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Pronunciation: THRASH

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Age 43
Birth Year NRC 487
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    A tall, muscular man. Thrash has long black hair that is usually bound back in a braid. His skin is fair from spending most of his life in the semi-darkness of Marmo. A rather handsome man, though heavily scared. His body has man scars, but these are usually hidden under his clothing. His most noticeable scar, however, is a cut that nearly took his left eye; it starts at the middle of his forehead, cuts through his eyebrow, then continues just under his eye and ends below his cheekbone. This was received from King Kashue during the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection.

Height 6’2” Hair Color Black
Weight 195lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Toned Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Thrash held onto his Marmo armor, but to get jobs as a mercenary, he had to remove all allusions to the Marmo army. The gold emblems were removed from his armor, and he had to remove and replace a few pieces, but he kept them hidden away, unable to let them go. When he returned to Marmo, he had his armor repaired and the Marmo emblems replaced so it looks as it did when he was a knight. His armor consists of a breastplate, large pauldrons, vanbraces, a waist guard, tassets, and armored boots. His helm has a long white plume of horse hair on the top. Underneath his armor, he wears black pants and a shirt.

Weapon Description

    Thrash’s main weapon is a halberd, but he carries a longsword and dagger as reserves. The longsword again bears the black leather grip and Marmo eye the crossguard, which he had to change when he was a mercenary. Thrash’s halberd is an exquisite piece. Most noticeably, the axe blade is concave instead of convex. The shaft is steel instead of wood for durability.

Class Knight/Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary, former Marmo Knight of the Dark Order of the Void
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (4)
Weapons Halberd; “Dark Flame of Kardis”, Longsword, Dagger
Armor Full Body Plate + Helm
Equipment Clothing, weapon care supplies
Horse Yes
ST 16
EN 11
AG 9
IN 14
LU 10
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Thrash is a direct fighter, focused in brute strength. He spent most of his years fighting with the sword, but he now uses a halberd for most battles. He has practiced well with it, and has become quite proficient in the time he has wielded the “Dark Flame of Kardis”. However, his strength is not is only virtue, Thrash is also quite intelligent. He is a tactician as well, and he will only fight when it is advantageous to do so. Being a soldier, he is familiar with leading a unit and exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of his comrades and enemies alike.


    Tactically minded, ambitious. As a Marmo native, Thrash is inevitably corrupt. Despite the hardships he has suffered on Marmo, he still loves his homeland, perhaps out of gratitude for strength that grew from his suffering. He has no aspirations of becoming a king for the sake of being a king. His only ambition is to take back Marmo for the people of Marmo who were left behind with no where else to go. The thought of Flaim, of all nations, owning his homeland sickens him. This is because of Thrash’s disdain for Kashue. He hates the king of Flaim for killing Beld in cowardice, and he has a personal vendetta since it was Kashue who nearly killed him in the last war. Ashram had a great influence on Thrash, and his hopes are echoed in the younger knight. Thrash understood Ashram’s desire to find a peaceful home for their people. Though Ashram took the Marmo to sea, Thrash is determined to instead take back their homeland, especially since it has been reborn.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Thrash’s mother, Kalia, worked as a servant in the Alan castle. She was a beautiful young woman, which was to be her downfall. A member of the royal family took a liking to her and she became his mistress. However, when she became pregnant, her lover wanted nothing to do with her or her child for the sake of his status, marriage, and the inheritance of his legitimate children. When Kalia was only a few months pregnant, she was arrested under charges of stealing and deported to Marmo.

    After her arrival on Marmo, Kalia was able to find work as a maid in a tavern. She was able to scrape together a meager living on her own—though she had to turn to some unsavory means to make ends meet. After five hard months, her son was born. She named him Thrash, hoping that he could live up to such a strong name to survive on the dark island.

    Working as both a barmaid, and a prostitute, Kalia kept Thrash fed, clothed, and sheltered. Even with a mother, childhood on Marmo was never easy. Danger was at every corner, and from the time he could walk, Thrash had to learn how to survive, even with a mother to care for him. He spent much of his time with Kalia, and as soon as he could be helpful, he started doing some chores at the tavern.

    However, a secure family was a rare luxury on Marmo, one Thrash wouldn’t have forever. When he was nine, his mother took aside one of her usual “friends” at the tavern. Thrash was left to his chores in the common room. Somehow, Kalia had upset her client and he cut her throat. Hearing her scream just before she was cut, Thrash ran to help. He found her in the alley behind the tavern, bleeding to death, and her attacker casually wiping his knife and sheathing it. Thrash attacked him, but a blow to the head knocked him out. He woke some time later to his mother’s cold dead corpse and her murderer long gone.

