, as well as the captain.

    Regardless of the lack of morale and distrust amongst the crew, they managed to get to port in Raiden. As soon as the ship had docked, Geo leaped from his hiding spot, and went about killing each and every one of the pirates for the sake of revenge of his people. When the blade was heavy and slick with blood, stained crimson with Geo’s anger and the blood of the wrongdoers, the captain graced Geo’s appearance. At once the two locked eyes. Geo’s hatred for the man who stole him from his land, and the hatred of the captain for losing his crew, made the two bitter enemies despite how short they knew each other. Geo waited for the man to draw his sword, not wishing to strike down an unarmed man. The pirate captain drew, thus sealing his fate. Ushering all the strength and speed he had left, Geo lunged forward with terrible speed and bisected the captain with his sword. Exhausted and alone, the lone survivor of the massacre aboard the pirate vessel, Geo crawled off with his sword in tow, and nestled himself amongst the discarded fishing nets to sleep the night through.

    When Geo awoke, he found himself in a bed. An older man dressed in rags had fished him from the fishing nets before authorities had found him and spirited him away to his shack. He explained that he was just a humble fisherman who had lost everything out on the sea. A fortune, a career, his woman. All things that he took for granted were swallowed by the merciless sea. He and Geo spent several months together, getting to know each other and trying to establish a repertoire, considering Geo’s muteness. When the two trusted each other enough, the older man brought Geo into the Shadow Guild, where upon his recommendation, Geo was admitted into the ranks of the guild. For the first few missions that Geo accepted, the older man accompanied him on them, making sure that he did the assassination quickly and efficiently. When Geo’s probational period was over, Geo was allowed to take his own missions if he wanted. With tensions increasing in the south, Geo was drawn to the conflict between the nations of Lodoss and Marmo, and took his business into Kanon to assassinate corrupt officials and other wrongdoers that Geo was able to obtain contracts for their lives.

    When the front of the war moved to Marmo, as well as most of the attention, the now seventeen year old boy stayed roaming within Valis, Kanon and Alania, dealing out justice within the confines of the contracts of the Shadow Guild. With the closing of the year, and the end of the war, many of the jobs that Geo would undertake had dried up. Knowing that a great deal of jobs could still be waiting for him he moved back towards Raiden. What was awaiting him in Raiden was anarchy and chaos, most of which he became unused to in the southern reaches of Lodoss. With the war over, most of the war profiteers had set up shop in Raiden, due to its status as a free city. Returning to Raiden had brought another calamity down on Geo’s head. Many of the people he offed had family who decided to hire the shadow guild to take out one of their own. The man who inducted Geo into the shadow guild took the job, believing that he was the only one capable of beating the young mute in a fight, if it came to it.

    Geo’s old master came up to Geo personally, taking him to the outskirts of the city and explaining the situation to him. As a final courtesy, Geo’s old master gave Geo the chance to run away. Geo didn’t take the offer and set his cold eyes on the man who fished him from the nets and gave him a purpose in this new land. The fight was over in mere seconds—Geo mustering all his incredible speed to flash forward towards his old master, striking him down before he had the chance to draw his sword. The fight was not over, however. Fearing that the old man wasn’t enough, a few of the guild officers had hired some ruffians to finish off Geo if the old man didn’t already finish the job. Vastly outnumbered by properly fed mercenaries, Geo was at a sore disadvantage, even with his speed and agility considered. It was while fighting this uphill battle that he met his future companion, Mora, a centauress that came in like a crashing wave on a wave break. Flattening some of the men beneath her hooves, and picking off others with her weapons, the fight was over with few survivors on the opposing side.

    Having been saved by the woman, Geo followed her around, watching her from the shadows and seeing just what kind of person she was. After a while he found himself inspired by how she acted, and decided to approach her cautiously. Having no way to communicate other than writing and sign language, Geo wrote a request to join up with Mora, to become one of her fellows, and that he wouldn’t take no as an answer. After several months of him pestering her, she finally agreed, and their partnership began there. He worked the next four long years beside Mora, acting as an extension of her own arms and legs, as he continues to do to this day.

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