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Kylia Shadowstorm aka Nuij Velg’larn
Pronunciation: kai-LEE-ah SHA-doh-STORM, NU-eej velg-LAHRN

Forum ID CrimsonJustice
Plot Cian’s Quest
Kylia is © CrimsonJustice.
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Kylia’s Gallery
Age 28
Birth Year NRC 502
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    She owes her looks to her elven heritage but her build to her human heritage. She is of average height and her long black hair has a pair of silver streaks down her bangs. Her eyes seem shadowed over, as if something about her has left her with some inner demons she cannot defeat. She has a tattoo on her rear left shoulder of a black scimitar through a blood red skull and a tattoo of a black rose along the outer side of her right thigh. Her features are fine though and she is of a more athletic and medium build, with a body she loves to show off with somewhat revealing clothes. Other than that she carries a scar on the left side of her neck from a fight she got into when she was younger.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Raven Black w/ Silver Streaks
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Blue-Green
Build Medium Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    She wears enough clothing to cover herself up enough decently, often seen in a short sleeved black top that reveals a majority of her chest and loops around the outside edge of her shoulders. Her pants are a dark green in color and secured with a blood red belt that has a silver clasp in the shape of a demons claw, one carved from demon bone itself. She wears a pair of soft soled black boots in a tabi design but made of very thick leather that prevents most items from piercing them, her daggers sit on a thigh sheath on her right leg which wraps around it with about a dozen throwing knives in it. Her elven steel fighting blades sit at her sides ready to draw at first signs of a fight, and her clothing is designed to allow her maximum mobility while proper coverage. Her pants are tucked into the top of her boots which are tied off with blood red ties. She also wears a red leather vest which the inside is lined with a dozen more throwing daggers.

Weapon Description

    She has melted down her father’s saber and adopted a new style of combat, he twin fighting blades are forged of the same steel and look rather ordinary despite the quality of construction.

Class Merchant/Assassin
Occupation Traveling Apothecary, Demon Slayer
Guild Membership Merchants’ Guild (2)
Weapons Dwarven Steel Twin Fighting Blades, Throwing Knives
Armor None
Equipment Mortar and Pestle, Apothecary equipment, enough money to get by, spare clothing, book of recipes, herbs
Horse Wildfyre
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 8
AG 15
IN 10
LU 12
PB 15


    Kylia works closely with Valkyrie in her line of work as a demon slayer, but she won’t hesitate to summon dark spirits if she needs them. Elemental wise, she is good with Sylph and Undine, but rarely uses Salamander or Gnome. Invisibility Spirits are useful for her when demon hunting as well.

    Her fighting style is fast paced and acrobatic, it is based on being able to strike fast and hard. Her blades are wielded in an reverse grip and and she uses her full mobility in attacking, each strike she tries to get in as many strikes as she can get before having to dodge or avoid attacks from her opponent. She will also wait in the shadows and ambush her enemies, another tactic is that she will strike an enemy from above by using leaping strikes that if she stumbles could cause her injury.

    She can mount and dismount her horse with ease in any situation, she has also at times been known to leap at an enemy from horseback to initiate combat. She has trained extensively with her horse to work with her as a true partner in combat, something that took a very long time to do.


    She is a healer, though still trained as an assassin she seems total redemption for her past. She has a strong hatred of slavery and will not hesitate to go after any demon that manages to escape to Lodoss from the underworld. She is somewhat emotional and when confronted with her past she either gets very upset or very angry, depending on the point of her past. She will however fight all evil for she knows its true face, and hates it with a passion. She tries her best to help and will not make guarantees that she can, she just tries. She however fights the evil with more zeal, perhaps going to even stronger ends to finish it. Even the chance of something evil being redeemed will not stop her from killing it, it’s evil she does not consider its life worth sparing.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “My war will never be over until my dying breath, but then such is the path I chose to follow. If you can keep up the help would be appreciated, just at your own risk.”


    Kylia Shadowstorm was born in Salbad in NCR 502, to a Pizpor, a dark elf apothecary, and Shamus, a Marmo Knight. Her life was relatively normal up until the War of Heroes, when her father joined the other Marmo Knights alongside of Beld. Her father was dismissed from the knights, however due to internal conflicts and insubordination.

    Forced to live off of Pizpor’s apothecary business, the family stayed in Salbad with little in the way of amenities. Kylia took up the role of apprentice to her mother. When Kylia was twenty years old, she and her parents went out searching for herbs to sell, and were caught by demons. Kylia and her family were inducted into demonic slavery, forced to do menial labour until the demons had found an appropriate buyer. Kylia was forced to work in the kitchen, although she defied orders regularly. For her indiscretions, she was punished and tortured.

    Kylia’s parents died in slavery, but urged their daughter to escape at any cost. Kylia formulated a plan, and placed it in action, trying to seduce the guard. The guard fell for it, and young Kylia made a break for it, incapacitating the guard and stealing his weapon. Tried as she did, she was unable to escape the front gate, as it was locked. In despair Kylia was recaptured but she was resolved to escape.

    For the next two years she toiled under them learning the dark arts of assassination and how to work with the energies they were using to corrupt her. One day before he twenty-fifth birthday she found out their ulterior motives, they were going to use her as a pawn in their games and then decided to escape so that she would not become a weapon. Using a common spoon during those two years she dug a tunnel to the outside. Using it as an escape route she managed to thwart the demons and break into freedom.

    After a week she came out near a small village that had a dock, after explaining what was going on to the village elder she got shelter and after she was healed she managed to get a boat to the mainland, returning on the southern coast she made her way home. During her trek home she tried to avoid the wars between Lodoss and Marmo, while seeking to redeem herself for the past and to assuage her guilt at letting them get to her she assisted in defending small villages in exchange for supplies and shelter. After the war was over she made it home and returned to her birth place. Settling down she made a small business out of selling cures to most poisons, she has however remained reclusive and in dealing with business she will only let people in then. It has been long speculated she has been training in there, as the sounds of weapons on wood have been heard. Her business is employed to help with the problems amongst the populace, and she rarely travels out to face any demons considering they are a rare occurrence. Three years ago in one battle she was losing, she put all of her effort in and won with great injury. After that she sought to better find an effective combat measure, and in her sojourn she learned of the spirit Valkyrie. Seeking her out she did what she had to in order to prove her worth and forged a pact with the spirit, this was both to better fight the demons she so despised and to keep her from falling from her path. She has come so far and now she has come full circle, she became a members of the merchants guild due to her trade as an apothecary so she could sell her brews on the road.

    Over years her life has been focused upon bettering her skills as both an assassin and an apothecary, her work has been both a benefit and bane to others. She has travelled the land under various guises, one encounter did however scar her mentally and emotionally though. At one point on the road she was attacked by one of her former captors and vanished for a period of time, she was not captured but badly wounded and recovering. She has recently left her home to travel once more, selling her cures and poisons to those who would buy them from her. She seeks adventure as well and will join any worthy cause that she can aid, knowing that the road can be a very dangerous place to be alone on.

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