    Thrash was determined to hunt down his mother’s murderer, and he wandered Dark Town trying to find the man. He had no name to go by, but he at least knew what he looked like. It was during his search that he would find the man who would change his life. A pale skinned sixteen-year old boy found Thrash sleeping on the streets a week after his mother’s death, and offered him a chance to find a new family. His name was Ashram, and he was the head of a gang made up of children and teenagers who had no other family. To enter the gang, however, Thrash would have to prove his worth. The gang provided him with a suitable sword for his size, and helped him track down his mother’s murderer. Thrash had to kill him, and while he was eager to get his revenge, murdering an adult would mean besting him in a fight or being covert enough to assassinate him.

    Thrash chose to confront the murderer directly. Young Thrash attacked his target out of nowhere, but the older man easily parried his first strike. The murderer wasn’t opposed to killing Thrash too, since he attacked him. It seemed that Thrash was outmatched, but the boy was determined and fueled by rage. He took many slashes from his opponent, but he managed to avoid fatal wounds. Finally, he found a break his opponent’s defenses and ran him through.

    Thrash was accepted into the gang. For the next few years, he participated in their wars with the Thieves’ Guild. The gang became his brothers and sisters, though it was far from an ideal family life. Though they provided support for each other, this family of miscreants murdered and mutilated the people of Persei. Thrash idolized Ashram, and he served him loyally. As a reward, Ashram taught Thrash what he knew of swordsmanship, which he learned in his short time as squire to his father who had been a knight of Alania. The rest, Thrash was able to learn from experience.

    A few years later, Ashram surprised the gang by agreeing to help the council bring down a man named Beld. The man was one of the Six Heroes, but the youths knew little of his tale. All they knew was that he had declared himself emperor of Marmo. To bring him to Persei, Ashram had Beld’s woman kidnapped and the gang held her hostage. Thrash and most of the gang were assigned to watching over the hostage, while mercenaries hired by the council were on the ramparts of the city wall as archers.

    When Beld arrived, Ashram fought him. Thrash watched his hero be defeated by Beld, and his heart fell. But then, Owen, Ashram’s right hand man, announced his betrayal and set the archers on Ashram. Thrash and the other gang members were astonished and confused, and even further confused when none of the arrows fired hit Ashram or Beld. A dark elf revealed himself, an apparently he had cast a spell to protect Beld. However, the agreement had been that Beld come alone, and Owen took this opportunity to slit the girl’s throat. Owen escaped into the city and he had revealed that he now had a high position in the Thieves’ Guild. Ashram left with Beld, and the gang was left to their own devices.

    However, the council was none too pleased with the gang, and their failure to kill Beld. Mercenaries and assassins were sent to exterminate the gang members. Some were killed, some sought to redeem favor with Owen by joining the Thieves’ Guild under him. Some cut all ties to the gang and began to live as commoners by finding scant few jobs available, or became mercenaries and assassins themselves and worked for the council. Thrash and a few other of Ashram’s most loyal protégé set out into the Dark Forest to find their leader.

    After finding Ashram and Beld, these gang members would become the first knights of the Marmo empire. For the next ten years, Thrash grew up served Beld and came to understand his plans to conquer Lodoss. He helped take the cities of Persei and Salbad, and overthrow the council’s rule so Beld could fully claim the title of Emperor. More knights joined their cause after all of Marmo fell under Beld’s control, and Thrash climbed through the newly formed ranks of knighthood.

    When Thrash was twenty-two, Beld invaded Kanon. As a knight, Thrash had command over his own troops, and though he wanted to join Ashram on his missions, he had his men to look after. Instead, Thrash led his soldiers through Kanon, taking village after village in the name of Marmo. As the decisive battle of the War of Heroes drew near, Thrash rejoined Ashram, Beld, and the other knights of Marmo. The forces of Marmo and Valis clashed on the battlefield, and Thrash fought valiantly for his nation. He witnessed the fall of King Fahn of Valis with much pride, which was only to be crushed when King Kashue of Flaim slew Beld in cowardice.

