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Anisa Amri
Pronunciation: AH-niss-AH AM-ree

Forum ID Anisa Amri
Plot A New Balance
Building an Empire at Sea
Anisa is © Z/Anisa Amri.
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Age 60
Birth Year NRC 477
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Northern Seas

Physical Description

    Anisa is exotic and beautiful with sultry green eyes that are just slightly slanted. Her hair is onyx black, inherited from her father. She keeps it short around her head, though her bangs are nearly long enough to fall in her eyes. Two locks fall in front of her ears and she grows a long tail of black hair from the nape of her neck that falls to her butt. Anisa is very slender and trim, long-legged and bodied and busty. On the left side of her body, from just below the base of her ribs to the inside curve of her hip she has a curvy sea serpent tattoo in blue ink. On her upper right arm, she has an armband tattoo in black ink. Then, her right leg she has an intricate tattoo of curling designs in black ink starting from the top of her foot and ending just below her knee. She wears a number of scars, mostly small and of little consequence. Anisa’s voice has the musical quality of her elven side and the lilting accent and bad language of the pirates she spent her life with. She also has a graceful, rolling walk that she developed at sea to compensate for the shifting of the ship.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Green
Build Lean Skin Color Umber

Clothing and Armor

    Anisa wears a pair of wide-legged black pants that are cut at the knees and hang off her hips, and a patterned white and magenta halter-top that provides support for her ample chest, and reveals her midriff. She has a pair of black leather boots with a thick, three inch heel, but she often goes barefoot as well. Around her elbows only, she wears a pair of purple sleeves, though they serve little purpose aside from the novelty of them. Her gloves match the sleeves, the thumb, index, and middle fingers are cut off both gloves, along with the ring finger on the right glove, though on the left ring finger, it’s only cut to the third knuckle; the pinkies are intact on both gloves. Anisa also wears a few random peices of jewelry that she’s picked up here and there, including a few bangle bracelets and earrings.

Weapon Description

    Anisa’s sabers were forged especially for her in Alecrast. They’re of a light weight steel with a simple and elegant basket style hilt. Her dagger has a curving dual-sided blade set with rubies in the hilt.

Class Rogue
Occupation Pirate, Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (4)
Weapons Dual Sabers, Curved Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Clothing
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summon Kraken
ST 11
EN 8
AG 16
IN 9
LU 13
PB 17


    Anisa is a prodigious shaman, despite her age. As a fighter, Anisa relies on agility and speed, and not brute strength. In her youth, shamanism set her apart from the crew of her ship and made her their greatest asset, so it was crucial that she forge a powerful connection with the spirit, if by anything, through sheer force of will. Her initial training with the spirits by her mother only lasted for the first sixteen years of her life, but Anisa was able to build on that. Her strongest summon is Salamander, as the fire spirit is the one she is most akin to, personality wise, though Sylph and Undine are also some of the most useful to a sea-bound shaman. She has only basic knowledge of the spirits beyond these three, though she did gain some skill with them during her time as a mercenary on Lodoss.

    As a part of her quest for advancing her summoning skills, Anisa forged a contract with Kraken at a young age. Even then, she had the sheer force of will to withstand the king spirit’s test, and in reward, was granted the covenant with him. In times of need, she will call upon him, but she often likes to reserve Kraken as an ace up her sleeve.


    Anisa is far from innocent, she has blood on her hands, but it doesn’t bother her much. It was the way of life she grew up with. She isn’t a bad person, but she does what she must to survive. She neither enjoys or dislikes killing, she’s been desensitized. Anisa is also strong willed, spirited and knows how to roll with the punches. She doesn’t back down from a challenge. She also has an incredibly foul mouth.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “’ey numb nuts, why dontcha drag yer drunken ass home to yer mother and stick it to ’er like you do every night, eh?” “Pays well? Illegal? Unethical? Sounds like fun, mates!”


