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Pronunciation: AEY-lis

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Priestess Sura
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 167
Birth Year NRC 363
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Aelis’s features are sharp, and for the most part, handsome, but with a rather exaggerated long and broad nose. His golden eyes are narrow and effeminate, framed with heavy pale brows. His hair line is high, though not balding, and has a defined widow’s peak. Aelis’s platinum blond hair is long and left free, falling to his lower back. His skin on the paler end of dark elven complexions; only a light tan shade.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Platinum Blond
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Lean Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Aelis wears his old Marmo uniform, and he does so proudly. It consists of a dark purple shirt and matching pants, with a black leather jerkin over it. The jerkin is embelished with gold trim in the styles of elves, and the Marmo, and has a high collar with the Marmo eye design. He also wears black gloves and boots that match his jerkin. Around his waist, a gold belt for his sword. Around his head, he wears a simple gold circlet with a small Marmo eye in the center.

Weapon Description

    Aelis’s sword is an elven steel rapier with a slightly broader blade that male dark elves usually fight with. Though he had the sword for most of his life, it was refitted to reflect his allegiance to the Marmo army. The crossguard is set with a Marmo eye design, and the grip wrapped in soft plum colored leather.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Former Marmo Soldier, Monster Tamer, Former Bandit
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier
Armor Leather Jerkin
Equipment Clothing, basic traveling supplies
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 12
AG 15
IN 12
LU 14
PB 11


    Aelis is a graceful fighter, and an adequate shaman for his age, but this is merely normal for a dark elf of one hundred and sixty seven years. What Aelis excels in is his knowledge of how to tame and subdue ogres.


    Aelis carries the arrogance and superiority complex of most dark elves. However, he did serve Beld and Ashram. This is because, like many dark elves, he was charmed by the charisma and vision of these powerful men. Amongst humans, Aelis presents himself as an alpha male, though among dark elves, he isn’t as much of a leader. He also shows little care for the lesser species of goblin, ogre, and kobold. To him, they are tools.

    As for his complicated relationship with Sura, he has never been close to a woman before her. He has come to care greatly for her, but he can’t quite say he loves her. He at once controls and fears her, and even now is still learning the ins and outs of his role as her “handler”.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Born to dark elves Ethar and Urolia, an only child. His father, Ethar, was a monster tamer; he was an expert in taming ogres, and well-known amongst the dark elves. However, Ethar was not an attractive man. He was one of the dark elves whose appearance was twisted by Kardis. However, he was married to a beautiful woman because of his renown. Aelis learned his father’s trade from a young age. Ogres were unintelligent, and belligerent, but dark elves knew they could be worked with if treated properly. One of the favorite foods of ogres was humans, and so Ethar and other ogre trainers often hunted and captured humans.

    Despite Ethar’s success, a woman like Urolia was easily wooed away by more attractive men. She eventually left both Ethar and Aelis for another man, and began a new family with him. This happened when Aelis was ten. From then on, he was raised by his father, though he did try to visit with his mother a few times. She usually wanted little to nothing to do with him, and instead, poured her affections on her new daughter, Amaria.

    Aelis became his father’s protégé. As a young child, he tagged along on hunts, and in his twenties, he joined his father in training, and from then on, worked under his father’s supervision. When he reached his hundredth birthday, Ethar sent Aelis out to capture his own ogre, and a long, arduous training process began. Aelis’ ogre was a male named Iror, and eventually, he grew to appreciate his pet.

    Nearly forty years later, the dark elves made an alliance with a man calling himself the Emperor of Marmo. Aelis knew little of the Six Heroes, but this human had impressed their leader, Lusev, and so the dark elves agreed to be a part of his empire. Ethar, Aelis, and many other ogre trainers agreed to lend their beasts to the emperor’s movement. However, it wasn’t until ten years later when the war with Lodoss finally began.

    Aelis and Ethar traveled to Kanon with the first wave of soldiers. Aside from ogres, they were also given kobolds and goblins to command. However, once in Kanon, they were sent to different ends of the country. Aelis was sent to the Valis border. Early on, Iror was slain by lancers in a fierce battle. Aelis was more upset by the loss of a beast he had worked so hard to train than the actual loss of life. He still had the goblins and kobolds, and continued on through the war with those beasts.

    After the final battle of what came to be known as the War of Heroes, the war stagnated for several years. During this time, Aelis received word that his father had been slain in a skirmish with the Kanon free army. Ethar’s body had been taken to Shinning Hill, and Aelis was to take him back to Marmo to be buried with the proper dark elven rites. He returned home to bury his father, and he met his mother again. She was more willing to speak with him now, and they managed to reconcile. She had two more daughters since he had last seen her; Vanaia and Lunal. However, Aelis still felt a lack of closeness with her. He returned to Kanon shortly after finishing his familial duties and picked up where he left off.

