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Pronunciation: KEER-an

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Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
Hunt for Kiran
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Age 240
Birth Year NRC 290
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Kiran is a handsome elf, though his beauty is marred by scars. Rather average among his own people, he has common dark elven features such as a sharp nose, defined jaw, and a somewhat delicate elven facial structure. His coloration is warm, with rich, dark coppery toned skin, amber-gold eyes, and light flaxen blonde hair which falls to the base of his back. Kiran’s build is slim and lithe with well toned muscles.

    Kiran’s scars are numerous, and mostly from Mia. They include a cut that starts below his chin and goes up a few inches from the corner of his mouth, which causes his smile to look a little odd. Another scar begins at his hairline and ends in the middle of his forehead and he also bears a cut in his right ear, near the center of the bottom lobe, and another slice from his left ear near the tip. He has a number of lesser scars on his arms and upper body. Within a few decades, these scars will heal.

Height 6’ Hair Color Light Flaxen Blonde
Weight 155lbs Eye Color Amber-Gold
Build Athletic Skin Color Dark Copper

Clothing and Armor

    Kiran wears a plain long-sleeved tunic, open at the neck and tucked into his breeches. His breeches are dusty brown and loose fitting, held on by his sword belt. He keeps his pant legs tucked into his mid-shin high leather traveling boots. Over his shirt, he wears a jacket that matches his pants and falls high on his thigh, it’s a bit threadbare and well-worn, he usually wears it open. Over everything, he wears a gray wool cloak that’s a bit tattered at the hems and held on with a silver ring and pin style clasp. He carries his few belongings in his pockets and on his belt.

Weapon Description

    Kiran’s scimitar is of elven make and the steel is unblemished. The blade is the usual scimitar shape, which ends in a elegant curling design on the brass crossguard. The grip is of well worn leather that has taken the shape of Kiran’s hand. The pommel ends in a similar curl as the crossguard. Kiran also has a pair of thin four inch daggers sheathed in his boots.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Scimitar, 2 Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, cloak, small waterskin, small money purse, two bootsheathes, small amount of food
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 8
AG 13
IN 12
LU 10
PB 13 (-2)


    Kiran, trained as a shamanist fighter, is right were he should be at his age. As most dark elves, he attempted his first summon of Dark Fairies at the age of fifty, as a coming of age ritual. With all the malice from Kardis’ corruption within him, he succeeded on his first try. However, he finds it harder to summon them now than while he lived on Marmo. Not that he cares to summon them now. Kiran’s most reliable spell relies on invisibility spirits, which is necessary for his survival in Lodoss. He rarely uses Salamander, except for controlled tasks such as lighting a fire. Other elementals, he uses as needed.

    Kiran’s best skills rely on his agility, not his magic. He is a master with the scimitar, and has a very graceful and decidedly elven style. For a secondary means of protection, Kiran has a few daggers hidden on his person, which he usually throws, but can be used in close combat. If hand-to-hand fighting is necessary, Kiran can defend himself, but he’s no pugilist.


    While he does not have split personalities, Kiran seems like two completely different people to those who have known him. Growing up in Marmo, Kiran was malicious, arrogant, and personified the stereotypical dark elf. Yet, even among his own kind, he wasn’t well liked. He was known to be untrustworthy, womanizing, and quick to become violent. Proud of being a dark elf, he felt that any other race was beneath them.

    However, once Kiran left Marmo, he became peaceful and felt guilt for the wrongs he had done. He fell in love for the first time, and considered things he would have never wanted before; marriage and children. Though that relationship didn’t last, the fact that he actually felt those emotions and had those desires stayed with him. At least until he returned to Marmo, and then, he returned to his old ways.

    Kiran’s problem stems from Kardis herself. Many dark elves were affected as children and in utero by the Goddess’s evil presence, and Kiran was one of them. He’s susceptible to Kardis’ malicious energies, which cause him to act in such immoral ways. He allows petty desires to overrule his morals. It’s sort of as if a barrier that most people have is knocked over for Kiran, and once he’s away from Kardis’ influence, he lifts that barrier again and can restrain his violent tendencies.

