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Pronunciation: ā-DREE-el

Forum ID Adriel
Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Age 69
Birth Year NRC 461
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Adriel is a beautiful young elven man with flowing white hair, rich, dark chocolate skin, and bright blue eyes—coloration inherited from his mother. From both his parents, he has an ideal combination of features; a sharp elven nose, shapely lips, a delicate, yet vaguely masculine facial structure, large almond shaped eyes with long lashes, defined white eyebrows, and a defined jaw. Adriel has a slim, lithe build filled by lean muscle. He appears quite aristocratic.

Height 6’ Hair Color White
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Lean Skin Color Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    Adriel dresses in fine elven garb, being the grandson of a clan leader. He likes white and blue, which bring out the blue in his eyes and match his hair. He wears a fitted light blue vest with a high, open collar that is trimmed in silver. He has matching gloves that reach just beyond his wrist and a fitted jacket to go along with it. Underneath, he wears a loose white silk blouse with billowy sleeves and often is left unlaced at the top to reveal his chest. For pants, loose white pants that fit into the tops of his mid-shin black boots.

    His armor is light and mostly for style, though being elven steel, they are functional. His bracers, greaves, and shoulder plate are lacquered in white and embellished with platinum.

Weapon Description

    Adriel’s main weapons are a matching pair of custom made elven steel sabers. They were made to be used together, and in which hand they were meant to be used in; each is balanced uniquely to match his strength and style. The steel is as pure as platinum in color, while the crossguard and hilt are actually plated with the precious metal. The hilts are wrapped in black leather and set with blue crystal in the pommel and crossguard.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Twin elven steel scimitars
Armor Elven steel bracers, greaves, shoulder plate
Equipment Traveling gear; canteen, blanket, food rations, money, a few pieces of silver and blue crystal jewelry, comb
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 9
AG 16
IN 12
LU 11
PB 17


    Adriel has been trained in shamanism since the age of five and the equal of many elves his age. However, since he trained as a swordsman as well, his attention was split between magic and fighting. At the age of forty-eight he took his first test to summon dark spirits and failed, unable to find enough will to do it. However, when he finally learned about his father, he had enough anger and will to succeed the next year. Adriel is willing to summon salamander and dark spirits when necessary. He has decent control over invisibility spirits, but still has more advancement to make with those spirits.

    Graceful and lithe, Adriel is what every dark elf should be. When he fights with his sabers, his movements are fluid and reminiscent of a dance. Like most elves, he is agile and quick, yet not very strong.


    Born into a clan elder’s family, Adriel is rather spoiled for a dark elf. He was doted upon, protected, and given basically all he could want. An attractive young man, Adriel had few troubles finding lovers, though now he’s more sexually reserved. He has a disdain for humans, but he will tolerate them. Though he was spoiled as a child, he’s not exactly greedy, as elven society places little emphasis on material wealth. Adriel is more accustomed to getting his way rather than getting items he wants. His feelings for his father are of hatred and disgust, fueled by his mother’s bitterness and years of letting her tale of betrayal fester.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Adriel was born to the dark elf Nehen, the daughter of a dark elven elder. He was the result of a tryst between Nehen and Kiran, a notorious charmer. He never met his father, and for years, was denied knowledge of him. Nehen, his grandfather, and the entire community refused to speak of him. All Adriel could gather in his childhood and teenage years was that his father was named Kiran and had been banished.

    As the grandson of an elder, Adriel was a aristocrat of sorts amongst the dark elves and was spoiled by his grandfather and doting mother. He grew up in the safety of the forest, cut off from the world of humans. He was taught shamanism from an early age like most elves, and when he was fifteen, he was given the option to begin training with a weapon of his choice. After seeing a member of his clan gracefully wield a pair of scimitars, Adriel chose them as his weapons.

    He grew to be as beautiful as his mother, and was the subject of lust for many of the younger women and girls in his clan. He never had a serious relationship with any of them, but only a couple flings with girls near his age.

    At the age of forty-seven, Adriel begin to train for the chance to summon dark spirits, however, he never had enough emotion to draw from, or enough initiative. When he attempted summoning the dark fairies the next year, he failed miserably. Instead of attacking his target, they turned on him and drained his strength. Adriel passed out and spent a week in a coma.

    Upon waking, Adriel found a brief moment of sympathy from his community, which was quickly replaced by jest. His male peers joked about his failure, girls giggled behind his back and no longer responded to his flirtations, and elders only chuckled and offered, “Better luck next time.”

    Adriel intended to try again and end his shame. Meanwhile, his mother realized that he needed something more to draw on than his protected life. By then, Adriel had lost interest in learning about his father, and the little he already knew wasn’t enough. So, Nehen sat him down one night to tell him the whole story.

    She explained that her relationship with Kiran was nothing more than a fling, though that hadn’t been what she wanted. Nehen was charmed by Kiran and fell into a deep infatuation which she mistook for love. Kiran was quick to take advantage of her, unaware that she was ready to conceive a child that year. In her youth, she foolishly believed he loved her as well, but all Kiran wanted was bragging rights to ®nailing” the elder’s beautiful daughter. Nehen shortly informed Kiran that she was with child and suggested marriage.

    Kiran had been shocked, but to her joy, he agreed to marry her. Barely two weeks into their engagement, a woman confessed to Nehen that she had been with Kiran the night before and that her brother had heard Kiran’s boasts and brags about his sexual conquests, including Nehen and more recent flings. Nehen went directly to her father to explain everything.

    Her father’s first reaction was to kill Kiran, but once he gathered his wits, he decided on banishment. Kiran was to be banished from the Dark Forest for one hundred years, and when and if he returned, he could face his child. Nehen intended on telling Adriel at some point, when he was an adult so his anger would be fresh, but his recent trials were a good enough point.

    The story made Adriel shameful of his father, and shameful of his own sexual encounters. After Nehen told him the truth, her father announced that the village could now speak of Kiran again, and Adriel heard more tales of Kiran. All he heard caused anger and shame to fester in him until he began to hate his father. The next year, after being prepared for several months, Adriel attempted to summon the dark spirits again, and succeeded.

    The original plan was for Adriel to wait until he was one hundred to introduce him to Kiran, but for the next twenty years, Adriel grew increasingly anxious to find Kiran. Nehen convinced him to wait, but Adriel eventually reached a point to where her reasons were no longer enough. At the age of sixty-nine, he wanted to find Kiran, and was allowed. Adriel set out of his forest with two companions from his clan.

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