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Lythia aka Lokei
Pronunciation: lyth-EE-ah, LO-kee

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Lythia’s Gallery
Age 32
Birth Year NRC 498
Gender Female
Race One-Quarter Common Elf, One-Quarter Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Azarns Islands & the Sea

Physical Description

    Lythia is a stunning darkly tanned and tribally tattooed half-elf. She stands a five-foot-eight, toned one hundred forty five pounded, hour-glassed force of nature. Long black hair cascades down her shoulders and falls to mid-back. Her eyes are golden and piercing, set in a face with high cheekbones. Her tattoos curl around her arms, and across her back.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Blackish-Blue
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Hourglass Skin Color Bronze

Clothing and Armor

    Lythia wears a high collared leather vest with curling designs embossed on the upper portion of the chest paired crisscrossing sashes over fitted black breeches minimal armor. On her arms and shins, she wears a set of steel bracers and shin guards. Her boots are knee-high boots with reinforced metal toes. Duel necklaces of teeth and polished silver graces her chest, while functional fingerless reinforced steel-knuckled leather gloves, a bandanna, and two sets silver and gold hoop earrings accents her attire.

Weapon Description

    Lythia carries a matched pair of elven swords inherited from her father and paternal grandfather. They are approximately three and half-feet, and have straight handle and a crossguard. Ideal for working the rigging or uncooperative folks, fingerless reinforced steel-knuckled gloves and metal toed boots serve to protect and increase melee attacks.

Class Pirate
Occupation Pirate Captain, Rogue
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5)
Weapons 2 elven swords, utility knife, reinforced fingerless steel-knuckled gloves
Armor Quilted vest, steel bracers & shin guards, steel-knuckled gloves, steel-toed boots
Equipment Clothing, bedroll, drinking flask, signal mirror
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 14
AG 17
IN 11
LU 16
PB 16


    Lythia has a mismatched set of skills; thieving abilities with a code of conduct; mercenary fighting style; merchant savvy, and mariner. As a shaman, she prefers water and air spirits.


    Lythia is clever, opportunistic, mercurial, manipulative, witty, humorous, passionate, debauched, and underhanded, but always good-natured. Her slanged and nonchalant speech and mannerisms often belie her true intentions. As a captain, Lythia is all business and woe to the fool who stands her way of running it smoothly. Like most good captains and mercenaries, Lythia remains levelheaded under pressure, abreast of the needs and best interests of her crew and responses accordingly.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Lythia is the only daughter of an adventurous pirate and sometimes-honest merchant sailor half-dark elf, half-common elf father, Ados, and Azarnian woman, Tialis.

    Ados ran into a spot of trouble with a fleet of battleships from Flaim and Alania set to the task of sinking any and all ships guilty of acts of piracy. Lythia’s father, being captain of one of those notorious ships, was cornered near the Azarns. Ados hid the ship and he and his crew joined with a local tribe of the Azarns until the fleets disbanded. It was during this time he fell in love and married a woman of the tribe, Tialis, thus producing their only child, Lythia.

    At the age of ten, Lythia’s lost her mother to illness and she was left to her father. Ados took her out to sea where she was reared in the proud and ennoble traditions of a pirate. They sailed from the Azarns with her father, never to return home again. She spent her formative years upon the open sea, taking up her end of “the family business”.

    Eventually filled with youth’s wanderlust, she parted sails from her father for dry land at the age of eighteen to create a halfway decent reputation for herself separate from the notorious Captain Ados. He left her in Raiden, where Lythia first sought out her father’s parents. The mismatched dark elf-common elf couple lived in Raiden, which was the only place such a union could be accepted. Pleased to meet their half-elf granddaughter, Feanor and Niniel told Lythia about their family history. As a gift, they gave her a sword that matched her father’s. Knowing that Raiden was no beginning for someone so young and full of fine promise, they sent Lythia on her way.

    Now called Lokei, she began a life of a mercenary. Through her time as a mercenary, she also recruited comrades who were willing to join her crew. After around ten years, she had amassed a small following, forming an impromptu band. They were hired as the body guards for a Valsian lord who wanted to sail to Raiden. They stayed with him as far as Raiden, and when the lord disembarked his vessel, they lifted anchor and sailed off into the north with his ship. For this illustrious well-crafted act of piracy, Lythia earned her commendation as captain, a ship, and an ancestral elven sword from Captain Ados.

    Years have passed, and Captain Lythia has commanded her ship, The Siren, to legendary success. However, her ship was badly damaged and many of her crew lost in a battle with a sea serpent. They were able to drive it off, but not after the beast had taken its toll. The Siren was taking on water, but Lythia was able to get it to the Isle of Wreckage, just to her south and beached The Siren on the shore. Repairs were needed, and her crew was diminished. Lythia was compelled to avenge her crew and ship, but to do so, she would need to be flexible to find a way.

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