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Phaeton Sky-Eyes
Pronunciation: PHAY-tohn SKY-eyes

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Phaeton’s Gallery
Age 19
Birth Year NRC 511
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Wildlands

Physical Description

    Phaeton wears his hair in an ornate ponytail, as do most of the warriors of his clan. He wears the customary face paint of his totem, which is that of the hawk. It is a large black tattoo painted on, the paint is simple dyes that Phaeton finds from different herbs and can be washed off easily. Phaeton is good physical specimen, he has a slender svelte musculature and seems to have not an ounce of fat on his body. He has an air of wildness about him a savage beauty that is sometimes shown in his face, which has a beautiful look to it when he cleans up.

Height 6’ Hair Color Black
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Lean Skin Color Reddish Brown

Clothing and Armor

    Phaeton wears a simple leather vest or jerkin, pants and leather threaded shoes. He wears an elaborate hair braid that holds his hair in place. Phaeton has little in the way of armor and wears two well made leather bracers that he can use to block some medium sized blunt weapons like a staff or pole, but not a mace. However, Phaeton prefers the freedom of movement that his clothing allows him, full use of his speed and agility.

Weapon Description

    Phaeton’s spear is a well made wooden shaft about four feet long or so, ending in a metal spear head that while a bit crudely made is very sharp and effective. He carries two daggers which he keeps, on his belt and a small fighting axe which is his principal weapon. Phaeton’s fighting axe is a foot and a half long, well made wooden handle which is wrapped in leather ending in a thong. The axe head is single and has a blunt counter weight on the other side, this makes it perfect for throwing or hand to hand use. The throwing axe is stained a brownish color similar to Phaeton’s clothing, to blend in better.

Class Ranger
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (3)
Weapons Spear, Two Daggers, Hand Axe
Armor Leather Bracers
Equipment Small Backpack: wineskin, clothing, blanket, beads and tribal jewelry, small bag of stones and beads, food rations, whetstone, cloth and oil for blades
Horse Ikhen
ST 15
EN 15
AG 14
IN 10
LU 10 (+5)
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Phaeton is unusually strong and agile for his age, he is a good long distance runner. Having few horses, many warriors of his clan travel by running and he can often go for long periods at a steady clip before tiring. He is a gifted fighter, his use of the axe and spear are his best assets, his fighting style encompasses moving and weaving searching for weaknesses then striking at a an enemies weak points. Phaeton? most unique ability are his tracking skills, he was one of the best of his clan, and is most effective when tracking prey in grasslands or on open plains. But does have skill in tracking through forests, though not at the level of an elf, but near that of a decently trained ranger. Having been trained by his mother in the use of certain roots, plants and herbs he has some limited knowledge of holistic cures for small cuts and bruises.


    Phaeton is loyal, to a fault. Once he finds friends he does not abandon them, he is honorable and brave. He constantly will fight to protect the weak and helpless. Though he is a bit naive, he is a savage in the eyes of many other races of Lodoss. Phaeton values freedom and has a very stoic quality to him. He prefers simple, direct solutions. Often he will say what he means and say it promptly without beating around the bush. Civilized life is still somewhat new to him, but he’s adjusting. While Phaeton’s ways are somewhat uncivilized, he has a very soft and compassionate quality about him, in quiet moments. He can be wise for his young age, and will sometimes spout small verses of wisdom. Despite the loss of his home and culture, Phaeton’s attitude and overall personality remains upbeat and lively, but he does have his moments sometimes.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “I greet you with respect and honor.”


    Born to a primitive hunting and gathering people divided into different clans, people live among some of the grassy plains located in the Wildlands just on the outer edges of Flaim. Phaeton was the eldest son born to his father. Akir the Windblade, Phaeton’s father was the fifth in a line of sky totem worshipers that had ruled their clan. As his eldest son, Phaeton’s name was taken because of his eye color which; the mid-wife called Sky Eyes.

    Phaeton grew well and strong learning the ways of a warrior and tracker, much to the pride of his father. As the eldest of two sons, it would fall to him lead the tribe towards prosperity and abundance. Britos, Phaeton’s younger brother was more than a bit jealous of his older brother’s first right to rulership, and thus sibling rivalry began. The two boys would constantly challenge each other, each always trying to out perform the other. But while they competed with each other, Phaeton enjoyed those times, despite the few arguments or occasional scuffle he truly respected and loved his brother. Phaeton’s mother, Mythea, took pride in both her sons; both children were taught the mysteries and secrets of simple herbal cures and poultices. While Phaeton learned well these skills, his brother Britos showed and even greater aptitude towards the medicinal arts, Britos was chosen to follow the path of shaman, while Phaeton followed the warrior’s way.

    As Akir’s people use no real name for their tribe, they are simple, and live by traditions and codes of honor. Each leader of the clan is expected to bear strong sons, who can take his place as clan leader, when Phaeton reached the age of manhood he was of age to replace his father as clan leader. As Britos would eventually follow similar tests to replace the shaman, each boy was determined to honor their father and excel. As Phaeton followed his tests, each one he took and excelled at, as did his younger brother. Some tests involved physical endurance, strength and cunning, others were more exotic. All went well until the Right of the Blade, a bloody and savage fight, which entailed dueling with his father to the death. While savage, the old tradition was still used and respected by his clan. Phaeton, for all his obedience and respect of tradition and to his father, found he couldn’t do it, he was determined not to spill his father’s blood. Phaeton could not bring himself to fight his own father and was exiled from his clan and disowned by his family for refusing to adhere to custom. As such his name was stricken from all records both written and spoken, and Britos was chosen to ascend ruler-ship of his their clan. The disowning included stripping him of all he knew, and a warning never to return under pain of death.

    Broken hearted and alone, Phaeton accepted the decision he’d made and became the first of any clan to travel to the outside world. Now he travels Lodoss seeking a purpose, hoping to find a way in a strange world he knows little about.

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