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Thangroth Broadarm
Pronunciation: THAN-groth BROD-ahrm

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Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
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Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Homeland Steel Kingdom

Physical Description

    Unlike his other two brothers Urgrin and Hordgrim, is well, a pretty boy, by dwarven standards. Or at least what dwarves would consider so, enough to have earned him continuous teasing by his older siblings in his youth. But like his father Thangroth has a literal mane of fiery red hair and a medium length beard. He is somewhat smaller than his two brothers, but the years spent training as a smithy and warrior under his father’s tutelage have afforded him large well muscled arms. He usually wears a circlet to keep his hair from getting in the way of his work and is somewhat shy about his looks. He has his mother’s steel gray eyes.

Height 4’7” Hair Color Fiery Red
Weight 200lbs Eye Color Steel Gray
Build Muscular Skin Color Deep Bronze

Clothing and Armor

    Thangroth’s choice of attire tends to be a simple shirt, breeches, apron and leather long boots when he’s working in a forge. Or no shirt at all. When on a job as a warrior, he wears a simple chain mail shirt, over a blue padded undershirt for protection and brown pants, with sturdy black leather boots. Thangroth also likes to sport knuckle spiked leather gloves also when doing warrior’s work. He rarely, if ever, wears a helm.

Weapon Description

    Like his father and his before him, Thangroth has been extensively trained in the use of hammers, maces and axes. He uses a very large and sturdy dark bronze colored War hammer he has affectionately named “Hanna”. The reason for this is a family tradition, that all of the men’s weapons be given a female name and visa versa for the women. He has a great axe that he uses as a reserve weapon, but clearly favors his hammer.

Class Warrior
Occupation Metalsmith/Warrior
Weapons Warhammer “Hanna”, Great Axe
Armor Chainmail Shirt, Padded Cloth Shirt, Leather Gloves w/ Spikes
Equipment Backpack; wooden box with smithing tools, bedroll, blanket, clothing, wineskin, food rations, tinderbox
ST 17
EN 15
AG 9
IN 13
LU 11
PB 15


    Thangroth is somewhat stronger than an average dwarf, a result of the extreme training his father put both he and his siblings through. Argrim wanted strong sons, Thangroth learned the use of the great warhammer from his father. The years of wielding such a heavy object have given his arms an extreme musculature, even for a dwarf. He is built like a short little red haired brick house.


    Thangroth is innocent, at least as innocent as a dwarf who’s never really seen a lot of the world of Lodoss can be. He is brave, loyal and extremely determined. When he puts his mind to something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. Honoring a promise means a lot to him. He is unusually kind and gentle for a dwarf when dealing with children or animals, this also got him teased a lot. Thangroth, however, has some faults to his personality, sometimes he tends not to be very observant. That has infuriated his mother in the past. When he focuses of his smithing, that’s it, he’s gone until it’s finished. To him smithing isn’t a craft, it’s life.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “Hmmn...? Why are you staring? Never seen a dwarf pat a kitten before?”


    Born to Argrim and Merril Broadarm, Thangroth is part of a line of gifted dwarven craftsmen. A lineage that extends back to the beginning of the Kingdom of Stone. Argrim’s family eventually settled in a small mountainous area in the north of Alania, the second dwarven kingdom in Lodoss. A quiet dwarven community that has had little contact with anyone, save for the tradesman or merchant here and there, selling finely crafted armor and weapons for an honest fee. Argrim eventually met and married Merril a dwarven woman that had caught his eye for quite some time. The two had a very short wedding and soon three sons followed: Urdgrin, Hordgrim and Thangroth who was named after Argrim’s great, grandfather, a great smithy and warrior in his time.

    When the war with Marmo broke out Argrim thought it his duty to forge weapons for the kingdom of Valis, and did his best to supply the forces of the Holy Knights with good quality weapons and armor. Soon after the war, Argrim began to feel that his sons would best be suited as better craftsmen and warriors if they saw more of the world. Both, Urgrin and Hordgrim travel together hoping to find other dwarven communities. They hope to restore the Kingdom of Stone and feel that only by banding their people together can this be done. Thangroth the youngest, wasn’t allowed to go, since Argrim deemed him too young and forbade him to leave home until allowed.

    Headstrong and proud, also bored out of his mind. Thangroth waited until after his father had enjoyed a birthday celebration, and decided to voice his intentions and desire to go out and make his way in the world. To his surprise, Argrim already suspected his son’s decision and supported it, apparently he’d been testing his son to find out his strength of determination. Thangroth had passed his father’s test and was given a gift, a blessing and a swift kick in the rear to make his way. And a promise to comeback alive, successful and with a his mother added the wife part.

    Since then for the most part, the young dwarf has traveled Lodoss finding adventure where he can, working often as a mercenary, helping to do a bit of good while still trying to seek his fortune in life and make a name for himself.

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