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Pronunciation: SEV-reen-AH

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Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Age 291
Birth Year NRC 239
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest

Physical Description

    Sevrina is inhumanly beautiful and appears in all ways an elf. Her face is delicately shaped and ageless. Despite years of fighting, not a scar shows. Long-legged, slender and apparently lightly muscled, Sevrina is extremely flexible and agile, right down to her long, sensitive fingers. Her skin is a cold brown, though not exactly gray. That combined with silver hair gives her a cold appearance, with her fiery red eyes to contrast. She refers to her beauty as a tool, and she often uses it to her advantage.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Silver
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Red
Build Athletic Skin Color Cold Bronze

Clothing and Armor

    Sevrina carries several different pieces of clothing in her pack, all black leather. For pants, she has a pair of tight leather capris, though the mid-shin cut is hidden by her thigh high boots. She also has a pair of small hot-pants (short shorts) that lace in front. For tops, a belly-exposing leather tank that covers her chest completely in front, but laces up the side. She also has a halter-top with the usual high collar of Lodoss styles, simply trimmed in silver. It buttons beneath the trim to the top of her breast bone, then opens up in a small diamond to reveal her cleavage. It laces together just below her breasts and reveals her midriff. She also wears black gloves that reach up to her biceps, or elbow length fingerless black gloves. Her boots are soft soled for sneaking and thigh high for easy access to the daggers in the top. She can just brush her hand by her thigh and secretly draw a dagger. Because of all the weapons she carries, her waist is criss-crossed by her sword belt and another belt that her punch claws are sheathed on, and her quiver if she needs it. On her upper thighs, she has two bands that have daggers sheathed on them. She wears a dark gray cloak that fades into the shadows, hooded and fastened with a pewter broach. Her cloak is about knee length. For bed, Sevrina wears nothing but an off-white tunic that barely brushes her thighs.

Weapon Description

    Sevrina’s rapier is of dark elven make with a long, slender blade of sharp, strong and light elven steel. The hilt is simple unadorned steel, the grip wrapped with leather and the pommel is set with a red ball of glass.

    Sevrina’s assassin’s daggers are about a foot long and sheathed on her thigh belts. They are elven steel as well, with curving kriss blades that do serious damage if impaled in a person and twisted.

    Sevrina’s whip is of black dyed leather and tied to her belt. Her throwing daggers are well made of many different types of steel. Her punch claws have three six inch blades on the knuckles. They are held in place by a leather strap around her wrists and a bar that she grips in her hand. Sevrina’s bow is made of the horns of a bull and can be stored in half in a small cherry-wood case. The arrows for it are shorter and trimmed with raven feathers.

Class Assassin
Occupation Assassin
Guild Membership Shadow Guild (10), Mercenaries’ Guild (6)
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier, Two Kris-Blade Long Daggers, Whip, Assort. Throwing Daggers & Darts, Pair of Steel Claws, Small Horn Bow w/ Barbed Arrows
Armor Leather Tops, Pants, Thigh-High Leather Boots
Equipment Clothing, backpack, bedroll, horse tack, saddlebags, weapon care supplies, a few poisons and antidotes, 20ft. rope, coin purse, prepared disguises, lockpicks
Horse Shana
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 16
AG 22
IN 19
LU 14
PB 24


    There is a stark difference between Sevrina’s ability with most spirits, and her ability with dark spirits. Her excessively evil nature makes it hard for her to summon and maintain control over most elementals. Dark spirits, however, absolutely love Sevrina and are always at her beck and call. Invisibility spirits and fire spirits gravitate to her as well, though water, air, and especially light spirits are always harder for her to summon. She can maintain one or two spells with either of these elementals at once, but they will not answer if she intends to use them maliciously.

    Unlike most dark elves, Sevrina never completed the coming of age ritual in her fiftieth year. When she was nineteen, she figured out how to summon dark spirits and was wielding them from then on. Her clan was never comfortable with how willingly she used them, and they decided to forgo her rite and consider her an adult from the age of twenty on.

    Sevrina is an impressive model of fitness and skill. As an assassin, she has focused much of her training into agility, and after nearly two hundred years as an active assassin, her agility has reached incredible levels. Her strength is understandably low, but still slightly higher than the average female elf. She has also trained herself in endurance, physically and spiritually. Originally trained as a shamanist fighter, her sword fighting style is notably elven. However, she has many weapons at her disposal, and has trained herself well in the use of all them, as well as making her own body a deadly weapon.


    Sevrina is a cold and efficient killer, and never feels remorse for what she has done. By definition, Sevrina is a sociopath. What she feels is her true self is dark and cold, empty. In this state of mind, she is basically an emotional void and always feels as if something is missing in her mind. At other times, she seems insane and constantly wears a smirk on her face. In this state of mind, she loves death and revels in chaos. Unlike many assassins, she very rarely makes use of poisons, preferring the pleasure she gets from physically killing someone. However, she does carry some poisons on her, as well as antidotes, just to be safe. Other assassins have tried to poison her, so she carries more antidotes than poisons for her own safety.

