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Age 13
Birth Year NRC 517
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    A petite and malnourished young half-elf. Alni has little body fat, so her ribs show and her taut musculature is defined. She has very few curves, and her breasts have only just started to fill out. Inherited from her dark elven side is her rich golden tan, large gold eyes and long ears. However, she keeps her ears hidden under a wide blue headband that holds them flat against her head. The bases of her ears show a number of scars, stutter-cuts from when she’s attempted to cut them off. Her jet black hair comes from her human side. It is straight and thick, and cut to fall to her shoulders. Two thick locks fall in front of her face, which she tries to hide herself behind.

Height 5’3” Hair Color Black
Weight 98lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Slim Skin Color Dark Golden Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Her clothes are simple and neat, though a little threadbare. Her top is a light blue long sleeved midriff shirt, which is cut square at the neckline. A knee length skirt, slit up to her hips is on her bottom half, and a tattered dark blue hooded cloak is on her back. For shoes, she wears a pair of sandals with leather ties that wrap around her calves all the way up to her knees. Around her waist, she wears a leather belt that carries a purse and a dagger sheathed in the small of her back. To hide her elven ears, she wears a wide blue band around her head that matches her outfit.

Weapon Description

    A simple, plain utilitarian dagger.

Class Thief
Occupation Pickpocket
Guild Membership Thieves’ Guild (1)
Weapons Small
Armor None
Equipment Small purse, clothing, 2 lockpicks, map, any number of stolen items picked off passersby
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 7
EN 6
AG 13
IN 10
LU 16
PB 11


    Alni has never been trained in shamanism, but can feel the presence of spirits. She is too afraid to reach out the spirits, though sometimes fairies try to reach out to her.

    Alni lacks in strength and endurance, but relies on agility and nimble fingers in her day to day life. Her state of health doesn’t allow for her body to reach its peak potential either. She is unskilled with any weapons, even her dagger, but she rarely fights, except when cornered.


    Alni is quiet, shy, and somewhat withdrawn, but possesses a great courage. She’s an enigma to everyone she meets because she prefers to stay out of sight and not interact with people. Many people in the guild have tried to become friends with her, but she always shrugs them off and avoids them until they give up. In recent years, she’s debated why she even lives on and often is tempted to find some way to kill herself. However, a part of her still wants to live and always holds her back. Alni hates dark elves, and in the presence of one, her worst side may come out.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Alni doesn’t know much of her history or her own heritage. She is aware she is half-human and half-dark elf. The first family never bothered to tell her about her mother, but after considering what little she knew and what made sense, she deducted that her mother must have been human because she was left with a human family. Her father was the dark elf, possibly had a short affair with her mother, or even raped her. Her mother didn’t want to keep the half-breed child and left her with the first family Alni had.

    Her idea wasn’t far from the truth; Alni’s mother was in fact a 16-year-old human girl from Marmo. While the girl was traveling through Dark Town one night, she was attacked by a gang of thugs and raped by several of them, including a dark elf. She barely escaped from the gang that night and returned home. Her father, whom was raising the girl alone, decided that it would be best if they went to Kanon, which was under Marmo’s control. He probably wouldn’t be allowed to settle else where in Lodoss because of the prejudice people had against Marmo.

    Not long after coming to Kanon, his daughter began to show signs of pregnancy. Her father decided to kill the child when it was born, but when the baby finally came, he wasn’t able to kill his granddaughter. Instead, he took the baby to a few families he knew and asked them to take the child in. Eventually, he found a family to take her, they promised to raise her “as their own”, not that it really mattered much to him, so long as he could wash his hands of the matter.

    The family who took her in named her Alni and raised her for eight years. She wasn’t treated “as their own” like they promised, but more like an intruder in their lives. When she was eight, she began showing a capability for shamanist magic when spirits came to her and she tried talking to them. It frightened her family and they began to consider throwing her out. That same year, the Marmo exodus began and her foster family evacuated their village, trying to leave her behind. They were bound for the port in Shinning Hill, but Alni followed. They tried to chase her off by saying she wasn’t wanted, and her foster brothers threw rocks at her, but she continued to follow all the way to the city. She even followed them to the docks, but that’s when they had enough. Her foster father punched her hard enough to knock her unconscious.

    Alni woke several hours later in an abandoned home in Shinning Hill. The city was nearly abandoned, but Alni had been found by one of the few remaining people. He was a twenty-something year old thief named Ranther, and he had seen the cruel way Alni had been abandoned, so he helped her. He had no problem with her being a half-dark elf, but he realized that she was better off hiding her ears. After Shinning Hill had been reclaimed, he took Alni to what was left of the Thieves’ Guild and she was accepted as a member. No one but Ranther knew of her heritage.

    Ranther taught her the tricks of the trade, and a little about how to defend herself. However, his lessons were never completed. Alni was caught as she pick-pocketed a man on the street, but Ranther came to her rescue and caused enough distraction for her to escape. However, her identity was revealed to the city guard. Ranther was arrested, but the guild snuck Alni out of the city and sent her to the Alan guild. She was accepted into that guild, but without Ranther, she was lost. She managed to spend two years in Alan, until she was discovered to be a half-elf. She didn’t know what the guild would think, she left Alan before she had a chance to find out.

    Her experience in Alan became the template of her life for the next two years. She moved to Adan, then Roid, and then Blade. When someone discovered she was a half-elf, she was worried that they would reject her like her family, so she ran. Alni grew to despise dark elves because of the rejection she suffered from being one. Though she never met a dark elf, she was full of prejudice like most main land Lodossians, if not more so. As she became a teenager, depression began to set in. She began trying to cut off her own ears, but she never had the will to go through with it. After a few weeks of trying, she gave up and her ears were left scarred. Suicide was an option she considered many times, but with every attempt, a part of her held her back.

    This way of barely living was wearing hard on Alni, and she became determined to find Ranther; the only person who ever truly knew her and cared about her regardless. She stole and fenced enough money to travel back to Shinning Hill where she hoped she could some how save him from prison. When she finally arrived, she sought out the Thieves’ Guild to find information on Ranther. Unfortunately, news came that he had died in prison. Devastated, Alni sank into a depressed state and went through the process of trying to kill herself again, but failed. After a few months, she dealt with the guilt, but is still feeling hopeless and lost.

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