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Myel-Elina Sorka
Pronunciation: mi-IEL el-EE-nah SOR-kah

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Plot Myel-Elina
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Age 26
Birth Year NRC 504
Gender Here
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Myel-Elina is a tall, thin woman, whose rare friends usually describe as very attractive. Her long brown hair is artificially darkened, so that it actually appears black. Upon her thin visage, almost no smile can be seen on her thick lips, which accentuates the sadness reflected in her eyes, dark as clouds of a storm. Her very pale skin is often described as “as pale as winter roses”, although winter roses are just legendary flowers.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Brown (Dyed Black)
Weight 136lbs Eye Color Black
Build Average Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Myel-Elina usually wears a pale gray, close-to-skin dress, a gift from her mother. A purple and golden belt is to be seen on her hips, from which a light veil of golden silk dropped up to her feet. Neither armor nor helmet she wears, even when fighting, and she almost never wears something other than her mother’s dress.

Weapon Description

    Myel-Elina wears very few weapons, being not eager to fight. But when combat becomes necessary, a long dagger and a light crossbow are her weapons. The dagger has a thin, slightly curved blade, and its pommel displays golden and purple figures. The light crossbow is a very short one, able to be wore in one hand, made of some mysterious kind of wood (one Myel-Elina has never seen before). Given by her mentor, this crossbow displays a strange mark, a lion surrounded by fire.

Class Bard
Occupation Errand
Weapons Thin Dagger, Light Crossbow
Armor None
Equipment Lute, writing accessories (ink, paper, etc.), rope, cloak, few silver coins, little knife
ST 8
EN 12
AG 17
IN 15
LU 12
PB 14


    Strength and stamina are not among Myel-Elina’s qualities, and she looks rather frail. Rather than the force of her muscles, the bard uses her great dexterity and agility ton escape from physical problems. More than once she managed to escape difficulties with her suppleness. But her real qualities are to be found in her charisma. Although she never had great eloquence, her beauty and her capacity to sing and play lute helps her in many circumstances, where neither her weak strength nor her agility can. Her voice and her instrument are known to raise in anyone the most striking sadness and sorrow.


    Myel-Elina is mainly a really sad person. The death of her parents, of her mentor, and her poor life as a errand has given her such sorrow and pain that she never smiles nor talks much about herself. The only real way to express herself is through her music, in which she puts so much of herself.

    Myel-Elina’s mother has raised her as a deeply good person, willing to do good around herself. But all the experience, and among them the death of her father, convinced her that being a good person only leads to death and sorrow, and so she decided to avoid good actions as long as she could. When others try to react as good persons, she tries as hard as she can to ignore the willingness to help people, which leads her into the path of neutrality and raises great conflict in her mind.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    The uncommon history of Myel-Elina Sorka is to be relied to the fate of her family. Both her grand-father and her father were Holy Knights of Valis (her father wanted a boy to continue the fate of his lineage, but Myel-Elina was his only child). Their eagerness to fight evil and serve their king was really strong, even stronger than the love for their family. When the king called them for war, they left without a second thought for their family, not to return.

    Myel-Elina never forgave her father and grand-father for abandoning their wives. After the death of the grand-mother, Myel-Elina’s mother died of sorrow, leaving her young daughter full of pain and anger against “the stupidity of serving the gods”. Myel-Elina swore never to become a defender of gods of light, and left her native village to live as an errand in the kingdom.

    During her first year alone, Myel-Elina lived as a lone vagabond, proposing her service as waitress in tavern for food and lodging. She spent many nights alone in the wild, without anything to eat or drink, and she definitively lost her lust for smile. Her visage reflected more and more sadness, while her eyes grew darker and darker. One night, as she worked in a tavern in a small town, she met Khôrahil, a lone bard who had been cast out from his guild. Shocked by Myel-Elina’s beauty and sadness, he decided to form Myel-Elina as his apprentice.

    Myel-Elina and her new mentor traveled across Lodoss, avoiding big cities of the different kingdoms, including the city of Raiden. Khôrahil gave Myel-Elina her crossbow and her lute, both of them displaying then mark of a lion surrounded by fire. In spite of Myel-Elina’s numerous questions, Khôrahil never explained this mark. The apprentice made quick progress and finally became a good bard, acting, disguising herself, singing, playing lute and even writing songs and poems. However, she always refused to play anything happy or full of joy, performing only sad and painful songs. More than once she made the whole audience cry by her voice. What’s more, she never played when a Holy Knight was in the audience, nor performed songs about Knights of Valis.

    In a dark winter night, the pair of bards went into a lethal trap. Five fighters, rented by Khôrahil’s former guild, appeared from the shadows to kill the two singers. The fight was rough, and Myel-Elina hardly managed to escape. But Khôrahil, her only true friend, was killed by the men. More alone than ever, Myel-Elina went on with her journey.

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