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Pronunciation: CAR-ah-DITH-ill

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Age 65
Birth Year NRC 465
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Homeland Glassy Woods

Physical Description

    Caradithil appears to be a ruggedly handsome stallion in his late twenties. His eyes have seriousness but jovial look to them. His hair is motley streaked white and shades of brown adds to the air of lightheartedness and, thanks to Rain, is often sparsely braided. Caradithil bears a large centaurian tattoo on the right side of his body, from his shoulder down to the fingertips. In his elven form, he is six-foot seven inches with a muscular build.

Height (Feet) 9’7” Hair Color Brown and White
Height (Hands) 17hh Tail Color Brown and White
Weight Unavailable Eye Color Honey
Humanoid Build Muscular Skin Color Lightly Tanned
Equine Build Draft Coat Color Sienna and White Pinto

Clothing and Armor

    He wears a steel centaurian chestplate and leather bracers. He also possesses leather shin guards on all four of his legs. In his elven form, he wears a high-collared forest green tunic with a little silver scroll work on the collar. He has light brown breeches with leather boots that reach about mid-shin. Over this, he wears a dark gray-green cloak that blends well in shadows.

Weapon Description

    With his halberd, he can make a mess out of anything that comes his way. He is not easily spooked and many a snake has found their way into his stomach or their skins used for other things with him around. Unlike his horse cousins he is not scared of snakes.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger
Weapons Centaurian Composite Long Bow, Halberd, Elven longsword
Armor Centaurian steel chestplate, leather bracers & shin guards
Equipment Knapsack with traveling gear; bedroll, small tent, rope, hunting blade (knife), Old doll, food and water provisions
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    As a shaman Cara specializes in earth and spirit affinities. Though he can call fire light and water as well his favorites are earth and spirit. However he never formed a deep attachment to air or dark so of his abilities those two are the weakest.

    Like all rangers, he has been trained to walk and hunt without making much of a sound so that not only will their prey not hear their approach, but to keep out of sight of humans and most elves. His “Unmovable stance” is when he plants his hooves into the ground. He has been able to stand even in the strongest winds.


    Lighthearted, mischievous, easy-going, he enjoys nothing better than being around others when at work or play. However, he does know when enough is enough, becoming serious and loyally dutiful to fulfill the commands for which he has been instructed. He is intimidating in his size, but he is actually very loyal to his herd and is, like others, overly protective of Rain. However, he knows that she will not always need his protection and is worried about if and when they are ever separated.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Born in the Glassy Woods to his herd. Earned a respective position of an elite brotherhood of hunters (Dinalindel, Mannessa, Rain) & watchmen, Caradithil never has had want to roam his life in the woods. He is the self-designated ‘older brother’ to Rain, balances treating her like ‘one of the boys’ and, in spite the half-elf’s protests, being overly-protective of the delicate creature and herd-member she is. He lives for the moment and never really thinks ahead to the future. As he grew up with Rain, he has harbored feelings for her though he has not yet acted on them. He believes she knows how feels, but neither of them have been able to say anything openly yet.

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