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Daulag Udaar
Pronunciation: DAO-lag OO-dar

Forum ID CrimsonJustice
Plot Bastion’s Demons
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    While he looks like your average goblin, his body has numerous scars from numerous complications, his face is also quite the sight. He hardly smiles but when he does he seems to be missing a couple of teeth. Other than that he is short and skinny, and most likely not much of a challenge. The most noticeable scar on his face starts at the outside of his right eye, it ends in a slight outward curve at the bottom of his jaw. His biggest scar is from his right shoulder to the middle of his back on the same side, this was from the wound that almost killed him in the war. He has another scar on his face that runs along his forehead, though that one was from the incident with the hunter.

Height 4’9” Hair Color Bald
Weight 98lbs Eye Color Red
Build Average Skin Color Grayish-Green

Clothing and Armor

    His clothing is a simple tunic, pair of pants, and ratty looking belt in dull earth tones of browns and grays. His armor is a set of leather which is missing the pants. His shield looks a little worn and has a few dents in it, though it still works.

Weapon Description

    It is a well used common steel short sword, kept in good shape like a well-trained soldier’s would be.

Class Soldier
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Steel Short Sword
Armor Leather jacket, leather boots, leather gloves, leather helm, buckler
Equipment Medium Backpack, flint and tinder, blanket, weeks trail rations, coin purse with several coppers and a few silvers in it, hatchet
ST 18
EN 17
AG 13
IN 7
LU 17
PB 5




    Daulag is an odd goblin, he will seek adventure even if there is danger. His path is not set, and he does not let being looked down upon deter him. While he knows he’s not the brightest, he will end up relying upon his "dumb luck". As a companion he is loyal to the group, until things get too dangerous and he’s alone or the adventure ends. Really he’s afraid of being alone, and if abandoned he will get angry and seek revenge at a later date. He just seeks a life of adventure for fun, not for the fame or riches.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “The past! Why would I care, they abandoned me!”


    Daulag was born on Marmo to one of the more vicious goblin tribes. From the moment he was born he knew his path was to fight. His early years were nothing noteworthy, though when he was nine he got his chance to shine. Daulag and few other goblins found a body in the brush, and seeing that it had a lot of nice things on it, they decided to loot it. Their original goal was to hunt for food, and along the way he tripped and killed a nice sized boar. The spear he had looted from the body had slipped out of his hands and hit the boar in a vulnerable spot, killing it. They dragged the boar back to their tribe and Daulag was given credit for the kill. This was the first of many unusually good events, and for that he was thought to have some divine blessing. He trained hard in the arts of combat, and any chance to fight he would be one of the first ones to battle. This would only lead to his biggest downfall, and deepest scar.

    When the war broke out and Beld marched onto Lodoss, Daulag was among the many who followed. Proud to serve under Emperor Beld’s banner, he fought to the best of his ability, surviving even when things looked bleak for their side. It was the bloody battle where Beld fell that changed his world. In their loss, he was left for dead amongst the many bodies. He had taken a slash from a sword to his right side from behind, leaving a deep wound that almost killed him. Feeling betrayed, as well as wounded, he fled the field once night fell and took refuge in the nearby forest where he would hide in solitude for the next two years.

    An old hunter had been using a reliable game trail, when all of the sudden he came across Daulag’s camp. Seeing this intruder, Daulag attacked him to scare him away. When the old man had finally fled, he broke camp, finding a quieter spot. He avoided contact for another year after that, though he became bored and decided to leave his small cave. Stepping out into the world he sought to find out what was out there, even if it meant forcing himself to associate with others. Since then he has traveled with anyone willing to take him along, only taking enough of a share to keep his supplies up.

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