    The Marmo retreated, but Ashram inherited Beld’s legacy and sword. The war was not over, and the Marmo still had Kanon and parts of Alania and Valis under it’s control. Thrash was assigned to hold the northern border with Alania, and over the next few years he fought in many skirmishes with Alanian soldiers (at least until Duke Rabido allied himself with the Marmo), and the Kanon Free Army. Five years after the war, Ashram left on a mission to take the Scepter of Domination, though Thrash didn’t learn the reason why until after Ashram was reported to have died in the pits of Fire Dragon Mountain.

    Several years later though. Ashram resurfaced and swept the council’s control out from under them. Ashram attempted to siege Roid, but failed. Thrash joined him afterwards in Shinning Hill where he learned of Ashram’s new plan to leave Lodoss and find a new land. Thrash was unsure about the idea, but he agreed to follow Ashram’s lead, trusting in his leadership. Ashram evacuated the citizens of Shinning Hill and his soldiers to boats, leaving the city deserted when the Kanon Free Army. The fleet first returned to Marmo to gather the people there, and Thrash and several other knights and their soldiers were ordered to protect the citizens of Marmo while they were evacuated, as their enemies’ fleets were on their heels.

    When the armies of Flaim, Kanon, and Valis arrived, Thrash stood firm against their invasion. He found himself in the path of King Kashue, and recalling how Kashue had killed Beld in cowardice, he charged the Mercenary King. However, Kashue far out matched Thrash and landed a sword slash down Thrash’s face. When Thrash fell, Kashue assumed his opponent dead and continued on to Castle Conquera.

    When Thrash had recovered from the initial shock of the near fatal wound, Ashram’s fleet had set sail and Marmo was left to the ravaging battle of Kardis’ resurrection. Seeking refuge from the forces of the Lodoss nations, Thrash escaped into the Dark Forest. He was found by one of the dark elven allies of the Marmo empire, a woman named Myrela. The dark elf took him in and cared for his wounds. Thrash was left to decide what to do with his life with Marmo nation fallen. If he left the forest in his obvious Marmo armor, he would be taken as a war criminal and likely executed. So, he waited a year in the forest, living among the dark elves. After Flaim claimed Marmo as it’s duchy and new settlers came to Marmo, Thrash considered becoming a mercenary. Though the thought of Flaim, Kashue’s nation, owning his homeland of Marmo made his blood boil, Thrash had no means with which to restore his homeland. He left his armor and all traces of his allegiance to Marmo with Myrela, hoping that one day he could wear it with pride again.

    And so, Thrash went through with becoming a mercenary. He couldn’t bear to work on Marmo, as most of the jobs included killing his remaining fellow countrymen. Instead, Thrash traveled to the furthest corners of Lodoss where the Marmo never reached. For nearly five years, he worked as a mercenary, doing odd jobs across Lodoss.

    While passing through Kanon, Thrash was recognized by a priest who had served in the Marmo wars. The priest told his fellows that Thrash was one of the Marmo knights, and he spoke with them at great length of his travels, his desires, and the conversation eventually sparked Thrash’s hopes for taking back his homeland. The priests were eager to help, and provided Thrash with a relic that they had recovered from the fallen Castle Conquera. It was the blade of a halberd called the “Dark Flame of Kardis”. It’s properties were similar to those of Soulcrusher, Beld’s infamous sword, but it couldn’t quite measure up to it’s power. Instead of absorbing the souls of those it cuts, the “Dark Flame”. only damages the soul. However, the blade was powerful and imposing enough to be a great asset. When not compared to Soulcrusher, it was impressive in it’s own right.

    Thrash had the blade mounted on a shaft, then set off to begin his quest to take back Marmo. First, however, he needed allies and soldiers. He scoured the nearby villages in Kanon with no luck. Then, while heading north into the mountains, he was waylaid by a band of brigands. To his surprise, they all carried Marmo weapons and were led by a dark elf. Thrash told them who he was, and presented his idea. The bandits found his offer appealing, and agreed to follow his lead. Now with nearly two dozen men, the dark elf Aelis, and a dark elven Falaris priestess, Sura, Thrash felt he could return home. He dispatched two of the bandit troupe to find more Marmo soldiers. They were able to book passage on a ferry in Shinning Hill and returned to Marmo.

    On Marmo, Thrash was able to gain the allegiance of the barbarians and dark elves, though he was working on the foundation laid by Beld. Over the next few months, Marmo soldiers returned Lodoss, leaving behind mercenary work and banditry, led by the word of the soldiers Thrash left behind. Though he has not yet been able to the build the necessary forces to take back Marmo, Thrash is ever ready for opportunities.

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