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Storyline: A New Balance

Karla has a new plot; now that all the nations are at peace, she wants to find a warlord to destroy that peace. Sending out an open call for worthy adventurers, Karla beckons them to come together while she tests their mettle along the way.

This plot was canceled due to inconsistancies with the plot to Lodoss continuity and a loss of interest from the players.

A New Balance


Struck through character names were characters that were dropped from the plot and considered “non-canon”.

Aiyanna | Alm | Anisa | Ashe | Avion | Azala | Coras | Dorian | Dralock | Edwin | Fenix | Garrack | Granite | Hetle | Jet | Jinn | Jleslie | Kai | Kilij | Kiran | Leaf | Lorien | Luda | Mia | Moryssa | Nessa | Nipa | Ooke | Ryna | Sevrina | Song | Thalia | Toan | Ultarik | Veriss | Zira


Staff: Z, Little Knight, Mana Link, singularityman, Wolf, Zatch
Players: Aiyanna Starwind (Aiyanna), Alera Tai'var (Jeren, Jleslie, Veriss), alric_yorath (Y!) (Dralock), Anisa Amri, Bloodshield (Avion), Boris (Avion*), CrimsonJustice (Ultarik), Dorian (Dorian), dngtexn (Nipa), EdwinStarym (Edwin), Ferrilonver (Hetle), Granite Stoneheart, kaychan03 (Y!) (Song), Kiran, Lady Moryssa (Moryssa), Leaf, Little Knight (Azala, Fenix), Luria (Luda, Toan), Mana Link (Alm, Coras*, Jet), Mia, nmnmrm (Y!) (Coras), OokeStoneskull (Ooke), Priestess Thalia, Ryna, Sevrina, singularityman (Lorien), The Blue Meteor, The Gray Witch, Wolf (Ashe, Jinn), Zatch (Kai, Nessa), Zira

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account
Canon Character Account


Chapter 1: Mercenaries' Guild of Alan
Chapter 2: Mercenaries' Guild of Blade
Chapter 3: Mercenaries' Guild of Raiden
Chapter 4: Novice: Thalia's Mission
Chapter 5: Roads of Alania
Chapter 6: Roads of Flaim
Chapter 7: Camp on the Roads of Alania
Chapter 8: Hilt
Chapter 9: Camp on the Raiden Road
Chapter 10: Morning on the Roads of Alania
Chapter 11: Morning in Hilt
Chapter 12: Morning on the Raiden Road
Chapter 13: Leaf's Kidnapping
Chapter 14: Into the Wildlands
Chapter 15: Novice
Chapter 16: Desert Post: Camp
Chapter 17: Novice: Assassin Attacks
Chapter 18: Wildlands Camp
Chapter 19: Wildlands Camp: Morning
Chapter 20: Wildlands: The Tribe


    Karla has returned, and she has new plans to disrupt the new-found peace of Lodoss. With an enchanted note posted throughout the Mercenaries’ Guilds of Lodoss, Karla seeks only the stoutest hearted warriors and draws them to the Silent Swamp.

    After her note is posted, Karla heads to Marmo where she hires the services of Jet, a brilliant tactician and a useful tool to her. Assassins Kilij and Jleslie, and Sevrina and Lorien also find employment with her.

Out of Blade

    In Blade, another group of mercenaries picks up the job. Zira, a dark elf mercenary; Edwin, a young Valisian adventurer; Ashe, a werewolf mercenary; and the heroes Garrack, Ryna, and Leaf join together and head out to the south. Soon after leaving the city, they are attacked by a strange grouping of usually solitary giant scorpions, which they defeat. In the course of battle, they are assisted from above by Jeren, a former Mossian Dragonrider. Jeren and his wyvern join the quest and the group heads on to Hilt, where they intend to stay the night.

    In the inn they stay at, a bar brawl breaks out on account of Zira. Once the conflict is settled, Zira is banished to her room where she is joined by Edwin. Downstairs, a young adventurer named Dorian makes the acquaintance of the party and develops an interest in Leaf, though she is soon whisked off by Jeren on a moonlit wyvern ride.

    The next morning, the group prepares to leave, but Garrack and Ryna decide to stay behind as Ryna has realized she’s pregnant. Dorian joins the group in their place, and they set out southwards, back on their way to the Silent Swamp.

    Some ways out of the city, they stop to see a weak looking man beset by bandits, and without a second thought the would-be-heroes run off to rescue him. However, the man is Jet, and only bait to lure the group into combat with the hired raiders. In the midst of battle, Leaf is kidnapped, no doubt so Karla can continue to keep her identity secret as Leaf knew a bit about her.

    In the aftermath of the battle, Leaf’s disappearance is soon noted, and the group decides to forgo their quest to save her instead. They are joined shortly by Kai, a man who happened to be heading out of Hilt in the same direction, and Rose, a mysterious woman who claims to have her own troubles with the bandits. Rose encourages the group to follow her lead to save Leaf. The group heads into the desert, heading toward the Wildlands, when a sandstorm appears on their tails. They are able to take shelter for the night in an old lean-to, but they soon discover that they have more troubles than just the storm as the assassin Kilij makes a strike at Zira and Edwin.

Out of Alan

    In Alania, the call is met by Mia, half-dark elf, half-common elf mercenary; Dralock, a dwarf; Veriss, a massive female berserker; and Nessa and Jonas, two village boys who hope to become heroes. They are also hired by a sorceress named Aiyanna who happens to be heading in the same direction and is in need of bodyguards.