    Sevrina is very intelligent, one part of her two hundred years of success. She is a talented actress and often plays the role of a merchant or simply a pretty elf to get close to a victim. In truth, Sevrina cares nothing for wealth, though she has much. If she wanted, she would do the work of an assassin without pay. But by accepting money, she gets to take the more interesting jobs. And while working in between rivals, she constantly plays with both to get one to pay the most. For her, it’s all just a part of a game.

    When it comes to love, Sevrina is incapable of feeling the emotion. However, her charisma quite easily gets others to fall in love with her. She is sexual woman, and readily explores her desires. Men of beauty, skill, and charisma catch her eye and she always has to have a little taste. She is more than willing to enjoy a woman’s company, but prefers men. She loves to dominate in a relationship, and in bed.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “Never thought you’d see your digestive system like that, did you?”, “It’s all a part of the game.”, “We are nothing but shadows, you and I.”


    Sevrina was born to a dark elven couple deep in the Forest of Darkness, near Castle Conquera where Kardis’ presence was strong. As a result, Sevrina’s psyche was viciously twisted. Sevrina’s parents, Nezihiki and Taref, didn’t begin to notice how badly affected their daughter was until she was about five and started interacting with other children. Sevrina was aggressive, selfish and never exhibited fear. She was very cruel to other children, often hitting, pulling ears and hair if they didn’t do as she wanted; and she enjoyed it. She wasn’t very popular among her peers, but they followed her lead out of fear.

    Sevrina grew into a beautiful woman, and by the time she was in her late teens, many of the males she grew up with started to forget her cruel treatment when they were children. But now, instead of being cruel and violent, Sevrina had taken her cruelty to a new level; manipulation. Sevrina played men for what she wanted, and always got it. She lost her virginity when she was sixteen and came into her first estrus when she was merely seventeen.

    She was trained in shamanism like all children, and had a definite affinity for dark spirits. She was also trained in the use of the sword, daggers, whip, bow and throwing darts. Most of her tribe believed she’d be a useful warrior in the future, so she was taught to be a fighter. She never waited until she was fifty to attempt her first summon of dark spirits. After witnessing the coming of age ritual of an older elf, Sevrina summoned them herself on one of her female peers who refused to recognize that Sevrina was superior. She nearly killed the girl, and she was only nineteen.

    At the age of twenty-four, Sevrina moved out on her own on the outskirts of her tribe’s land and guarded her little area of forest from intruders. Her first human kill was a trespassing man she shot with her bow in cold blood. He appeared to be merely lost and no threat to anyone, but toyed with him, stalking him through the forest and beckoning the dark spirits to confuse him. When she was bored by him, she shot him down and left him to the wolves. She enjoyed it and did a very good job of protecting her corner of the forest.

    She spent several decades in that little bungalow. For fun, she either hunted down humans or goblins or other monsters in the forest and sharpened her skills on them. For love, she’d visit either her tribe, the barbarians, or the human cities and have a fling with a handsome young man. When she was nearly eighty, her father stopped by for a visit. They ended up arguing over some trivial matter and something clicked in Sevrina’s mind. She continued the argument and advanced on her father. He pushed her back and started to feel afraid of her. Sevrina continued advancing, and he kept pushing her back. Then, she unsheathed his sword and ran him through.

    She felt no remorse for killing her father, in fact, she felt elated. But she also realized her tribe could banish her for the crime. Sevrina packed and left for Persei, Dark Town. She needed a change of scenery anyway. She refused to join any gangs or guilds and afforded living mainly by manipulating weak-willed human men for money. Not long after moving, Sevrina was attacked in a back alley by a gang of human and dark elven men. She defended herself efficiently and killed the gang leader, which scattered the rest. Little did she know, an aged assassin was watching from the shadows. He was looking for someone to make his protégé, though he had been intending to train some young thief off the streets. Sevrina had great potential in his eyes. He trailed her that night and eventually revealed himself to her and made his offer. He would train her in the arts of the assassin.

    It took a bit of convincing, but Sevrina agreed. The assassin, Ibe Rigotha, trained her. She already had the ability for stealth and weaponry, but he enhanced those skills beyond what she learned as a ranger. He taught her about poisons, and about different fighting styles and different weapons. A dark elven thief he knew taught Sevrina more devious spells to be used with dark spirits. As soon as Ibe took her on, he knew how he would die. In fact, that would be her final test. The first test of her cruelty was at first unknown to Sevrina. The dark elf who trained her in the spirits introduced her to a friend of his, a striking dark elf named Galul. He charmed her, she charmed him, they grew close. He did his best to help her fall in love with him and he proclaimed to have loved her as well. Sevrina however, never was quite able to feel the same way. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him, it was merely impossible for her.

