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Mudan Jasil
Pronunciation: moo-DAHN JAH-sil

Forum ID Mudan
Plot Building an Empire at Sea
Mudan is © Z/Mudan.
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Age 17
Birth Year NRC 513
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Azarn Islands

Physical Description

    A handsome, exotic young man. Mudan’s thick black hair falls to his neck and is just barely long enough to be pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes are deep, dark mahogany brown that light up like amber when the sun hits them. Mudan owes his dark features to his Azarn heritage, including his well-tanned dusky skin. He has a few faint freckles across his face and very little facial hair.

Height 6’1” Hair Color Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Svelte Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    Mudan wears a pair of baggy white cotton pants bound at his waist by a blue sash. On a ship, he usually wears little more than those pants, but on land (mainly in cities) he dresses up more. This includes a lightweight, loose-fitting long sleeve shirt, a fitted long blue naval jacket with silver trimming on the lapels and pair of knee-high black leather turn-down boots. Too keep his long hair out of his face, he wears a red kerchief on his head. Around his waist is his sword belt. He constantly wears a necklace of polished brown agate beads. On his wrists, he has a pair of hardened leather bracers that he looted off a dead pirate.

Weapon Description

    Mudan’s weapon is a plain saber of common origin. The blade is nicked in places, but Mudan does his best to keep it sharp. It has a solid basket to protect his hand and the grip is wrapped with well-worn leather.

Class Rogue
Occupation Pirate
Weapons Saber, Fine Steel Dagger, x6 Throwing Daggers
Armor Hardened Leather Bracers
Equipment Trunk; clothing, assorted jewelry, bottle of whiskey, weapon care supplies
ST 11
EN 10
AG 18
IN 10
LU 8
PB 14


    Mudan is very agile and wiry. The young man can quickly climb up masts and rigging without a twinge of fear. Years of being at the beck and call of a captain have given him great endurance and lung capacity. When it comes to fighting, his ability lies in his speed to strike and dodge, though he is far from a sword master.


    Mudan is a carefree individual with rather warped morals. While he is at heart, a good person, he almost completely lacks in loyalty to anyone but himself. Mudan is only interested in his own well-being. He’ll work as long as it suits him, and he might even be a hard worker, but if he feels too restrained or his curiosity gets the best of him, he’ll be gone in the next port. When it comes to women, he cares little for relationships, all he wants is to enjoy himself.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Mudan’s mother, Luella, was a prostitute in the main port town in the Azarn Islands. Mudan was the result of a romp with a charming pirate by the name of Fass Jasil. Fass was originally of the nation of Flaim, a member of the Flame tribe who abandoned his people to explore the world, eventually ending up as a pirate. Luella and Fass spent sometime talking to each other as Fass was intrigued by the Azarn people and spent the entire week together. Luella’s tribe had been strongly influenced by the traders from other, more advanced nations and they now suffered the vices of the Alecrastians and Lodossians. After her week with Fass, Luella saw no business for at least a month, and when she took a week off for menstruation (as she had a generous mistress), she found her period never came. She soon realized she was pregnant and because she had only been with Fass that month, she was certain he was the father.

    Luella worked through most of her pregnancy, until the last three months when she was allowed time off. Mudan was born at the very beginning of spring and Luella gave him his father’s surname of Jasil. Luella was back to work shortly after Mudan’s birth and he was left with his aunt Nilu while his mother worked.

    As Mudan grew older, he well-exposed to his mother’s business. At the age of four, Luella brought him with her to work, only to leave him out in the common room of the bordello while she entertained her customers. Some of the other prostitutes had illegitimate children as well, and they were Mudan’s playmates and babysitters.

