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Pronunciation: ĭ-TOY-ah

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Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    A rather handsome young man. Itoya has his mother’s large golden eyes and his father’s blue-black hair. He is much leaner than his father, but still has a bit of Etoh’s boyish good looks. Itoya wears his dark hair long, with thick bangs in the front and a ponytail in the back. Two locks hang down the side of his face, reaching to just above his collarbone.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Blue-Black
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Lean Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Itoya wears the robes of a Falis priest on all occasions. His robes consist of a white shawl-like mantle, open in front with a high gold trimmed collar; a long cape from beneath the mantle lined with burgundy on the reverse, and a loose white robe underneath that falls to the ankles and is belted at the waist. For shoes, he wears a sensible pair of boots. On the crown of his head sits a purple cap.

Weapon Description


Class Nobility/Cleric
Occupation Crown Prince of Valis, Priest of Falis
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, pack of basic traveling gear
Horse No
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Falis
ST 10
EN 8
AG 11
IN 16
LU 12
PB 15


    Well trained for a priest of his level. Itoya has a strong faith and is dedicated in his studies.

    Itoya was training in basic hand-to-hand self-defense, which he often has to employ in the defense of his sister, and the use of a mace. He is about as strong and agile as the average man.


    Itoya is a noble young priest with a heart of gold. He is well-educated and cultured, but his life is constantly hectic. Between his studies as a prince, priest, and watching out for his sister, it’s a miracle he has time to breath, but Itoya seems adept at multi-tasking. He isn’t quite sure of what he wants in his future, though the current flurry of activity he seems to be caught up in leaves him little time to ponder.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    First born to Etoh and Fianna shortly after their marriage, Itoya had a lot to live up to as the son of an exceptional Falis priest and renowned hero, and the grandson of one of the Six Heroes, and the last knightly king of Valis. Two years after him, his sister Elianna was born.

    In their early years, Elianna and Itoya were educated together through private tutors and priests. Itoya grew up idolizing his father as a boy, and expressed an interest in becoming a priest of Falis. Etoh hesitated to enroll Itoya as an acolyte until he was a teenager, but when Itoya turned fourteen, he still wanted to be a priest. So, he was enrolled. He eagerly absorbed information from the clergy, but his attention was divided. He still had to fill the role of prince, as well. While most acolytes lived at the temple, Itoya returned to the palace each night and was taught in matters of state that the temple couldn’t provide.

    However, the constant learning didn’t hold back Itoya’s progression as a priest. He was able to pass his tests and be raised to novitiate in the normal four years time. Yet, there was one process he could not undergo; the pilgrimage. Most young priests were given the opportunity to travel Lodoss after being raised, but Itoya was a prince, and could not travel. So, this part of his training was skipped.

    After finally becoming a priest, Itoya thought the burden of activity would be lifted just a little from his shoulders. He no longer had to study religious text for hours on end, and his only real area of study was now politics. He still had work at the temple, but the daily ceremonies and blessings were quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, Itoya’s life was just about to become more complicated.

    His sister, Elianna, began acting strangely. She skipped much of her lessons to sleep the day away instead. Itoya knew she was never content with her boring palace existence, but he first considered that she was ill. He offered her a blessing to help her sleep, and she accepted, but the next morning, she still slept in. Itoya began to become suspicious of his sister’s behavior and decided to see if there was a reason behind her new habits.

    One night, he hid outside her quarters, and after waiting for a couple hours, he was rewarded to see her sneaking out, dressed as a commoner. Itoya followed her as she snuck out of the palace, then through the city, until she arrived at a tavern and began gambling. He watched her play, quite amazed at how lucky she was. A couple years earlier, he heard that she had been gambling with the guards, but their father had forbid the games when he found out. It seemed Elianna had enjoyed it so much that she had to sneak out to play. After a few hands, Elianna took a break and Itoya took the chance to confront her.

    After lecturing her, much in the manner of their father, Itoya forced her to return to the palace with him. However, he didn’t turn her over to Etoh immediately. Instead, he gave her a chance to explain her actions. Elianna explained how miserable she was, and how sneaking out and gambling made her feel alive. Itoya was won over, and he couldn’t bear to see her suffer. Instead of telling their parents, he insisted that he had to come with her for her own protection if she was going to continue.

    So began the adventures of Itoya and Elianna. The siblings would sneak out at night so Elianna could have her fun, and Itoya would follow to keep her safe. There have been many occasions when they had to fight their way out of a bar when her luck went sour, or when a drunk got tired of being beaten by a girl. Eventually, their mother, Fianna, found out, but Elianna was able to convince her to allow her freedom. Itoya isn’t quite sure how she did it, but he was relieved that their father wouldn’t find out. Surely, if Etoh knew now, both Itoya and Elianna would be in deep trouble!

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