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Tornalin “Bloodscar” Stoneshard
Pronunciation: tor-NAL-in stone-SHARD

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Age 33
Birth Year NRC 497
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Homeland Raiden Dwarven District

Physical Description

    Tornalin is stocky like most dwarves and his strength is apparent, his eyes burn with a drive to succeed at whatever he does. His beard and hair are well kept, though he keeps his beard straight it often shows signs of having drink split on it too often. His face has a distinct feature to it though, on the right side there is a scar from the outside of his eye to the middle of his upper lip. Other than that he has no other significant marks, unless you count the thick skinned hands of a smith.

Height 4’7” Hair Color Dark Brown
Weight 183lbs Eye Color Green
Build Stocky Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    He wears mostly dark colors, though his clothing changes based upon what he is doing. Normally he wears a gray tunic with black vest, on top of that is a deep blue surcoat that is trimmed in silver. His pants are the same blue as his surcoat except no trim. On his left hand is a plain dark red leather glove and on the right hand is a dark red leather glove with steel plates on top of the hand. His boots are worn but sturdy, he keeps them highly polished at all times. He does wear a silver ring on his left hand that has a sea serpent carved into it, the serpent has small chunks of obsidian set in for eyes. He gained his name from a belt he wore across his chest that was died with blood, but this belt was removed and destroyed by Malak.

Weapon Description

    His long sword that hangs on his left side is forged by his own hands, it is simple looking and practical for combat use. He also has a hand crossbow at his right side, the bolts are kept in a small case that hangs off of his belt on the same side. His only other weapon is a silvered dagger that is tucked into his left boot, it is weighted for stabbing or cutting instead of throwing.

Class Rogue
Occupation Pirate, Blacksmith
Guild Membership Shadow Guild (1)
Weapons Dwarven steel longsword, hand crossbow, silvered dagger
Armor None
Equipment Money, whetstone, backpack, smiths tools, two weeks rations, two waterskins, spare clothes, backpack, quills and ink, paper and scrollcase, weapon, writing samples
ST 17
EN 18
AG 7
IN 6
LU 14
PB 10


    Tornalin is skilled with his sword and is capable of cutting a man down in three strikes, however slow he may be the strikes are designed to throw his opponent off guard between hits. He also is capable of sniping with his hand crossbow, he can hit a target fairly accurately from approximately sixty yards away.


    He is cruel in his own right, his value of people is their just sheep to make him money and to be killed off. He believes he is justified in killing people who nose around too much, in dying his belt with their blood is where his perversion truly lies. He is haunted by his personal demons, he gets nightmares when he sleeps if he does not kill somebody to stain his belt. The way he sees it is that by doing this those demons are appeased and he can live in peace, though the fact remains he is twisted in how he operates. Normally he loves drinking, gambling his money away, and working on his creations. When doing so is decently humored and seems to be a good fellow, though he is always out looking for susceptible marks for his dark habits. Currently he is working on more goods and a few people have gone missing again, though nobody has noticed yet that he is the one carrying out the executions.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “Better you than me boy, the strong will live because of the sacrifice of the weak.”


    Tornalin grew up in the dwarven district of Raiden, his father was an honest and hard working smith who only wanted the best for his family. The second eldest child of four children he was always ignored and had to settle for less than his younger siblings, he wanted to learn from his father how to forge weapons and surpass him. When he was seven, his oldest brother was his fathers for succession. He wanted to become his father’s successor, but now the chance had passed him over. Then he got even, or at least tried to, though his anger was known he tried twice to kill his brother in seemingly accidents but failed. His last attempt however succeeded, he was nine now and his brother had been cleaning shop. Coming into the shop he surprised his brother who turned around and yelled at him, instead of leaving like he was told to he pushed his brother into a spear rack and he was impaled on one that remained unfinished.

    His brothers accidental death earned him no favor and he ran away when he was ten, if they would not help him then another would. He lived on the street for the next two years and eventually met his master, as he was huddled in a corner begging for money one night a man walked over to him and gave him several gold. He was invited to his house for dinner and they discussed his future at great lengths, he accepted his new friends offer to learn from him. Returning home a week later his master slew his family and stole his father’s supplies, young Tornalin watched coldly and did not help. It was then his mind became scarred and their faces became the drive to kill, he saw them calling out for more blood a few nights later in his dreams. He obliged them and his master taught him what he sought to learn, at least once a week some random beggar would vanish with a dinner invite and become part of his belt instead. The years passed for him and he grew up, he had studied hard and learned what he was taught by the age of eighteen. After meeting his master’s approval he was made a member of the shadow guild, he then struck out on his own after taking over his father’s old shop. One day he got sloppy, one of his customers who asked too much managed to escape.

    Rushing to get out he made his way to the port, he had to escape the city and avoid the wrath of the victims family. His only way out was on board a pirate ship that was needing a crew, he gladly accepted and that was where his life really began. Life at first was hard and seasickness combined with his nightmares made it rough, though he got used to it after a few months and used his skills as a smith to help the crew. His nightmares ended only when they had prisoners who were to be killed, he would take one of them and use their blood to settle his demons. He would sail with them for the next seven years until the captain died from illness, after that the crew disbanded and he was left with his share of the spoils and gear. Now in the port of Alan he had a new place to sate his desire for blood and money, setting up shop he carried on his practice of making and selling swords of great master smiths. His business there would be successful for the next two years until he was almost caught again, this time it was a child who saw him killing and then bleeding out his victim. He grabbed them and dragged them into his shop, cutting out their tongue and tying them up he hung them from the rafter to bleed out into the trough that collected the blood. The child’s family went looking and the guards found her in his abandoned shop, he had already fled and found a new crew to join who needed a skilled smith. For the next six years he stayed on with them and carried out his practice in secret, tragedy struck however and he was one of three survivors.

    The boat was pounded into rocks by a storm and a hole was punched in the side. As it sank, he and two others clung to the broken mast. All he had was his gear and two bags of gold. The others had been killed by the ship breaking up and it’s treasure scattered. Once he made his way to the shore, he began the long trek back to Raiden, along the way he left a trail of death in his wake. His face was left scarred from this incident, and once he returned to Raiden he reported back to his guild and then settled back into business as it had been over ten years since he left. He longs for the sea now and spends his days working, drinking, and gambling. His nickname among other pirates is earned from his one article of clothing, he is also called Bloodscar as his belt looks like a bloody scar across his torso.

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