    When Mudan was seven, Fass returned to the Azarns and sought out Luella to rekindle that old lust. Luella was quite surprised to see him again, but she preformed her obligations as a prostitute before she told him about their son. By that age, Mudan spent most of his days in and around the village with the friends he’d known since a toddler. Fass remained with Luella until Mudan came home that night and met his son. It was quite and uncomfortable meeting. Fass wasn’t sure what to make of the boy and Mudan was hesitant to accept the stranger. Not many of his friends knew their fathers, except for those born in legitimate families. However, Luella didn’t ask for anything from Fass. She didn’t want to marry him and she didn’t expect money. All she wanted was for him to know he had a child. Fass had no interest in fulfilling his paternal obligations and disappeared after spending his week’s leave on the island. Fass hesitantly tried bonding with Mudan, but the boy acted as if he wanted to nothing to do with his father. Secretly, Mudan began to want for a whole, almost-normal family. But, once Fass’s leave was up, he was never seen on the island again.

    Mudan was disappointed in his father. Just when he began to get his hopes up, his father was gone. He hoped that Fass would return for the next few years, but he never did and Mudan’s hopes waned to nothing.

    At the age of nine, a life of being surrounded by sexuality caught up with Mudan as the first hints of puberty began to appear. He started taking an interest in girls, especially one named Liako. She was the daughter of a prostitute as well, and two years his senior. Liako had just begun to develop and eagerly showed herself off, emulating her promiscuous mother. Mudan’s young lust flared and he quickly responded to Liako’s flirtations. They were a short lived couple and experimented with what they had seen of their mother’s occupations in the course of a month. When they were finished with all they could experiment with, Liako lost interest and moved on to other young men.

    In the years to follow, Mudan had relationships and flings with nearly every girl within five years of his age in the town. He and Liako had flings together off and on until she was fifteen. By then, she took up her mother’s occupation and Mudan wanted nothing more to do with her. Though she had been with other people when they were younger, some how it wasn’t so bad when they were all people he knew. But once she started whoring herself out to strangers and grown men, Mudan became disgusted with her.

    At the same time, his mother had grown ill. Sores had begun to appear on her body, and she treated them with an herbal concoction, but they kept coming back. Her vision seemed to grow poor and her speech slurred. She complained about pain in her elbows, shoulders, and knees, and then in more joints as time wore on. Her symptoms grew worse with each passing week. Sometimes, she muttered when no one was around, seeming to argue with herself. Finally, shortly before his fourteenth birthday, he found her dead in her room.

    While Mudan mourned his mother, he was glad to see she no longer suffered. Her muttering and slurred speech worried him, even more so than the lesions and pain. With no family he felt especially close to, Mudan waited in the port for the first ship to come. A mercantile ship docked two weeks after his mother’s death and Mudan asked a crewman to introduce him to the captain. The captain quickly agreed to hire him as a cabin boy.

    So Mudan set sail for Alecrast with the merchant vessel. Mudan was trained by the crew in ship handling in his spare time between running errands for the captain. When they arrived in an Alecrastian port, Mudan slipped away to explore the foreign city. He barely returned to the ship in time to leave, and he had discovered his lust for exploration.

    En route to Lodoss, the ship was attacked by pirates. Mudan knew he was no match for the experienced fighters, and he felt little loyalty to the crew, so the boy hide in the captain’s quarters while pirates and sailors battled on the deck. The pirates won the battle and entered the cabin to loot the captains belongings. Mudan cautiously revealed himself, he wasn’t one to beg, but he did his best to appeal to their mercy. He convinced them that he didn’t care what happened to the cargo, and all he wanted to do was travel. The pirates spared his life, but took him prisoner. Mudan spent only a day in bondage until the captain decided to give him a chance as a member of the crew. The young man fit right in with the pirate crew and took over the duties of a cabin boy again.

    He spent just over two years on the ship. He acquired a saber from a crew mate and was taught how to wield it. He learned more sailing skills and nurtured an idea of finding his father on the seas. However, traveling was his greatest interest. When the pirates docked on Blue Dragon Island, he and a few crew mates took a dingy to Raiden and snuck into the city, avoiding the mercantile defenses. The crew enjoyed some of the Free City’s services and Mudan set out to explore. Raiden was the largest of the three cities and towns he had seen in his life and there was so much to explore. Mudan gave up his obligation to the crew without concern for the consequences. He decided to stay in Raiden until he had explored every district, and by time he had done that, the ship was eight days out to sea.

    With his curiosity sated, Mudan debated between exploring inland and heading back out to sea, and he settled on the sea.

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