    Now, with Kardis sealed, Kiran may very well never return to what he once was. He is overwhelmed with guilt for his actions and seeks to redeem himself now, though he’s not quite sure how. For now, Kiran focuses on doing good, helping people where ever he can. He still does have some arrogance, or at least just pride, in being a dark elf, though that only really affects his romantic choices.

Alignment: Chaotic Good or Evil, depending on malicious influences

Quotes: “An ‘I’m sorry’ is not nearly enough to atone for my sins. I am willing to accept any punishment the gods wish to bestow on me.”


    Born to an elven couple, Mekil and Tenedi, Kiran was one of many dark elves corrupted from Kardis’ malevolent presence from birth. However, he is luckier than some that his condition is not constant, but that he didn’t know until he left Marmo. There, he was considered permanently corrupted. As a child, he was violent, but as he grew older and was trained to become a fighter and shaman, his violence was honed to a skill. He lost his virginity at a young age and was very lustful from then on. He was quick to fight, despised humans, and was everything that was feared and hated about his race. He took part in human hunts, where dark elves captured humans to feed to ogres, which is how dark elves open a trust between themselves and useful, yet dangerous ogres.

    This was his life for the first two hundred and twenty years. At two hundred and twenty-one, he successfully won the heart of the clan elder’s beautiful daughter, Nehen, but his intention was nothing more than to nail her and add another notch to his proverbial bedpost. However, it wasn’t until the deed was done did she tell him that she was in estrus that year and likely had just conceived his child. The last thing Kiran wanted was a wife and child, but he feared her father’s reaction. Kiran made a decision to at least be around to keep his head, but secretly, he continued sleeping around. It didn’t take long for Nehen to figure out, in fact, she was barely a month into her pregnancy. She confessed to her father and told him everything, which prompted him to banish Kiran for a hundred years—though his first reaction was to execute him in the most dreadful way possible. Kiran sneered and shrugged it off, packed his belongings and got out of the village as quickly as he could before the elder changed his mind.

    Instead of moving into Salbad, Kiran decided to leave Marmo and see a little of the world. He snuck onto the first ship out of Marmo and made his way to Alan. Strangely, the further he got from Marmo, the less violent he felt. His carnal urges diminished and he felt somehow clean. And then, regrets of his past two hundred and twenty years began to pile on him. Kiran traveled Lodoss and wasn’t well receipted in nearly all lands, until he came to Raiden.

    Outside of Raiden was a small forest inhabited by a number of dark elves, half-dark elves, and anyone who felt akin to dark elves who had made a change for the better. Kiran felt that it was the perfect place for him to make a new start, among his own kind who had abandoned the evil of Kardis and Falaris. Shortly after moving into a small treehouse, Kiran met a young dark elf woman—a century and a quarter his junior—named Zira. She was rather innocent and had a heart of gold, which attracted Kiran in his new found peace. He found himself falling in love with her, and began to entertain thoughts of marriage and even children. He told her little of his life on Marmo, only that he had done terrible things there and wished to redeem himself; he never spoke a word of why he was banished, let alone the fact that he likely had a child already.

    Their relationship lasted twenty years, but near the end, Kiran began to feel as if he made the choice to settle down a bit too rashly. His love for Zira was fading and he began to spend more time away from her, visiting Raiden and beginning to fall back onto his promiscuous tendencies. However, this time, he felt guilty and tried to restrain himself, but every time he came home to Zira, he grew disappointed and sought the freedom he wanted in the city. He met Mia, his final act of infidelity, and fell in lust with her. She was exactly what he wanted and wasn’t finding in Zira. Mia, half-dark elf and half-common elf, was a mercenary by trade and a wanderer at heart. They met over drinks and spent the night they met together at an inn. It wasn’t a one night stand, Kiran began to consider leaving Zira for her, but the guilt of hurting Zira kept him from it.

