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Pronunciation: LUR-ee-AH

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Age 24
Birth Year NRC 506
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Wildlands

Physical Description

    Luria has a thin, athletic build. She has pointed half-elf ears, a long neck, thin waist, and long slender legs. Her eyes are bright green. She has long wavy golden blonde hair that falls down to her hips. She is very expressive. Her body usually shows the emotion she is feeling very obviously.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Blonde
Weight 115lbs Eye Color Green
Build Well-Toned Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    She wears a long off-white collared shirt. It is an oversized man’s shirt, so it covers her down to the thighs. She wears a green tunic over that with a hood that she keeps flipped down most of the time. The collar of the shirt is folded over it. It is open on the sides and she holds the outfit together with a red sash. She has a long strip of fabric wrapped tightly around each arm from the wrist to the elbow over the sleeves of her shirt. Her shoes are made of soft, worn-in deer skin and have light soles. They reach up to her shins and are held from falling down with leather ties.

Weapon Description

    A bow of high quality made by her father. It is resistant to damage due to water and would take some effort to burn. She also carries a hunting knife in a sheath attached to her sash.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Explorer/Adventurer
Weapons Bow and Arrows, Two Throwing Daggers, Hunting Knife
Armor None
Equipment Traveling gear; clothing, waterflask, empty foodbag, fletching kit, comb, whetstone, bedroll
Horse Aumn
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 14
EN 8
AG 15
IN 8
LU 12 (+5)
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Luria’s spells are not destructive, but instead are usually used to take advantage of a weakness, distract or hold back an enemy, or to make her archery skills more efficient. Her trademark attack is to use the wind spirits to guide her arrows to her target.

    Luria can handle holding her own against normal people in a scuffle, but she is better off standing back along with magic users when it comes to fighting anything with power or skill. Her attack strength is above average, but her body does not hold up well against attack in return. She is a swift runner and her hands are quick with her bow, but her agility does not apply as well in hand-to-hand combat. In that case, she is very nervous and clumsy, not very good at dodging attacks. She is able to hit targets from horseback or airborne targets.


    Luria is friendly and outgoing. She is always looking for a new friend and keeps her comrades very close to her heart. Luria is brave and does not back down from a challenge easily. She has a blunt and simple way of looking at thing which can make her look a little stupid at times. But, she's got enough common sense to carry her through.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Her mother was a Marfa priestess from a prominent family in Valis named Lura Rhan. She felt unhappy in the city and left on a journey of self discovery. She was saved in the forest by an elven ranger named Alerin and that is how Luria’s parents met.

    The family lived in isolation traveling from place to place in the Wildlands, moving to a new place whenever it was convenient. Her father sometimes led travelers as a ranger whenever they needed money, but most of the time they lived off the land. Luria was taught the precious qualities of nature and loved living the way that she did. But growing up, she was terribly lonely and curious about the world beyond the mountains and fields. When she was sixteen she decided that she was a full-grown woman and rightfully should see the world. The lands around Raiden and the Glassy Woods were her backyard and it was simple to lead travelers through. But she didn’t want to be a ranger, she wanted to find new places and do new things. She proclaimed herself an explorer and began to make trips across Lodoss in no particular direction.

    Luria has met Luda once briefly, when they were little. Her family traveled to Roid so that Lura could express condolences to her sister for the passing of her husband during the war. Luria has since been curious about her family in Valis.

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