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Archives: Trials of the Half-Elven

Prologue: Leaving the Mirror Forest
New Characters: Trent Delumbra
NPCs: Sky, Elilmar

Trent says goodbye to his elven friends and sets out into the world.

Chapter 1: Vedun, Kanon
New Characters: Olula Remel, Reem, Thangroth Broadarm, Krisatris, Derrick Ironfist
NPCs: Barak, Lord Darvis

A spring shower sends half-elf Reem, dwarf Thangroth, half-elf werewolf Krisatris, and adventurer Derrick into Vedun’s Silver Sword Inn, where they meet Olula, a half-dark elf barmaid.

Chapter 2: Judgement of Olula, Derrick, and Krisatris
Characters: Olula, Thangroth, Krisatris, Derrick, Trent
NPCs: Natia, Lord Darvis, Gandy, Jenko

Lord Darvis banishes Olula and lashes Derrick and Krisatris for their insolence.

Chapter 3: Camp on the Road
New Characters: Kiran
Characters: Olula, Thangroth, Trent, Krisatris, Derrick

While Olula and Trent tend to Derrick and Kris, a dark elf, Kiran, finds his way into their camp.

Chapter 4: First Morning on the Road
Characters: Olula, Trent, Krisatris, Thangroth, Kiran, Derrick

The group wakes in camp the next morning and Thangroth begins Olula’s combat training.

Chapter 5: Road to Shinning Hill
New Characters: Flora
Characters: Olula, Kiran, Thangroth, Derrick, Krisatris, Trent

As Olula and her companions head west, a group of soldiers sent by Darvis way lay them. Derrick is killed, but they gain a new companion.

Chapter 6: Derrick’s Burial
Characters: Kiran, Olula, Thangroth, Trent, Krisatris, Flora

The group stops to bury Derrick.

Chapter 7: Arrival in Shinning Hill
Characters: Olula, Kiran, Krisatris, Flora, Trent, Thangroth

The group arrives in Shinning Hill and has mixed encounters with the locals.

Chapter 8: The Tiger Lily Inn
Characters: Olula, Flora, Krisatris, Kiran, Thangroth, Trent
Crossover Cameos: Mia, Azala, Midau, Bella, Thiana

The group finds a place to stay finally, however, Kiran runs into his past, and must depart.

Chapter 9: Rousings in the Night
Characters: Olula, Flora, Krisatris, Kiran
Crossover Cameos: Thiana

Olula and the girls deal with the reality of Kiran’s past while Kiran and Thiana leave Shinning Hill in the dead of night.

Chapter 10: Crossroads at the Tiger Lily Inn
New Characters: Nataniel "Nat"
Characters: Olula, Flora, Krisatris
Crossover Cameos: Bella, Midau, Mia, Azala, Adriel, Mica, Sythenra, Yrsanne

Kiran’s sons, Mica and Adriel, arrive at the Tiger Lily Inn trying to find Kiran. Meanwhile, a charming half-elf bard has appeared.

Chapter 11: After the Storm
Characters: Olula, Flora, Krisatris, Nat, Trent, Thangroth
Crossover Cameos: Bella, Midau, Mia

After the clash with Mica, Olula becomes depressed as they prepare for the day’s events.

Chapter 12: Meeting Father
Characters: Nat
Crossover Cameos: Bella, Midau, Mia, Azala

Nat realizes that Azala, his father, is in the inn and decides to meet him. Meanwhile, Midau consoles Bella and agrees to apologize to Azala for their fight.

Chapter 13: Depature of Azala, Mia, Midau, and Bella
Characters: Flora, Krisatris, Trent, Nat
Crossover Cameos: Bella, Midau, Mia, Azala

Azala and Midau agree to make peace, and them and their companions leave together while Flora, Krisatris, and Trent wait for Olula’s return.

Chapter 14: Krisatris’s Arrest
Characters: Flora, Krisatris, Trent, Nat, Olula, Thangroth

While Olula and Thangroth go to deliver the message to Derrick’s family, Kanon soldiers enter the inn to arrest Krisatris.

Chapter 15: The Castle
New Character: Joline Kavryn da’Korv
Characters: Nat, Olula, Flora, Thangroth, Trent

The group goes to the castle to try and speak to King Reona, and find help in a passing noblewoman.

Chapter 16: Interviews with Joline: Olula and Flora
Characters: Olula, Flora, Joline

Joline interviews Olula first, and then Flora.

Chapter 17: A Night in Shinning Hill Castle
Characters: Olula, Nat, Flora, Joline

Olula goes to see Nat while Flora is gone.

Chapter 18: Interviews with Joline: Thangroth and Trent
Characters: Joline, Thangroth, Trent

Joline interviews Thangroth, then Trent.

Chapter 19: Interview with Joline: Nat
Characters: Joline, Nat

Joline calls on Nat for his interview, but also has a more personal matter to discuss with him.

Chapter 20: Krisatris’s Return
Characters: Krisatris, Flora, Olula, Trent, Thangroth, Nat

Krisatris is released from jail and reunites with the others.

Chapter 21: Meeting with the King
Canon Characters: King Reona
Characters: Joline, Flora, Olula, Thangroth, Trent, Nat
NPCs: Lord Darvis

Joline brings Olula and her companions to plead their case to King Reona.

Chapter 22: Goodbyes
Characters: Joline, Olula, Flora, Thangroth, Trent, Nat

After Reona’s judgment is passed, the group must go their separate ways and leave Olula in Shinning Hill. They return to Tiger Lilly Inn to tie up loose ends and say their goodbyes.

Trials of the Half-Elven Storyline


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