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Parsley Lorelai
Pronunciation: PARS-lee LOR-ah-LYE

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Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Age 56
Birth Year NRC 474
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Salbad/Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Almost lacking in body weight, Parsley’s lack of curves and slim build make her seem fragile and boyish at first glance until eye contact is made. Resting there beyond her strong cheek bones, a set of light blue eyes softly glow against her dark skin, but burn with determination. Her long, elven ears seem misplaced as they contrast against her light green hair with certainty, and there at the very tips of her ears a small slit divides the point that should be rounded. This is her constant reminder of her dead grandfather, her trainer and her teacher. Her mint-like green hair is messily layered with quick, clean cuts, but her ends are still uneven as they reach mid-thigh. Her ever changing hair style always involves an exceedingly long pink ribbon that’s constantly on hand, but her signature bangs are left free of everything as they closely follow her jaw line.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Mint Green (Pale Blond)
Weight 115lbs Eye Color Light Blue
Build Boyish Skin Color Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    Parsley prefers her clothing comfortable and her style definitely reflects that. The only snug piece of clothing she possesses is a simple tan t-shirt that she wears beneath her large cloak. This deep blue cloak is also simple, with no designs and virtually no seams, most of it gathered in a large heap on her shoulders. The back of this blue material is loose though, and falls to mid-thigh but is a light enough material that it doesn’t interfere with her love for running. Her over-sized pants only hug her hips for form, while they completely bury her legs beneath purple folds. Her toes and feet are covered with a leather boot that is only ankle high with a slight heel, but is not seen due to her pants excessive size. Where the heel is suppose to be located, the purple pants are well ripped in, and she wears black gloves that are cut off at the first knuckle of each finger. They continue up her arm, creating a funnel like effect until they reach her elbows.

Weapon Description

    The primary weapon that Parsley prefers is her large spear. It’s roughly two meters in length, constructed with bamboo and reinforced by a steel rod that connects the handle like piece in the spear’s center to the blade and cap on both ends. This steel rod runs through the inside of the bamboo, not seen unless the bamboo is somehow split. The blade itself at the end of the spear is light although sharp and shaped similar to a bird’s wing.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Shamanist Fighter
Weapons Large Spear “Skyta”
Armor Steel Plates on Gloves and Boots
Equipment Wedding ring, clothing, leather belt, draw-string bag, food and water provisions, bandages
Familiar Soybean
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 8
EN 8
AG 14
IN 18
LU 11
PB 13


    Parsley has a definite affinity for water, and thus is quite well connected with Undine. She is also quite good with Sylph and Flau, the ice elemental, while Salamander and Gnome fall lower on her scale. She failed her coming of age summon for dark spirits, but she could call upon them if absolutely necessary, but she is afraid of their power.

    In a constant circle of movement, Parsley’s acrobatic skills are superb thanks to her father’s way of constantly doing everything the hard way. If something was out of reach her father required no less than the most complicated way to get it within your reach using only your body. Parsley subconsciously picked up on this habit. Her love for running shaped her stamina to an all new high for her, but her flexibility sometimes limits her to what she can and can’t do and she frequently finds herself internally frustrated at her shortcomings in this area. Her combat skills are unique in the fact that her determination is her main drive. Even faced with death, Parsley won’t give up until her goal for that moment is accomplished. If she loses her determination though her skills become lost with her lack of zeal. she is right handed and usually goes for a knockout unless a kill is called for.

    If stripped of her primary weapon, Parsley resorts to her fists, where atop her gloves a simple metal plate sits on the back of her hand. Although a horrible hand-to-hand fighter, Parsley learned the basics in a technique her father called the ‘hit and run’. She does just that. The metal on top of her hands and feet are too thin to use for constant battle, instead she uses them as an ‘amour’ to deflect a hit or such. Use of them as constant hand-to-hand weapon would result in their demolish.


    Parsley is very shy when meeting new people, and generally avoids it if at all possible. Being so used to her grandfather bossing her around, when Parsley married Mica and did without it, she found herself allowing Mica to make decisions and submitting to his authority without question. She’s very tomboyish and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty if need be, but she’s generally not outspoken until she’s comfortable with the environment. She has a general empathy for animals and takes to them much better than she would any human, hence why she keeps Soybean, her ferret, usually pretty close at hand.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “I’d like to spend a lifetime in this dream of mine where you are all I see.”, “I meant for something more than living just to put food on my plate.”, “Yes, yes, yes. And I think that you should be wearing a bag over your head, but since you’re not, I suppose life isn’t kind.”



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