    So, he secretly continued his relationship with Mia and grew further from Zira. Mia moved into the forest to take a break from mercenary work and stayed in a room at Liora’s—Liora, an eight hundred year old elf who was unanimously declared village elder. Liora learned of Kiran and Mia’s tryst, and felt it was crucial to let both women know (Mia was unaware of Zira’s relationship with Kiran). Liora told both Mia and Zira separately, and the two women initially confronted each other, only realize the fault laid not on them, but on Kiran. The two women joined forces to find Kiran and make him pay, but he got wind of the situation and left Raiden as soon as possible.

    Kiran drifted around Lodoss for a few more years, about ten, and found no place as suited for him as Raiden was. Human jobs were beneath him and he had little need for their money. Light elves despised him, humans feared him, and dwarves simply don’t care for elves at all. Disappointed, Kiran returned to Marmo to live in Salbad, thirty years on his banishment down, and sixty more to go.

    Once on Marmo again, Kiran’s personality began to shift back to how it used to be. He became violent, lustful, and malicious. He fell into a gang of dark elven men with similar problems and an equal hatred of humans; Jaron, Bandor, and Derim. Very few dark elven women crossed their paths, but many humans did, and to satisfy his lust and at the same time, prove his assumed superiority, Kiran and his friends raped human women, and even murdered a few—Bandor’s preference. Guilt was no longer an issue, such emotions had been displaced by the same old arrogance and malice after he left Lodoss.

    Some twenty odd years later, Mia showed up in Salbad. Kiran was surprised to see her and inquired as to why she came. Her anger against him had subsided over the last thirty years, and she had come to Marmo in search of her dark elven father. Kiran helped her search as far as he could, and they learned that her father had died in the War of Heroes. At the time, it was the year 524, while Marmo still occupied Kanon. Mia decided to return home after learning of her father’s fate, but during her time on Marmo, she and Kiran had rekindled their relationship, and Kiran, as lustful and belligerent as he was, refused to let her go. He tried asking her to stay, but she seemed spooked by him and insisted on returning to Lodoss. So, Kiran decided he’d make her stay, and for the next year, he and his three friends kept her trapped in the building they lived in.

    Every day, she tried to escape, they fought and outright brawled until someone subdued her. Kiran attempted raping her, though half the time, he was met with failure and a new wound. Mia attempted suicide at one point, cutting both her wrists with a make-shift blade of summoned iron. Kiran found her bleeding out and brought her to a Falaris priest to heal her. Falaris healings are no where near as soothing or gentle as the light gods’, instead, they heal what is necessary, and often leave scars. Mia’s life was barely saved.

    After just over a year spent with Kiran, and shortly before Kardis’ resurrection and sealing, Mia attempted escape as usual. However, this time, she had help. During her run, she met another dark elf, Felor, who honorably assisted her escape. With his help, Mia was able to slip onto a ship with him and escaped to Lodoss.

    Intoxicated with Kardis’ malice, Kiran vowed revenge on Mia and Felor, but never left Marmo to exact it. Not long after they left, Marmo erupted into chaos. The humans began their exodus, the Lodoss armies invaded, and Kardis was resurrected. Kiran, as he had always done, chose to stay out of the main battle, and he and his friends only slew those who ventured too close to their lair. They hid from the Death Hoods Kardis spawned long enough until Marfa was resurrected as well, sealing the evil goddess. Marmo was suddenly flush with life and light, and the effects of this rebirth reached into Kiran.

    So Kiran seethed for awhile, then lost interest in Mia and Felor. He tried to make a living on Marmo, but he came to realize that he had to leave the island. He still had many years left on his ban from his homeland. Kiran became restless, the longer he stayed on Marmo, the more he regretted his mistakes. Kardis’ evil sway on Marmo was slipping away, and it was slipping away from Kiran. Finally, Kiran decided he had to cut all ties to his old life and he disappeared from Marmo with no one’s knowledge. He caught a ship to Kanon and started his journey of self-discovery from there.

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