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Epros Telason
Pronunciation: AP-ross TEL-ah-SON

Forum ID Little Knight
Plot Cian's Quest
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Epros’s Gallery
Age 43
Birth Year NRC 487
Gender Female
Race ⅞ Human, ⅛ Dark Elf
Homeland Niscene, Alania

Physical Description

    Epros is a beautiful, seemingly young woman in her mid twenties. Unlike most adventurers, she possesses a relatively frail body, even below average. However, travel has toned her form, and her elven heritage has prevented her body from becoming fat. As for her curves, she obvious curves, although she is still far from busty. Her hair is tied in a loose pony tail at the nap of her neck, and is combed so that one of her bangs falls over her eye. The only sign that she has the possibility of fae ancestry is the very slight point to her ears, which is easily dismissed as just being a slight imperfection in her looks. Being a master of illusion, however, there is a possibility that her looks and are simply another trick.

Height 5’1” Hair Color Black
Weight 106lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Frail Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Epros wears rather strange garb for a mage, who are generally noteworthy by formless robes and the gnarled, oak staff. While she does does wear a robe, it has been amended to be opened, and more jacket like. Its also cut shorter, to her thigh rather her ankles, and is of a lighter blue coloration. Beneath this ‘robe’, Epros wears her leather vest, filled out by her curves, although the brown tends to contrast the robe itself. Also a brown color, she wears tight leather breeches, and turned down leather boots. Epros possesses no mundane weapons on her person. Instead, to allow for certain spells to be case, various runes placed about her clothing to allow this. It could be said that her clothing is a weapon, as it acts as an arcane magnet.

Weapon Description


Class Mage
Occupation Adventurer/Magical Items Sales
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (7)
Weapons None
Armor Robe, Leather Vest
Equipment Traveling gear, low value gems
Familiar Clarity
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 4
EN 6
AG 16
IN 18
LU 15
PB 13

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Epros is a rare individual who, despite lacking Kastuulian decent, has a high degree of power in a seemingly young woman. At a young age, she was a student at the Academy of Sages, and until its destruction was considered an elite student. The spells she showed strongest affinity to are illusion and elemental spells, likely due to her elven heritage. As for her weakness, she has a lesser knowledge of curses.

Epros’s Favorite Spells
  • Thousand Spell - An illusionary trick that creates many (although doubtful 1000) illusionary copies of a target, enabling a quick escape, or even an advantage in combat. These items can only be human sized or smaller, and must be in Epros line of sight.
  • Bite of Lightning - A spell that manipulates spark in the air, and causes it to focus in the caster’s hand, and shoot out like a whip, jumping along the ground to the target, and possibly targets. The amount of damage done is dependent on how long the casting is performed.
  • Maze of Illusions - Despite its relatively innocent sounding name, this spell is devastating on the principal of indirect death. A large field of shifting lights are created and latch onto a person’s emotional state. In this field, a person can see their deepest wish, or even their darkest nightmare. While this may not cause instant death, staying to long within the field can easily drive a weak person mad, or even cause an individual to starve to death from not realizing that they are so.

    Though a powerful sorcerer, Epros is physically frail due to lack of training. Most notably, she possesses no weapons training, and instead relies on her magic power to win.


    She possesses a self-indulgent personality that can be noble at times, and never to the point of being selfish. She can be friendly enough, although she prefers a long range plan to a short one, and detests scatterbrained ideas that are totally based on luck.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “I’m afraid if you don’t do as I ask, I will be forced to hurt you.”


    Despite the more common method in which her kind are born, her family line was not born out of non-consent. Instead, it was more a confirmation of superiority over another species through seduction, and then consummation of it. A young dark elf from Marmo seduced a less than noteworthy human girl, then abandoned her after he had succeeded in taking her virtue and reputation. When a half-elf was born, the mother fled Kanon, hoping to seek refuge in Alan. Oddly enough, she found this refuge in a small town on the border of Alan and Kanon, and settled there. When her offspring was, at least in her opinion, mature enough, she fled back to Kanon, not telling her child where she went.

    This is how Epros’s line was birthed, and how it has continued for several generations. With each generation has gained lower life span. An oddity of the line is that, despite the ability to outlive most humans, prone to live only procreate. After that, the family either looses contact with the dark elf blooded individual, or they die unexpectedly from an accident.

    Epros grew up a remarkably intelligent girl, and well aware of her family line’s problem. When she was old enough, and through various deals and loans, she left her village, in favor of research into the matter. This lay in the Academy of Sages. While attending, she began to wonder whether or not her family was cursed or not, although she was set back when Wagnard destroyed the institution, and incidentally, a great deal of the magic storage. While she continued her research in the Mage Guild, she was eventually drawn from there. It was at this time she became aware that her age matched those who disappeared. Ever cautious, she started to where the calling was coming from. This lead her to her ancestral land of Marmo.

    Traveling incognito, she continued to travel the cursed island of Marmo, avoiding Marmo soldiers and learning the various hazards, she met the progenitor of her line. Her ancestor beckoned, and stated that her line was cursed, and could not bear any more generations. Recognizing the spell, she dispelled it. This lead to a battle of magic that tested her physical and mental limits. While in the end she triumphed, she thanks Cha Za, Myrii, and all the spirits that allowed her to do so. Wounded, and severely winded, she left Marmo and recovered her strength. She wondered what had driven her ancestor insane, but she didn’t care to dwell on it to much.

    Returning to Niscene, although occasionally to Alan to continue her studies. Staying relatively reclusive, it wasn’t until Alan aligned itself with Marmo, and the subsequent incursion of Marmo soldiers and mercenaries that she became aware that her own talents might be used through threatening her home town. While she wasn’t known far and wide, she didn’t doubt that someone might see that her name was once in the Academy of Sage’s attendance.

    Leaving Alan, she took refuge in Moss for the duration of the war. Performing magic research, she always felt a foreboding in her research, very much there was someone watching. While she brushed this off for mild paranoia, she left her small home as soon as the war was over. It was during this time that she trained a bird, although the reason was tied to feeling of being watched, even though that had long passed.

    When she returned home, she found it in ruins, which led her to believe that she had been correct. Traveling to Alan, she was surprised to see the Academy of Sages was being rebuilt. It was during this trip that she was offered a position, likely due to lack of Wizards of her caliber. Declining, she took a few books, and began to research ancient Kastuul through the old ruins.

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