    Several years later, the Kanon Free Army began to take back Kanon. Aelis had been stationed near Lever, and they were never called back. They city was retaken by Kanon and Valis forces, and Aelis’s knew he was fighting a losing battle. The dark elf cut his losses and ran, leaving his monsters to the slaughter. As he escaped into the city, he came across a dark elf Falaris priestess wielding the dark spirits with such incredible control. He knew a little about her. She was the constant companion of the high priest in the city, and she was insane. However, she was also beautiful. Aelis had heard of her rages in the temple, and knew that the high priest had used sleep spells to subdue her. Aelis took the route of chivalry and summoned the spirits of sleep. The priestess fell asleep and he escaped with her into the forests.

    He half-feared her reaction when she woke up, but thankfully, she only grieved. In her sorrow, she explained that all the priests but her had been slain, and that Kaithara, the high priest, had been killed while they slept together. Her name was Sura, and it seemed all she needed was a shoulder to cry on. She sank into a deep depression afterwards, but they were able to speak and she told him a little about herself, and that she knew she had a condition. She warned him of her rages, and that Kaithara always watched after her. However, she soon took a turn for the worst. She seemed delusional, and Aelis was tempted to just leave her, but he couldn’t bear to abandon her. This action won him her trust, and he took the place of Kaithara in her heart.

    In time, Sura recovered. They discovered that Lord Ashram had retreated and led his people to sea to find a new land. Kanon was no place for dark elves at this point, and Sura and Aelis had to go into hiding. Mercenaries and soldiers were searching for dark elves and stragglers from the Marmo army. Aelis and Sura escaped into the mountains, but on their way, they encountered more Marmo soldiers. Together, they all became a gang of bandits, with Aelis as their leader. Sura shared his bed every night, and in a conflict, she was a powerful defense if things took a turn for the worst.

    Not long after their gang had set up, Sura became pregnant. Aelis didn’t know who the father was, and honestly, the thought of raising a child in his current situation, with an unstable mother, was not appealing. Though he was aware of Sura’s promiscuity, he was conflicted. Sura always came back to him at night, which made him feel as if, at heart, she was his. The thought of her carrying someone else’s child brewed jealousy in him. He wanted her all to himself.

    Sura was actually happy to be pregnant, and she explained that she had lost a child before. She did all she could to save this one, but her efforts were in vain. Sura miscarried and Aelis was left with a combination of regret and relief. However, this was the beginning of another period of instability that lasted around six months. It was rough for the entire gang, but Aelis could not throw her to the wolves.

    Eventually, Sura became stable again and began to continue her promiscuous ways. This didn’t sit well with Aelis, and he tried to pull her attention away from other men so he could focus all her affections on himself. As long as she was satisfied, she had no complaints. However, he was becoming frustrated with the fact that she still didn’t stop prepositioning other men. One night, she began flirting with one of the bandits. Aelis, without thinking, grabbed her arm and pulled her away, telling her that he would leave her if she ever touched another man again. All he saw was a flash of an angry glare from Sura before he lost his strength and saw stars before his eyes. The dark spirits had defended her against him, but she spared him from death only to warn him that she wasn’t his possession. If he wanted to leave her, then she should kill him. Though he was her handler, he didn’t realize that there was some give and take in that relationship.

    It took Aelis a few weeks to recover, and Sura was at his side, tenderly caring for him, though she did so with a smug smirk on her face. After his recovery, Aelis bit his tongue whenever jealousy reared its head. Even Sura could see that it pained him for her to be with other men, but so long as she held his life in her hands, she continued with her promiscuous lifestyle. In time, he came to accept this as a fact of living with Sura.

    After a couple years of banditry, they came across a mark who turned out to be one of their own? fellow Marmo, that is. Thrash was a former Marmo knight who had been abandoned in Kanon, and since, he had been working as a mercenary. He had ambitions to take back Marmo, but no means with which to do it. Many members of the bandit gang liked the idea, and the dark elves wanted to return to their home forest badly. The gang and Thrash went to Shinning Hill, and were able to buy passage on a ferry back to Marmo.

    They came to find the island not at all like they left it. The perpetual cloud cover was gone, the soil was fertile, and Flaim had settled the land. Thrash led his followers into the Dark Forest to begin gathering forces much in the way Beld had done decades ago. Aelis and Sura have been serving him since.

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