    Ibe waited a year, and they were still together. Then, he badgered Sevrina about how a lover could ruin her plans. She shrugged it off and said she did as she pleased. Ibe became more serious in his complaints about her and Galul. Finally, he told her that if she wanted to prove that she was willing to become a true assassin, she would have to kill Galul. Sevrina agreed to it, she was determined to surpass her mentor. It took a few weeks for Sevrina to prepare and decide just how to do it. Finally, she did the deed. While making love to Galul, she slit his throat and felt no remorse. Ibe was pleased and confessed that all Galul was was a test. Sevrina was angry, yet that played out to Ibe’s wishes as well.

    After killing Galul, Sevrina was enrolled in the Shadow Guild and was employed by Marmo gangs and guilds, even as far up as the ruling council. She made a few enemies within the guild, but to Ibe’s pleasure, she survived the guild and her enemies didn’t.

    Then, the final test came. Ibe was still in good health, but his affairs were in order. He even wrote a letter that she could find in the guild after she killed him. He was in his late fifties and knew there was very little left for him. For the past seven years, he had trained the finest assassin he had ever seen, and now it was time to set her loose.

    Ibe sent incriminating evidence through the guild and ruling council against Sevrina and she soon became the most wanted woman in Persei. Only the Shadow Guild master knew the truth. Sevrina traced the letters back to Ibe and confronted him. He spun a tale of his disappointment in her, and how she would never survive long as an assassin, and that he made sure of it. Sevrina ruthlessly murdered him, a few guild members and worked her way up to the guild master. She was presented with Ibe’s letter by the guild master and read it over. It was all just another test, and if she had made it this far, she passed. Of course, she still had much to learn, but only experience could teach her that. She could no longer stay on Marmo though, the council wanted her dead as did the rest of the guild. So, she caught a ship to Raiden.

    Sevrina has roamed Lodoss ever since. She has membership in the Shadow Guild in several different cities, under different aliases. She made a good living, knocking off a guild master here, a Lord here. She didn’t care who hired her, but she played the game fiercely and enjoyed every second of it. But even an elf can’t keep up the same game for years. She would disappear for years at a time, then resurface in the Shadow Guild.

    Work brought Sevrina to a village in Kanon when she was two hundred and fifty-six. She was hired to assassinate the baron who ruled the realm. She posed as a merchant and while in the town’s market watching her shopping target, she met a man afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy named Galen. He decided to serve as her guard when he believed she was Unondra the merchant elf. Later that night, she took her target and as she was leaving the manor house, she found Galen had followed her. Galen wasn’t too different from her then, he was violent, unpredictable and unruly. He actually fell into line and helped her slaughter the guards and house staff that stood in her way.

    After the slaughter, Sevrina was impressed with his loyalty, and rewarded him by bedding him in a spare bedroom after her job was done. When they left the next day, Sevrina decided to keep him by her side as her pet wolf on a leash. He was a freelance mercenary, and she killed sometime working alongside him. Because he appeared human, he could easily find her work that would be very hard for a dark elf to get. To her, he was a tool, to him, she was his whole world.

    They were together for several years and Galen decided to buy a secluded farmhouse outside Raiden to return to after jobs. Sevrina was hesitant to move in and use it as her home base, but she agreed. Soon afterwards, he asked her to marry him. She gave him no answer, only laughed and walked away. She left shortly after his proposal to take an assassination job, but she did come home with him. He was deeply wounded by her response to his proposal, but he never spoke of it. She was in and out of the house often, and he was always happy to see her when she came home. While Galen always assumed they were a monogamous relationship, Sevrina was never loyal to him. She had many lovers, but she kept Galen oblivious. She rather enjoyed that game and found sex more enjoyable when it was secret.

    The Marmo invaded Kanon in NRC 510 and Sevrina found work killing off Kanonian, Marmo, and later Alanian nobility and military leaders. Here, she met Albedo Oaks as well, a half-elf assassin with a knack for killing dark elves. Albedo wanted nothing but her dead when they first met, but Sevrina was a much more experienced assassin and bested Albedo. She spared his life for his good looks and explained to him that she was not working for the Marmo. Albedo ended up sleeping with her, but not entirely of his own free will.

    Near the war’s end, Sevrina’s long time lover, Galen, had joined in the fighting under the Kanon flag. He led a small faction of the Kanon Free Army into a battle against a troop of Marmo soldiers. Sevrina had lied her way into the Marmo ranks in order to assassinate the general, but when Galen’s force attacked hers, she had no choice but to defend herself. She was shocked to meet Galen on the battlefield, and he was as equally surprised. He trusted that she was only doing her job as an assassin, but she was quite enjoying the bloodshed. While he asked her to join his side, she let the bloodlust take her. Letting him believe she was coming to him, she pressed against him, then rammed the punch claws she was wearing into his stomach and twisted the blades in his flesh. As he staggered back, she slashed with the other hand and caught his throat. As he lay dying, he rasped, ‘But...I loved you.’ To which she replied, ‘I love no one.’ She left him to die, then helped slaughter his men and finished her job to kill the Marmo general.

    She returned to Raiden afterwards and claimed his house as her own. She still uses the home as a base and keeps much of her belongings here. To protect the home when she’s away, she entreated the dark spirits to haunt it and scare away human thieves.

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