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Audran Mur-Cavendrel
Pronunciation: AW-drahn MURR-CAHV-ehn-drel

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Plot The Golden Egg
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Audran’s Gallery
Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Dragon Eye, Moss

Physical Description

    Audran is a handsome young man, almost to the point of being beautiful. Audran has a petite slender build that makes him seem frail and delicate, but he is actually in very good shape. Audran’s light brown hair is about shoulder length, slightly wavy and full of body so it frames his face well. His hazel eyes and almost angelic like features, fail to show the true coldness within his heart.

Height 6’ Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 155lbs Eye Color Hazel
Build Slender Skin Color Very Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Being a nobleman of some wealth has afforded Audran with access to expensive fashions. Audran usually wears long white silk shirts, which tie at the ends of the wrist, very similar to fencing shirts. Being fond of leather, he prefers wearing red leather vests over the shirts, brown pants and dark brown leather high boots. A silver family crest of the Cavendrel family line is worn as broach on the vests, and he always sports an expensive looking emerald ring.

Weapon Description

    Audran carries a fine steel long dirk on him, more for show than for actual protection. His staff is made of stout oak wood and is ornately carved, ending in an eagle claw.

Class Nobility/Mage
Occupation Nobleman, Sorcerer
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (4)
Weapons Staff, Long Dirk
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, silver broach, emerald signet ring, money pouch with spending cash
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane, Necromancy
ST 10
EN 15
AG 12
IN 17
LU 10
PB 19

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Audran possesses a unique talent for sorcery. Having been privately tutored he has continued his studies with as much lore as he could acquire. Being a nobleman he is literate and can read and write. He has a fondness for ancient history and never ceases to read whatever scrolls or books he can find on ancient cultures. Audran was schooled by a single tutor, a former student of the Academy of Sages. He has been becoming increasingly absorbed with necromantic magics, and has done well to hide his studies so far.

    Audran has received minor training in the use of daggers, but he is not a fighter. He excercises often to keep himself in good shape, but otherwise he is not very active physically.


    Audran is one of those individuals who has little or no conscience or compassion. In his view, the only person that matters is himself. When need be he can be charming and seemingly cordial. This is just an act he uses to cover his true nature, which is that of a spoiled, selfish, and discompassionate individual. Audran views common folk and peers as inferior. He is intelligent and inventive, and will use these abilities, his good looks, and wealth to his advantage in situations whenever he can.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “True greatness stands before you.”


    Audran Mur-Cavendrel is the son of Cromwell and Percellia Mur-Cavendrel. The Cavendrel family are a quiet nobility in the port city of Dragon Scale. Some of the trading vessels that enter and leave the city and travel to Valis are owned, at least in part, by the Cavendrel’s.

    Fine cloth, spices and wine are the backbone of the Cavendrel fortune. Cromwell’s father, Brenden Cavendrel, moved to Dragon Scale in his youth and saw the potential for gaining great wealth. After years of succeeding in minor trading ventures and finally joining one of the shipping guilds successfully, Brenden wisely saved his earnings and gained the contacts he needed to build his fortune. After successfully gaining a trade route for the guild, he was rewarded with a his first merchant vessel, with which he began trading in fine cloth materials, spices and wines from Moss to Valis and other nations.

    Brenden was so successful he soon became a very wealthy man of power and a bit of influence. As the years passed he married and had a son, Cromwell, who in turn took over his father’s position in the trading guild once he retired. Cromwell proved to be as competent as his father and continued to keep the family fortunes stable. However, during the time of the wars with Marmo, one or two of the Cavendrel ships were placed in the service of King Fahn. Cromwell, while not a military man, was a staunch and loyal servant to the crown, as well as a shrewd business man. He knew that if Valis were to win the war with Marmo, he'd be well rewarded for his part in service to the kingdom.

    It was also during this time that Cromwell’s wife, Percellia, took ill and didn't recover, even during the time of her pregnancy. As a result of her long standing illness, Percellia died giving birth to Audran. Cromwell was distraught over the loss of his beloved wife, and turned all of his attentions towards his son Audran, whom he has doted over ever since.

    Audran was provided with the best tutors that Cromwell could make available to him. There was little Cromwell wouldn’t provide for his son, seeing him as a part of his lost wife. Because of Audran’s physically frail demeanor, his father would often turn a blind eye to the boy’s treatment and demeanor towards some of the house staff. Audran grew strong as he grew older, despite his frailness and immersed himself in reading the many and varied histories of different kingdoms of Lodoss. The one that intrigued him the most was the Kingdom of Kastuul. Lost in wonder over the stories and myths of magic, Audran begged his father to provide a tutor to teach him sorcery. By then Audran was ten years old and the Academy of Sages was long fallen eight years earlier. Still, despite the troubles in Lodoss and his own duties, Cromwell couldn’t deny his son and sent word for any sage or mage he could hire as a tutor for his son. A mage named Tival answered, and was hired on as Audran's tutor.

    Tival schooled Audran in the ways of sorcery and found the boy to be a talented and inventive student; Audran showed intelligence and a hunger for knowledge. He also showed a coldness and lack of compassion towards anyone but himself, as well as being spoiled rotten. Tival hoped he could somehow instill in his student a respect for others and perhaps compassion, and through that end, Tival remained Audran’s tutor for nearly ten years. During that time, became a close friend with Lord Cromwell, and grew to think of Audran as almost a son. Audran, however had put his years of study to good use. Caring little for his teacher’s ethics, he took the time to dabble in secret with hidden sorceries which eventually turned to him discovering necromancy.

    By Audran’s twentieth year, Tival felt that he’d taught him all he could and decided to leave the Cavendrel household. After his departure, Audran, having no ethical anchor, began to intensify his studies in the black arts.

    Now nearly three years later, Audran’s attitude has grown bolder, but no less cold or selfish and he has begun experimenting with his knowledge a bit more boldly. He became interested in the idea of obtaining immortality so that he could have the time to gain all the power and knowledge he desired, instead of falling victim to the short lifespan of a human. Through the secrets of necromancy, he devised a way to merge his body and soul with that of an immortal being.

    Audran’s first idea was to merge with an elf. To acquire one, he employed a smuggler named Roess to find him one. The smuggler was able to buy a kidnapped elf as a slave in Raiden, and brought her back to Audran. Unfortunately, the fairy soul of an elf proved to be too frail to bond with his. With this failure, he began to consider new options. A dragon was the first idea, but to capture a dragon in Moss and keep such a large creature secret, let alone restrain it, was neigh near impossible for him. Instead, he sent Roess out for an egg, or a hatchling that could be handled.

    It was Roess who discovered a rumor of Mycen laying an egg, and forwarded this information to Audran. Audran agreed to try to get the egg, believing that the offspring of an ancient dragon would meet his ends the best. If Roess followed Audran’s guidance, he believed that even Mycen could be fooled.

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