    Anisa’s parents were an odd couple, a pirate and an elf. Anisa’s father Careoc Amri was darkly exotic and of mixed ancestry; his mother was of the Azarn Islands and his father was a pirate himself of mixed Alecrastian and Lodoss decent. Careoc served on the caravel The Vicious Eel under a young captain Anes Warven. While anchored off the Great Straight Cliff, Careoc and a few crewmates rowed to Raiden with stolen goods to sell and trade. In the market, they found a slave trader auctioning his merchandise. Careoc and his men watched for a moment and an elven woman was brought to the platform. Careoc was uncertain of what she was because of her strange ears, but he soon heard the word ‘elf’ in the crowd and it clicked. He had never seen an elf in his life, all he had heard was legends.

    Careoc and his shipmates all pitched in with the gold and jewels they had acquired at sea and purchased the elf. She had obviously been abused, but there was still spark in her green eyes, as if she were only waiting for her chance to be free of the chains that bound her. Careoc was instantly head over heels for her, and did all he could on the boat ride back to the ship to at least learn a little about her. She said her name was Nylitha, that she was from Mirror Forest and had been kidnapped nearly six months ago. That was all he could get from her at the time. When they returned to the ship, the Warven was enraged with them for buying a female slave, but his second in command suggested what elves were capable of with their spirit magic, so the captain gave in and let her stay.

    Nylitha was left in the care of Careoc, he made sure she had comfortable quarters and was feed well in trade for her to tell him about elves. Finally, after two months at sea, Nylitha was starting to open up to Careoc and enjoy his company. Once he gained her trust, she was able to leave her quarters and began to serve the ship by demonstrating her summoning of spirits. Another month passed and she became a true member of the crew. Though she missed the forest, her adventure at sea was very exciting. She found herself enthralled by the adventure, and falling in love with her handsome and exotic caretaker. After two years together, Nylitha became pregnant with Careoc’s child. She gave birth to a baby girl at sea and she was named Anisa.

    Anisa’s feet never touched the earth until she was six in a port town on Alecrast. She grew up on the ship, surrounded by rowdy pirates, but most of the crew had accepted her as an adopted daughter or niece. Though she took easily to the sea, her mother’s soul was withering. Nylitha missed the forest badly, but she held out for ten more years. She taught Anisa from an early age about shamanism, knowing that her daughter would have to make herself useful early on. Meanwhile, her father taught her how to fight, so she could hold her own amongst the men. Her parents and the men they trusted kept a close eye on young Anisa, and many were quick to teach her useful skills. However, on raids, Anisa was kept below deck while her mother summoned the spirits and her father went into battle.

    Yet, for all the care her family put into protecting her, when Anisa was thirteen, she was cornered in a dark section of the ship by a new crewman picked up in Alecrast. He knew little of the importance the girl held for the crew and he treated her like a common wench. When he was finished with her, Anisa returned to her family’s quarters, and with much reluctance, she told her mother what had happened. Soon, word passed through the crew and the offending sailor was caught for punishment. Despite the rage of her family, they withheld their impulses to let Anisa get her revenge. Careoc feared that if he took care of the offense for her, Anisa wouldn’t be able to stand up for herself when it happened again. Giving his daughter a dagger, he incited her anger at her rapist, pulling her out of the shameful state she had been in. With the proper encouragement, Anisa enforced her own dignity and castrated the the pirate who violated her. She didn’t kill him though, she believed that losing his manhood was punishment enough, but he died not long after due to infection. However, this act of personal invasion would leave a mark on Anisa for years to come, leaving her with an aversion to sex until she seventeen.

    Finally, the day came when Nylitha could no longer take being away from her forest. Anisa was sixteen and they had anchored near the Great Straight Cliff where her father had brought Nylitha over seventeen years before. During the night, Nylitha had disappeared. The crew was uncertain as to where she went, some thought she used her magic to escape, others thought she dove overboard during the night and swam to shore. Some thought she might have drowned, more believed she made it. Whatever happened to her, she was never seen again by the crew, Careoc, or Anisa.

