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Jleslie “Rose” Seif
Pronunciation: YEH-lez-LEE SEE-if

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Plot A New Balance
Jleslie is © Alera Tai'var.
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Age 27
Birth Year NRC 503
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Storm and Fire Desert

Physical Description

    Jleslie has quite the feminine figure. Her curves are clear, accented by her clothing. Her muscles are highly toned, but not carrying too much muscle mass. Her skin is smooth and carries the more exotic look that any fair-skinned counterpart would not carry. She is well-groomed, organizing her hair into complex braids or appealing styles that constantly change. Her face is perfectly symmetrical, adding to the pleasing appearance she carries.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Black
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Toned Skin Color Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Jleslie wears the traditional attire of a dancer from her tribe. The baggy, see-through pants hang and move along with her, are of a soft purple silk. Pieces of cloth hang around it, creating interesting blends of purples and reds. Her top is tight around her waist and chest, accenting her femininity. Her sleeves end in see-through gloves that match the colors of her top (mainly red). Finally, her head-dress covers all but her eyes in more silk, making it just hard enough for someone to be unable to see who it is.

    Jleslie carries an alternative outfit. When she is on a mission and there will be no fooling or seduction to go on, she has a black, soft-leather armor to cover her torso, along with smooth black pants. Padded shoes help her to sneak. Finally, a mirror to her normal head-dress, black silk covers her. Clothen gloves stretch up to her elbows and the sleeves of the black armor makes the transition flawless.

Weapon Description

    This dancing seductress carries two enchanted scimitars that she uses more often than not. They are balanced for throwing as well as light to ensure an easy swing. She also carries a set of throwing darts, more in the shape of needles than anything else. The needles are hollow, in order to poison with. Finally, a crossbow with special iron sights built on allows her to use her crossbow with extra accuracy, assuming she has the time to aim with it.

Class Assassin
Occupation Assassin
Weapons Dual scimitars, throwing darts, crossbow
Armor Soft leather chest piece
Equipment Gold jewelry (matches dancing outfit), dart poison, drink poisons (death and drugging effect), chloroform-type substance, grappling hook (plus line of rope), lock-picking set, clothing
Horse No
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Jleslie is all about speed and grace. She is quick, silent, and always able to keep her footing. In combat, she relies on syncopated movements and attacks to keep her enemies guessing. Flips, spins, and other complex maneuvers are skills she can use effortlessly.


    Jleslie is a wild spirit with a taste for fighting. Combat is an addiction she likes to fuel whenever a challenge arises. She has no inhibitions when it comes to her body, her behavior, or fighting. She likes what she likes and anything else is worthless. If she isn’t fighting, she wants to be kissing, running one hand down her lover’s chest.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “Care to dance?”


    Jleslie grew up in the midst of the age-old conflict of the Flame and Wind tribes of Flaim. Her father was a fighter and her mother a care-taker in that battle. She followed them, being led this way and that; wherever the Flame nomads went, she went as one of their children.

    Early on, Jleslie dreamed of becoming a dancer. The stunning outfits, the rhythmic beats, the graceful moves... They called to her. Both of her parents supported her for the most part. The more she grew, the better she got at the traditional styles of dance in her tribe.

    She wasn’t the best tempered of children. In fact, she had a nasty knack for getting into fights. Her name meant Rose not only because of her beauty, but because of her thorns.

    One of the men of the tribe began to notice and take an interest in her. While there were rumors that he had an eye on Jleslie for a bride, that wasn’t the case. The more he watched her dance, the more he imagined swords in her hands and thought about how deadly someone would be if they danced as she did during combat. So, he invited her in.

    Jleslie found herself a member of an interesting group. She left home and went away with him. He gave her a pair of scimitars and taught her how to use those blades while doing what she loved. And he was right. Jleslie’s unexpected style was deadly.

    She trained as part of a secret group of assassins and stealthy infiltrating. She was trained in everything she would need to know, including how to work as a team to make up for a lack of strength or armor.

    It wasn’t until after her father was killed on the battlefield that she gained the bravery to kill.

    While serving, she met Kilij Seif. He was a part of the same team. Rather unexpectedly, they ended up as a group on the same mission, which was successful, except for the fact that the other three people died. In an amazing display, Kilij and Jleslie battled off so many men. Instinctively, they could work off of each other’s moves, making them more like one warrior rather than two.

    From then on, they stuck together. Jleslie fell in love with this man. He was the one person she could work with. The only one who understood her love of the fight and the thrill of the conflict. When they fought together, it was like the world was in sync with them. Other couples felt that special tingle kissing, holding hands, talking, or lying with each other. For Jleslie, she could only get that back to back with him, swords clashing before her and behind her.

    Instead of working as a team, the two worked as a duo from then on, fighting on until the end of the conflict, when a certain high elf ended the never-ending war.

    So, the two left. With a promise of love from Kilij and many men to fight. If she couldn’t kill on the order and sanction of cultural leaders, they decided, then they would kill on the order of the richest men of Lodoss.

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