    Meanwhile, in Novice, Marfa priestess Thalia meets Avion, a farmboy who is setting out to find his fortune, and his mysterious heritage. As they leave the village, bound for Alan, they are met by the common elf Azala who is determined to seduce the beautiful priestess.

    As the mercenaries head north, they are waylaid by an abnormally large band of goblins, and in the course of the battle, Jonas is killed. The group is joined by a rather antisocial half-elf girl named Song and her pegasus who was caught up in the battle and decided to tag along. After a brief burial of Jonas, the battered group moves on until the reach a place they can make camp. Along the way, they meet with Azala, Thalia, and Avion. Mia and Azala are old friends, and their friendship brings the two parties together, though it nearly tears the group apart as Azala finds Aiyanna’s wasteful behaviour abhorrent.

    After a night with the group, Song disappears, apparently feeling out of place. The group moves on to Novice the next day. Thalia, trying to get away from Azala, gets rooms at the local Marfa shrine with Avion while the mercenaries and Aiyanna take up shelter at Tobol’s Inn. While they are there, a strange group of people worry them. The group is indeed a group of assassins, led by the dark elf Sevrina and her apprentice Lorien. Sevrina had been hired by Karla to test the mercenaries, but the others were hired by her as little more than fodder.

    Also at the inn is Hetle, one of the grassrunner Tobol’s children, a girl with aspirations to become a mercenary herself. With the death of Jonas, she is hired to take his place in Aiyanna’s guard. Another adventurer makes an appearance here as well; Jinn, a foreign swordsman with only one arm.

    As everyone settles in for the night, the assassins make their move, one person per member of the party. At the Marfa shrine, assassins Dart and Terild are assigned to kill Thalia and Avion, but Dart makes the mistake of trying to rape the priestess before killing her. Avion defeats Terild, though the assassin lives to escape, and saves Thalia before her maidenhood is stolen, killing Dart.

    At the inn, Sevrina, Lorien, and Emery prepare to enter the room shared by Aiyanna, Mia, and Veriss while Nafisa, Hakim, and Radira go after Azala, Dralock, and Nessa. In the womens’ room, Emery enters first and is thwarted by Aiyanna’s warding spell which causes his weapon to become heavy and drop, while Mia breaks the invisibility spell he is cloaked with. Mia attacks Emery, and then he is pinned by Veriss who smashes his head in. With Mia and Veriss distracted, Sevrina subdues Aiyanna and Lorien takes her while under an invisibility spell. While they are escaping, Mia breaks their invisibility spell as Hetle comes in to see what’s going on. Veriss goes completely berserk and tears off after Sevrina and Lorien while Mia and Hetle cower and stay out of her way.

    Meanwhile, Radira sneaks into the mens’ room to try to seduce Azala to lure him back to another room, giving Nafisa and Hakim an easier time of killing Dralock and Nessa. Before Radira can get far, however, the commotion from across the hall catches the attention of the men. Azala ties up Radira to be interrogated later, then all three of them head off to the women’s room. In the hall, Nafisa and Hakim slip away. Jinn awakens as well to see what’s going on and sees Lorien hauling off Aiyanna.

    As Sevrina and Lorien escape from the inn and run into the forest, Veriss is hot on their trail, followed more at a distance by several others. The assassins split up, Lorien leading Veriss on a wild goose chase while Sevrina takes Aiyanna to Karla’s emissary, Jet. It seems that Karla fears what the seeress can learn of her plot!

Out of Raiden

    In Raiden, female dwarf Granite, disguised as a male to avoid questions and disgust over her beard, joins Fenix (under the false name Brahms), Toan, Coras, and Anisa in the quest. They leave the city and head southwards where they meet up with Ultarik, a barbarian mercenary already camping in a convenient spot for them. After telling him about their quest, he agrees to join. Later that night, a strange child named Alm wanders into their camp, crying that he has lost his mother, but soon they realize he’s an insane grassrunner.

    That night, Ultarik heads up the road to the gravesite of his former lover who was killed in the area several years before. There, he meets Karla, who gives the name of Kaladron, and promises that if Ultarik does as she tells him to, she will resurrect his lover. Ultarik agrees and returns to the camp with a route straight through the Wildlands.

    The next morning, the mercenaries prepare to follow Ultarik’s suggestion, but Coras slips away for awhile. The troubled young adventurer has grandious desires, and in an attempt to achieve them, he prays to Falaris. His prayer catches the attention of the evil dwarven priest Ooke, who is camped nearby. Ooke decides to advise Coras and they return to the mercenary party. The others are reluctant to accept both Ooke and Alm, but Ooke wins over Granite by charming her—not a hard thing to do for a rather handsome dwarven man.

    The group moves eastward, and in the course of their travel, they are attacked by several giant mantises. The party makes it out mostly unscathed, except for the death of Anisa’s horse and Coras almost being crushed under a dead mantis, but concerns began to rise about Coras and Ooke, and Alm’s insanity. After traveling a little further, they make camp on the grassland, but they are attacked yet again, this time by a small pride of manticore. The party skillfully slaughters them, but they worry more about the route Ultarik has placed them on.

    That night, however, Ooke’s belief becomes public knowledge after a prayer murmured to Kardis, and the group is nearly rift in twain. Only with a mutual need for survival do they manage to stay together for the night. The next day, the fractured group sets out further eastward, and they come across a line of giant ants. However, they are rescued by the natives of the grassland who use smoke to scare away the ants.

    The natives escort the adventurers to their village where a festival, the Moot, is going on. The group members find themselves torn from one another and began to mingle with the natives. Meanwhile, concerns begin to rise over the appearance of strange crows that seem to be watching their every move...

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