    The loss of her mother left Anisa with a longing, but she was soon distracted by a charming young pirate taken in from the Azarns. He flirted with her, she began to flirt back, and decided she wanted him. Soon after, she made her way into his bed. After this point, she learned to own her sexuality and overcome the damage done by the Alecrastian sailor many years ago. For the next five years, he was her only lover, until he was lost in a storm. Though she mourned for a time, she quickly moved on with her life, focusing on her advancement in the crew, and as a shaman.

    Her father passed away when she was twenty-six, due to age and poor health, but life went on. Anisa was driven to succeed. Around the same time, the captain’s health was failing, and his younger first mate took command. Realizing her potential for a long life, Anisa knew that one day command of the ship would be in her grasps, and so she made her move and seized position as second in command of The Vicious Eel.

    At the age of thirty-eight, by the force of sheer will and determination, she made a contract with Kraken. She hadn’t been properly prepared, all she had to give her the idea was stories her mother told her about the king spirits as a child. This achievement gave her crew an advantage, and earned Anisa a reputation throughout the seas.

    When she was forty, The Vicious Eel was lost at battle, and the captain lost. Anisa took this opportunity to seize command and captured their opponent’s ship with the remaining crew. She renamed their new vessel Kraken’s Revenge and gained even greater infamy on the seas.

    Unfortunately, after five years, she became more infamous for her own good. Fearing the wrath of the Kraken, a charter vessel from Lodoss hired a wizard to protect them from Anisa specifically. When the Kraken’s Revenge moved in to attack, the ship exploded from the magical attack and most of the crew was either killed in the blast or drowned. Anisa was thrown into the sea, but managed to pull herself on a plank as what remained of her ship sank. She summoned Undine to pull her to shore and passed out during the night.

    Anisa woke the next morning on the beach of Flaim and wandered into a fishing village along the coast. With her good looks, she managed to get a few drunken men to fill her purse with gold and traveled on foot the largest city, Blade. She lived off what she was given and picked pockets in the city. When she had enough money, she paid for her membership in the Mercenaries’ Guild. And thus, her new career begun.

    For nearly fifteen years, Anisa traveled Lodoss as a mercenary, but fifteen years finally brought her boredom with the land and nostalgia for her past. So, she went to Raiden and found herself a pirate ship that would take her into the crew. She desired a ship of her own, but instead of trying to scare up a crew for herself and find a ship, she figured she’d steal one out from under the nose of another captain. Anisa spent time with the crew of Kraken’s Beard and earned their trust and camaraderie, but she became closest to the only other woman on the ship, a girl named Alina Rose. Though Alina wasn’t normally the type Anisa would call a friend, but her plan was a little more than just taking a ship. Anisa wanted to put some power into the hands of women. She was dreaming of a ship crewed mostly by the fiercest and feistiest female pirates on the seas.

    As a girl, it was inevitable that Anisa had been victimized sexually, though as an adult, she had learned to own her sexuality. On ships crewed by men, it was dangerous for women. Even the women who could fight just as well as men often had to watch their backs. Anisa wanted to gather female pirates together so they no longer had to keep their guard up around their own crew, and she wanted to prove that they could be just as fearsome, if not more so, than a ship crewed by men.

    Alina had been drafted into the crew against her will, though she had settled into the pirate’s life when Anisa arrived. Anisa let her in on her plot. Finally, Anisa thought she was prepared, but she didn’t anticipate the crew’s loyalty. When she tried to usurp the captain, the crew defended him. She wasn’t going to risk injuring her potential underlings in a fight that involved only her and the captain. Knowing they were near to a small island, Anisa took a gamble and escaped. She grabbed a hold of Alina, then dove overboard, pulling the girl with her. With help from Undine, they made their way to the Isle of Wreckage where they hoped to catch another ship.

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