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Jinn Rishnah
Pronunciation: JIN RISH-nah

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Plot A New Balance
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Age 28
Birth Year NRC 498
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Jinn, though born from a noble family, has built himself to be a swordsman. His muscled have been built to wield a sword with much force but at the same time toned to be quick and flexible. This has left Jinn with a tightly muscled body. Jinn inherited white hair and blue eyes from his maternal side. Though keen to most details he often lets his shoulder length hair fly loose in his trail. Jinn also has a physical handicap, he has lost his left arm. His shoulder is intact but he is left with a scarred stump just under it. To compensate his right arm and hand has grown more muscled than before.

Height 5’11” Hair Color White
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Slim Skin Color Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Jinn dresses himself in Alecrastian fabrics. Common by his standards but rare in some areas of Lodoss. For his adventure on the island Jinn chose to bring his white cloak and clothing. He wears red-trimming pants and coat with tails to his heels tied with a black belt. He left the left sleeve unaltered and lets its cuff hang by his side. He often wears a cream colored cloak over his shoulders to protect himself from the weather. And as the style of his home dictates Jinn wears thick wooden sandals on his feet. On his right side he has his sword and knife strapped to his belt.

Weapon Description

    His sword, White-Fang, is the heirloom sword to the “Sky-Edge” sword style. The blade of the weapon is three and a half feet long with a one foot grip. The guard is made of a gray metal that curves forward. The edge and grip of the weapon are both white, the namesake of the weapon. The pommel of the weapon has a crimson tassel that is one foot long. Jinn also carried a white knife with a curved edge.

Class Fighter
Occupation Wanderer
Guild Membership None
Weapons Sword: “White Fang”, knife
Armor None
Equipment Dry foods, herbs, cloak
Horse No
ST 15
EN 10
AG 17
IN 12
LU 11
PB 10


    Jinn had learned to deal with having only one arm. He has overcome this physical handicap to become a swordsman once more. For that goal Jinn has regained his sense of balance near perfectly. He has also learned many ways to handle physical challenges given to him.


    Though noble born Jinn was never tainted by their ego. Under Enteh Jinn learned the value of humility and curiosity. Jinn constantly carries himself to be an observer and to see all things around him. Jinn often remains the quiet observer, speaking when there is good that could come from it. When he speaks he does so softly and thoughtfully.

    However Jinn is not always simply an observer. Though in his heart he wishes for peace and tranquility in this world he finds many injustices and throws himself between it and the innocent. Just as his master taught him to. And during those occasions often his temper is lost and Jinn finds himself regrettably violent during those times.

    At all times Jinn seeks the path of enlightenment as well as good. Seeking true freedom for all people.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “People were meant to be free to fly.”


    Jinn was born third into the minor noble house of Rishnah. Because of that Jinn only had a slim chance to ascend the political and social ladder. While still a child his family found it politically favorable to give him to Enteh, the master swordsman of the “Sky-Edge” style. By giving their third-born to an elite swordsman the family was able to boast of their soon to be warrior (and perhaps general) son.

    However as Jinn grew and learned he recognized his position in the world. He had been made into a political tool in which nobles could heighten their own status. As a student to Enteh, Jinn was exposed to the toils of the people and injustices of the world. His master taught him several truths in the world.

    When Jinn was at the proper age and level of training he was given the sword White-Fang and the title as master. His family expected him to return to them, however he cast aside his family name and took on the responsibilities as the master of his style.

    Still seeing himself as inexperienced and immature Jinn has chosen to see the world with his own eyes before returning to Alecrast and taking up the duty to spread his style.

    It was during these travels that Jinn met his fate. At a time in his life when he had grown arrogant in his abilities Jinn found himself protecting a small settlement from a group of monsters. Though he succeeded he lost his left arm to wounds.

    After that event Jinn regained the humble nature of a student and struggled to carry on as a swordsman. Through years he found ways to compensate for his loss and find new advantages though few.

    Once he had regained the physical capacity to be a swordsman again he chose to go to Lodoss and see what there was to be seen.

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