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Pronunciation: SAH-RAH

Forum ID OokeStoneskull
Plot Lost Humanity
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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Human
Affliction Lycanthropy
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Sara is very pale and fair skinned, this shows her emotions with ease, if she’s angry you see her skin flush red, and her cheeks turn pink when she blushes. Her hair is jet black and just past shoulder length but frays up and out to the sides, it looks almost like a black crescent moon. She also has bangs up to her eye brows, and she wears a silver head band. Her ears are a little big and tend to stick out but she’s fine with it. Her body is neither super thin nor super fat. Her upper body is very average for her height with a little more bust. Her lower half is not average. She has very thick and toned thighs, hips, and buttocks. Other then these stand out qualities she is your average looking women.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Black
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Voluptous Skin Color Pale White

Clothing and Armor

    Sara dresses to her liking with out a care to how other see her. Her top is layered leather. Three pentagon pieces of leather overlap each other with the point facing her mid drift which is exposed. Her shoulders are also exposed. The back is similar but with the point facing up. Her pants are very tight and only reach her mid knee. The sides are open with leather string tying the front half to the back and a soft animal skin is over the back, pleated at end and tight over the rest (similar to a Spanish skirt). This half a skirt does not cover the front of her legs. She also wears a single studded leather bracer that covers her pointer finger, but no other fingers on her right arm/hand. She also keeps an amulet bound with twine around her neck, and under her top.

Weapon Description

    She carries a longbow and a variety of arrows. Her bow is almost as tall as she is carved from the strongest oak; it’s very pretty with many designs on it. The handle has silver liner and leather grip, with a carved guide. Although the wood has been bleached white it still a bit darker then her skin. She also keeps two hatchets but will only use them if she has no choice for she prefers range and might throw them rather then go into melee. This being said they are very normal and could be replaced at any market.

Class Ranger
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Longbow & Quiver with assorted arrows
Armor Leather Top, Leather Pants, Studded Leather Bracers, Leather Boots
Equipment Lt. Backpack; 50ft. rope, pouch, flint and steel, blanket, waterskin, healing herbs, hatchet
ST 9
EN 14
AG 17
IN 10
LU 13
PB 9

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Sara is light on her feet and quick to move. Her aim is almost always dead on. She is an excellent marksman who is not very easily distracted. She spent quite a bit of time in the forest and traveling through trees almost as fast as a horse would trot through the same area with out getting very tired.


    Sara is a focused individual. She will always try to find the good in people, because she likes to think that if she told people her secret they would see the good in her. She loves and walks of life human, elf, dwarf, whatever; they are all one in the same to her. When she puts her mind to work on something, it’s hard to distract her. Overall Sara enjoys life but always finds herself thinking of her true parents and her affliction.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Sara was born a bastard unwanted child. Shortly after having Sara, her mother ran to the near by woods of the Mirror Forest and was going to leave her there to die. During this process they were caught in the path an in rage werewolf. Her mother was mauled to death and as the beast began its attempt to end Sara’s life. A single silver arrow dropped the beast and an elven ranger put an end to the beast. Even thought the beast was dropped it still managed to scratch and bleed all over Sara.

    Finrod, the elven ranger took Sara and nursed her back to health. It took six years for the wounds to disappear. During those six years he had to deal with several things. First she had no name when the elf founder her, because her mom was dead and her father was no where to be found. Finrod spent many years tiring to come up with a name but could not find it in himself to name a child that wasn’t his. Secondly, Finrod knew that the beast that attacked her would leave its mark on her for life, and this would come to show on the first full moon after the attack.

    A small black and gray fur ball with sharp teeth is what her first transformation made of her. She was cute when she was young but just looked strange and exotic as she grew up. When she was young and small so he could keep her hidden, but this was harder and harder to do when she grew up. Finrod tried to cure her lycanthrope but to no avail, finally he paid a wizard of great power and a dwarven blacksmith to forge an enchanted amulet to keep her rage from over powering her. She would still suffer from the pain of the alteration and shame of the form, but she could at least now tell friend from foe, even if they couldn’t. This was no cheap task, but she began to feel more and more like a daughter to him and he felt she deserved that much. Unfortunately this would never allow her to gain control of it on her own.

    Her elven caretaker tried many a time to find her a human home, but this was no easy task given her condition and his growing feeling for his adopted daughter. So he took it upon himself to teach her the way of the ranger. She was a quick study, but seemed to excel in her archery, picking things off from great distances with near perfect precision.

    She grew to be a healthy teen and great help to Finrod in the forest. She meet many elven children growing up and most treated her with respect, as she did to them, but none would no her deepest secret because she knew the would banish her and Finrod, and she couldn’t do that to him. Other did not enjoy the fact that she was a human and made fun of her. So she kept her distance, watching other play, and making few friends in the forest. Without a name, others just called her child of Fin. She understood why he had not given her a name but rather than name herself; she wanted him to name her. She felt he had raised her and earn the right to.

    On her twentieth birthday, Finrod gave her a human name, Sara. He always like the way it sounded and now she felt more like his own daughter then ever. He also told her the full story of how he found her. She took the news well as he knew she would. He then gave her supplies to aid on her own adventure, for it was time for her to find her self. She didn’t know what she would do but sure that others would need her help so she set off. A year past and she spent most her time in the forest, protecting people passing by or guiding the lost back home. Now twenty-one she seeks more out of life and maybe even her father.

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