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Pronunciation: NES-sah

Forum ID Zatch
Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Nessa’s Gallery
Age 17
Birth Year NRC 513
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Nessa is very large due to hard farm work and gluttony. He has a scruffy, and almost haggard, appearance with his thin beard—this is his attempt to make up for having a feminine sounding name. He has long, sandy brown hair which travels past his shoulders and tends to resemble a lion’s mane. A light tan covers his arms and face from work out doors, yet his skin is milky white under his clothes.

Height 6’1” Hair Color Sandy Brown
Weight 198lbs Eye Color Green
Build Husky Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    He wears a very simple, brown sleeveless tunic and black pants, both light and loose fitting for work on hot days. For armor he wears a simple breastplate and shin guards with a quilted vest underneath.

Weapon Description

    His weapon is an enchanted two-handed saber given to him by Aiyanna. The sword is exceptionally well crafted but only mildly enchanted to stay sharper and tougher than an average blade.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Fine Steel Saber
Armor Half-Plate, Quilted Vest
Equipment Backpack with standard traveler's equipment; rope, torch, whetstone, trail rations, hatchet, blanket
Horse Shuna
ST 16
EN 14
AG 10
IN 8
LU 12
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Hard labor has made him pretty strong and resilient. He’s also a natural climber as he used to live near sheer rocks which he had to get over every day to do his chores. His skill with a sword isn’t bad considering he’s had no formal training, only sparring matches with his best friend.


    He seems (on the outside) gallant, eager to taste life and face danger. Even though he’s really uncertain of himself and doesn’t really know what to do next, but he’ll swear up and down that he knows what he’s doing. He’s quick to anger but at least tries to maintain peace, sometimes chaos is simply attracted to him. He’s a very restless person, hates to stay in one place too long. The way he sees it he’s spent a lifetime in a purgatory better known as his home village. Now he’s making up for lost time.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “Trust me, what’s the worst that could happen?”


    A boring existence not even worth the breath it would take to summarize it, but here it is anyway. Nessa was born in the tiny village Caena, note worthy only for being the sister village to Zaxon, which is note worthy only for being the birthplace of the free knight. There, Nessa was the son of a farmer, the oldest out of six brothers and sisters. His father was a former mercenary for Beld’s army, once a proud solder he now recalls bitterly about the war. Just after his seventeenth birthday Nessa asked his father if he could enlist in Alan’s forces, not wanting his son to enter a life of war he forbid it. But Nessa’s asking was little more than a formality, he planned on going to Alan whether his family approved or not.

    Before he left though, Nessa approached his best friend, Jonas to come with him. Like Nessa, Jonas was eager to see the world but was still reserved about leaving his home. Nessa reminded him that they were the two best swordsmen in town, then he reminded Nessa that they were the only two swordsmen in town. But in the end he convinced his friend and left his simple life behind him.

    Nessa and Jonas traveled to Alan in hopes of enlisting in the royal army. Unfortunately, being peacetime the boys met some constraints, the most significant being that they had only just missed the deadline for enlistment and would have to wait nearly a year before they had another chance. They were then faced with the choice of either going home to their disobeyed families, or find a way to survive in the world until enlistment season.

    For Nessa it was never a choice, he considered a quiet life equal to a prison sentence, and he was destined to live loudly. As they sat on the steps of the training outpost they noticed the Mercenaries’ Guild. His eyes lit up as he remembered that his father was a mercenary before settling down in Caena; if it was good enough for him then it was good enough for Nessa.

    Jonas heard his friends idea but played the voice of reason, they didn’t have battle experience let alone a membership necessary to find work. But Nessa ignored Jonas and went into the guild convinced that his future waited inside. Unsurprisingly the guild master refused to give them a job despite the youths’ arsenal of lies. Luckily for them, an elf woman sympathized with them and invited the boys to tag along, her employer was even gracious enough to give them far better weapons than either could have afforded on their own.

    Nessa eagerly accepted the job while Jonas had reservations, even though going back to Caena would likely mean a short life working in the mines like his father and brothers. And as it turned out he was wise to be cautious, a pack of ravenous goblins, leftover solders from Beld’s army ambushed the group. For the first time the boys faced battle, Nessa survived his baptism, Jonas did not.

    Nessa buried his friend on the field of battle and decided to continue with the group and honor his contract with his employer. Thus his life as a mercenary began, as did the long journey to prove himself.

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