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Chapter 1: Meeting in Roid
New Characters: Niklas Melphist, Bella, Luda Rhan, Ghorde Grufmaisen, Midau

Swordsman Niklas arrives in Roid in search of his father’s family and a sword forged for his mother.

Chapter 2: Temple of Myrii
Characters: Luda, Niklas, Ghorde

Niklas and Ghorde follow Luda to the Temple of Myrii and receive blessings.

Chapter 3: Lunch with Bella and Midau
New Characters: Jereidon Thappis
Characters: Midau, Bella

While Luda takes Niklas and Ghorde to the temple of Myrii, Bella and Midau stay behind at the inn to talk.

Chapter 4: Niklas’s Return
Characters: Niklas, Ghorde, Midau, Jereidon, Bella

Niklas returns to the inn alone from the temple of Myrii.

Chapter 5: Morning in Roid
Characters: Bella, Niklas, Ghorde, Midau, Jereidon

The party awakes and prepares for travel. Niklas decides to go to the temple to find Luda and persuade her to join them.

Chapter 6: A Second Priestess
New Characters: Lianora
Characters: Niklas, Ghorde, Jereidon, Bella, Midau

While Niklas can’t find Luda, he does encounter priestess Lianora, who is suspiciously eager to join him.

Chapter 7: Shinning Hill
Characters: Bella, Lianora, Jereidon, Midau, Niklas, Ghorde

The group arrives in Shinning Hill and Midau and Bella separate from Niklas’s group.
(Note: This was intended to wrap up the thread. Niklas and Ghorde’s players never posted for it, and it was locked, thus ending the story.)

Search for the Stormlord Storyline


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