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Pronunciation: TOH-ahn

Forum ID Luria
Plot A New Balance
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Age 52
Birth Year NRC 478
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Affliction Hyuri
Homeland Fairy Woods, Blue Dragon Island

Physical Description

    Toan is tall and physically fit. Though he is slender, his muscles are defined. His skin is dark and creates a contrast with his white hair, which he keeps well-trimmed at about an inch in length. This attractive appearance betrays his true modesty.

Height 6’1” Hair Color Ivory
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Ocean Blue
Build Athletic Skin Color Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    His clothes are black primarily. He wears a tight-fitting sleeveless black shirt and a pair of baggy black pants that leave plenty of room for his legs to move. He has a black jacket as well, although the linking is gray. He wears it open with the collar up and with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. On his hands he wears black leather gloves. His boots are also black and lace up to half of his shins. His pants and his sword and other equipment are held to his waist with a black belt. He wears a silver bracelet featuring Marfa’s figure on his left arm, something he found on one of his treasure raids and decided to keep despite its trade value. It’s covered by his glove’s cuff and his sleeves most of the time.

Weapon Description

    He carries a magical bastard sword. The edges of the blade are rippled. It also is extremely light and accurate and ten times harder than a dwarven blade. The sword also acts to control his Hyuri spirit.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Relic Hunter, Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (4)
Weapons Bastard Sword
Armor None
Equipment Traveling gear, ancient bracelet, various relics and treasures, jewels, bedroll, clothing
Horse Yes
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 13
AG 11
IN 13
LU 6
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Toan relies on his sword before his magic, but he is a decent shaman. He has an affinity towards fire spirits which puts him on par with other elves of his age group. Toan views magic as a means to turn a situation in his favor. He doesn’t believe in bugging his spiritual “cousins” constantly and will only use them if he doesn’t see any way around it.

    Toan is an excellent swordsman. He also knows how to use any basic weapon and fight hand to hand, but his sword is the weapon that he carries. Toan is stronger and tougher than the average person in both defense and offense, but he is not a powerful attacker and neither is he a tank. His agility is about normal, and he can be clumsy or easily distracted. Toan gone berserk is like a ferocious wild animal. He loses human intelligence (-11) (and, not to mention, his bishie looks) in exchange for pumped up strength (+10) and endurance (+6).


    Toan is a kind and considerate person who puts others before himself. In battle he’s a cool, level-headed warrior with grounds in experience. However, his social skills are leave much to be desired. With a shy and awkward nature, Toan often finds himself being led around by others. Clumsy and easily embarrassed, he fumbles around others, especially women. Toan can sense magical familiars and items. He is very knowledgeable about runes and can speak several languages fluently. He can take care of himself in the wild with a basic knowledge of edible plants and helpful herbs.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Toan grew up on Blue Dragon Island in a clan of dark elves who did not seek war with humans, but only wanted to live in peace. In this secluded society, Toan did not know that dark elves were hated by humans or that most dark elves had been tainted by Kardis. In fact, he was taught the lessons of Marfa. His family was a normal environment where he lived with his mother, Vara, and father, Thaelri. He grew up like most normal boys do, innocently dreaming about adventures in far off places.

    When he finally got his chance, Toan was forty-five. He and a company of his friends, including dark elves, centaurs, and dwarves, sought out a power that might protect their island in the wars to come. They found that the sword acted as a seal against Hyuri, spirit of anger. They foolishly removed the seal, and Hyuri chose Toan (he has horrible luck) as his next host. In order to make Toan’s heart a suitable place for Hyuri to reside, he systematically killed each of Toan’s friends to drive Toan into a rage.

    Though possessed by the Hyuri, Toan was saved by the power of the sword that originally sealed the spirit. As long as Toan has it at his side, he will not turn into a berserker.

    After becoming the new vessel for Hyuri, sealed or not, Toan felt impossible guilt and remorse over the death of his friends. He refused to go back to his island, deciding it was better if his parents and relatives believed he was dead than endanger them with his presence.

    That is where Toan’s career as a treasure hunter began. He chose a profession that would keep him moving from place to place around Lodoss. He keeps his mind and body fit, but he avoids building his strength very high, with the knowledge that he could potentially turn into a berserker. Over the years he has run through a good deal of money, but he avoids accumulating wealth. Most of his big profits go towards funding the next expedition, or else he donates it to some charitable organization.

    Though he is not an official member of any shrine or church, he still worships Marfa faithfully. He has no one to protect, but his faith in Marfa is what gives him the will to keep living even though he might be better off dead. He knows that as long as he is alive, there is always the chance that he might do something to help others.

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