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Pronunciation: GREN-nith

Forum ID Alera Tai'var
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 30
Birth Year NRC 500
Gender Eunich
Race Human
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    Grennith could easily pass for a woman. He has a woman’s hourglass torso and fair skin, but with the broader shoulders of a man. His long black hair is well cared for and further accentuates his feminine characteristics. Though his body looks fragile, his muscles are extremely toned and built up, though his clothing minimizes the appearance of his strength. Even his face is soft-featured, but not perfectly female. Long, thin fingers grace hands a little large for a woman. When the picture is put together, he appears as an androgyne, indistinguishable as male or female.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Black
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Slight Skin Color Pale White

Clothing and Armor

    Grennith wears no armor. Instead, he wears what appears to be a dress uniform, though it is not the standard of any army. He wears a vest underneath a matching black jacket that fits tightly across his chest and follows the natural curves of his feminine form. Its high collar and simple bar straps across the front signify status in an army, though the tailoring is now how any military would sew. For pants, Grennith wears simple cloth pants that were dyed black to match the jacket. These, too, are tailored to be slimming and to make apparent his figure.

Weapon Description

    All of Grennith’s weapons are part of a set and all match in design. Each one is made of pure steel, the blade’s metal being folded many times over for durability. Each sword is wrapped with a cloth binding at the handle and has a basic pommel and hilt without any extra designs. Each sword is balanced, with weights at the handles, and can be properly thrown. They all have matching metal sheaths. While the blades are maintained very carefully and show next to no wear, the sheaths have many scratches and etches, indicating that they have received many strikes from weapons.

Class Soldier
Occupation Marmo Soldier
Guild Membership None
Weapons Gladius, short sword, long sword, two-handed sword, rapier, scimitar, and two daggers
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, tools for blade maintenance
Horse Marelle
ST 14
EN 16
AG 16
IN 12
LU 8
PB 6


    Grennith was chosen at the age of five to become a very special kind of warrior and receive training unlike the average soldier. Unlike most soldiers, he is quite proficient with a wide array of weapons and styles. His sole focus during the next twenty five years of life was learning technique for killing, so his skills are at a level beyond the training any soldier or knight might received. His style is also uniquely found and developed on Marmo, further attributing to his danger on a battlefield. It was designed to stand up to small groups or as a dueling art, so he is at his best facing men one-on-one. He is an expert at reading his foes and reacting accordingly.


    Despite his own emotional disturbance, Grennith is a stable, calculated man. Everything he does is careful and considered. He often appears soft, especially for a killer of his caliber. He is quite gentle among animals, women, and children, often going above and beyond what is necessary to be kind and generous to them. With men, he is more business-like. No matter what, he always appears softer than he is.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Grennith earned no last name as he had no recorded parents. The first years of his life were spent in an orphanage on Marmo. He got along well as he grew. At the age of five, however, things changed. A veteran warrior came to the orphanage to choose a new apprentice. The pickings were meager, but he chose Grennith and paid generously for the boy.

    His Master never allowed him to know any other name but Master. He was a swordsman of some renown in Marmo. He had stood at Emperor Beld? side as he proclaimed a united nation of the island and was honored for his skill. But he had grown old. Grennith, as it turned out, was not the only boy chosen. Many boys from across Marmo were chosen to learn, but they were quick to find out that training would be war itself.

    Grennith was forced to endure the worst Marmo had to offer from the beginning. At his sixth birthday, his master, along with some of the older boys, came to him without warning and castrated him while he was fully conscious and allowed him to heal naturally, so that he could feel the pain of it. From that day forward, Grennith changed completely.

    As he grew, he was subjected to everything that could be done to him. Training never used fake weapons, always real ones. Competitions were battles to the death. Grennith fought his friends and killed them before the age of twelve, for he knew he would die if he did not. From time to time, he was sent out into the wilderness with nothing but a dagger and expected not to return for weeks. Once a month, he was expected to submit to torture to steel himself against pain. It was under this environment that his master trained him.

    The castration of the boy had transformed him in more than an emotional sense. His master taught him to take advantage of the femininity of his body and the expectation of weakness that came from it. His voice never dropped octaves. He never grew facial hair. This, he learned, often turned men to believing him an easy victim. Though Grennith never needed to trick anyone to win a battle, his master carefully chose how he would dress to ensure his respected appearance as a warrior while influencing his foe.

    Grennith was taught the ways of his master and his code of warfare. Grennith could not fight an unarmed man. He could never harm a child or a woman. He would always remember that the act of warfare was murder. He would fight only for the good of those that cannot fight for themselves. He would protect the interests of the people, never a government. Wherever oppression was, he would fight it.

    And he took to this code. By the time he was eighteen years old, he had bested everyone in his age group. His master, aged out of a time for war, saw opportunities, but did not leave with the two other weapon masters of the training grounds. It was not until the end of the war in 525 that Grennith left the care of his master a weapon master himself. As a parting gift, a set of weapons was crafted for Grennith, one for each type of sword he mastered while training. With them came his mare, Marelle, who was to carry his weapons.

    For the next few years, Grennith traveled Marmo, serving its people in any capacity they required. His name quickly grew as a hunter of rapists, thieves, and monsters. Now, his reputation proceeds him. His credentials as a weapon master are attached securely to that reputation. Most recently, he has begun to be known as a dissenter to the control of Marmo by Flaim. While there is an official warrant out for his arrest for the killing of a foreign soldier who had raped a Marmo woman in 528, but no man has dared attempt to enforce it yet.

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